Patriotic Mazes for Kids


Summer is upon us and the Fourth of July is just around the corner!  In anticipation of our National Holiday I wanted to make some fun and FREE Patriotic themed mazes you can use with your children.  Many of us our out of school for the Summer but these would be great alongiside Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and anytime you are studying the USA.

Each USA themed maze features follow up questions, handwriting practice or a tracing activity and can be used with children of all ages and abilities.

Print USA Mazes Free From

Find More Free Mazes For Kids Here

Try our USA State by State Activity Packs Today!



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Fruit Shaped Mazes for Kids


A fun collection of Heathy mazes for students!  Each activity page teaches children the health benefits of a specific fruit.  Students read, write, maze and trace their way to a good understanding of healthy fruits.

This fantastic set of healthy fruit activity pages is a great way to combine health with writing activities.  Print this set FREE from


Apple Maze & Activity Sheet

Apples grow on trees. Apples have good fiber. Apples can be red, green and yellow.

Banana Maze & Activity Sheet

Bananas grow on trees. Bananas have lots of potassium and help us digest food.

Blueberries Maze & Activity Sheet

Blueberries grown on bushes. Blueberries help to lower cholesterol and keep our hearts healthy.

Cherries Maze & Activity Sheet

Cherries grown on trees. Cherries can be red, pink or black. Some cherries can help us sleep better.

Grapes Maze & Activity Sheet

Grapes grown on a vine. Grapes can be red, green, yellow or purple. Grapes help to keep our hearts healthy.

Kiwi Maze & Activity Sheet

Kiwis grow on trees in tropical climates. Kiwis are full of fiber and are good for digestion. Kiwis are very high in Vitamin C.

Lemon Maze & Activity Sheet

Lemons grow on trees. Lemos are acidic and help our bodies stay balanced. Lemons detoxify and are good for our livers.

Oranges Maze & Activity Sheet

Oranges grow on trees. Oranges are filled with Vitamin C which help to keep people healthy.

Pears Maze & Activity Sheet

Pears grow on trees. Pears are full of fiber and are a goo source of Vitamin A which helps our hair, skin and nails.

Strawberries Maze & Activity Sheet

Strawberries grow on small strawberry plants. Strawberry seeds are on the outside and are full of Vitamin C.

Watermelon Maze & Activity Sheet

Watermelon grow on vines. Watermelon are mostly water and help us to stay hydrated. Watermelon have very few calories.


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Free Homeschool Planner


It’s August and that means Homeschool Planning!  Over the years I’ve created a variety of Free Homeschool Planners, Goal Tracking Worksheets, and Curriculum Guides so I thought I’d share them here easily in one post!


Free Homeschool Calendar/Plans/Goals Worksheets


Free Independent Weekly Student Planner


Free Homeschool Budget Tracker

(5 Simple Ways to Stick to a Homeschool Budget)


6 Simple Steps to Homeschool Readiness


Still looking for that perfect curriculum?

Check out The Crafty Classroom eStore!

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Handwriting Warm Up Work



WarmUpWorkLittle ones who are learning to write will enjoy these fun and free tracing worksheets.  Children follow the path from the lowercase letter to the uppercase letter in this four page set of handwriting pages.  We’ve used an EZ Read Dyslexia friendly font for children who are just starting to recognize letters.  Printing this set on cardstock and laminating is a great way to reuse this resource in a classroom setting.  Print this free sent of Warm-Up Worksheets free on

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Beginning Sound Clip Cards


I don’t know about you, buy my children love hands on activities 10x more than just printable worksheets.  It’s one of the reasons I was inspired to create, and our newest site:

The main purpose of Brainy Maze is to combine the FUN of mazes with BRAIN building opportunities so children don’t even know they are learning.  Mazes build attention span, logical thinking and problem solving skills.  When paired with fun age appropriate activities it’s a win-win for kids and teachers alike!

You can find over 100 printable mazes on  Take the Mega Maze challenge as you work your way through six levels of play.  Choose from a variety of thematic mazes to incorporate into your classroom units.


ABCClipCardsYou can even print mazes for your Tots and Preschoolers like this new set of ABC Maze and Clip Cards.

These are specially designed for little hands to try the maze then find the beginning letter sound.  Clipping with a clothespin or paperclip provides even more small motor control and builds those important muscles children will need as they grow.  Laminate this set and use with a dry erase marker for hours of learning!

Print ABC Maze and Clip Cards Free from


Have a Serious Maze Enthusiast at home?

Take the Mega Maze Challenge.



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ASL Worksheets & Mazes



A collection of Alphabet mazes featuring ASL hand signs along with uppercase and lowercase letter practice. These mazes are great for children learning basic hand signs, and provide opportunity to practice small motor control and dexterity.  Handwriting practice for both uppercase and lowercase letters is provided below.

Print ASL Mazes free from Brainy Maze

If you are looking for premium ASL teaching resources, we have a 104pg ASL Activity Pack you can use with your students.



ASL Alphabet Activity Pack

Our ASL ABC eBook is filled with printable resources you can use to create hands on learning games, charts and follow up worksheets for children. Featuring high-quality photographs this set is print ready for use in your homeschool or standard size classroom.  Recommended for grades K-3.



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St. Patrick’s Day Mazes & Worksheets


St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon and these free mazes and worksheets are just right for adding a little fun to your classroom.  Each page features a challenging maze alongside an extra practice activity just to give children a little educational boost!  Mazes are great for building small motor control as well as building problem solving skills.

You can print these St. Patrick’s Day Mazes free at Brainy Maze.

While you’re there, check out these A-MAZE-ING Alphabet Maze worksheets!



And if you have a Maze enthusiast in your house, take a peek at our Mega Maze eBook!  With 50 intricate mazes this pack is sure to keep your child busy mazing for hours!


Try a Sample Mega Maze Here


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Easter Bible Printables


Easter is right around the corner and I wanted to share some newly updated resources with you!

On our sister site Christian Preschool Printables you’ll find a great collection of printable coloring pages, games, worksheets, and crafts you can use to teach your children about the true meaning of Easter.   New this year, we’ve added in a a Resurrection BINGO game as well as some colorful Easter Matching Cards you can use to play table games.  You’ll also find a great collection of Jelly Bean Prayer printables if you want to send children home with a special treat.


If you’re looking for an easy solution for teaching your Easter lessons this year, be sure to check out our Christian Easter Activity Pack:



Easter Activity Pack

Over 80 pages of printable resources at your fingertips this Easter season!  This Bible Easter Activity Pack is filled with Bible games, worksheets, crafts and activity pages you can use to teach your little ones the story of Easter. This set is designed for the K-5 teacher or homeschool family and includes multi age resources to connect with different ages and abilities.  Look Inside


EasterPin2More Christian Easter Teaching Resources:

New Easter Resources:
Easter Coloring Pages (above)
Color Your Own Bookmarks (above)
Easter Cross Bookmarks
Editable Easter Verse Cards
Most Popular Easter Resources
Resurrection Egg Printables
Resurrection Lapbook
Easter Story Coloring Pages
Easter Story Folder Game
Easter Spin to Win Game
Bible Verse Printables for Easter
verse 1    verse 2    verse 3
Resurrection Crafts & Activities
Easter File Folder Games (Bible)
Easter File Folder Games (Eggs)
Jelly Bean Prayer Printables
Naturally Dyed Easter Egg Tips

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Valentine’s Day Preschool Game


It’s Valentine’s Day Week!

I hope you already have a ton of fun hands on activities planned for your children, but here is one more you can add to your teacher toolbox.

Love Match Math Game is a a free file folder game you can use for learning number bonds.

Children find the correct heart to make a love match for each animal.

There is a Make 10 number chart and a follow up worksheet for children to show what they know.

This Valentine’s Game is available free on our sister site Preschool Mom.

Find More Valentine’s Day Preschool Printables Here

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Free Alphabet Maze Printables


If you have a little one learning their ABC’s I’ve got a fantastic resources for you today!

As a special thank you to our newsletter subscribers I’ve put together this amazing pack of Alphabet worksheets.

Each worksheet includes the upper and lowercase letter to trace as well as a beginning sound letter maze.

The possibilities are vast for these resources;

  • Laminate and use as playdough mats
  • Place in a pocket protector and reuse with Dry Erase Markers
  • Hang in the classroom for children to trace with their fingers.

I even made a set for older children:


This is a great way to sneak in a little extra handwriting practice!

Check out these free printable worksheets from

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Parts of an Apple Printables


With Fall on the horizon I thought it would be a great time to start working on some Apple resources. Going apple picking has been a favorite activity for our family, and it provides wonderful opportunities for real life learning with some impromptu discussions.

Conversations at the apple farm stem from varieties of apples, tree grafting, cross pollination, bee populations, parts of an apple and so much more.

Today I drew up some simple worksheets and activities you can use with young children to learn the parts of an apple.  There are charts, notebooking pages, coloring pages, labeling worksheets and even a cut and paste activity.   Use these alongside a real apple that has been cross sectioned in half.

Parts of an Apple Printables are available free at our sister site, where you can also download the apple clipart to make your own teaching resources!

Find Parts of a Flower Printables & Clipart

Find Parts of a Seed Printables & Clipart

Find Apple Printables and Games

Adam & Eve Bible Printables

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Periodic Table Printables


If you’ve been following me on facebook you know I’ve been working on this project for past couple of weeks.  It’s taken HOURS upon HOURS but I’m finally ready to share this printable with you!

I created this Periodic Table Chart because I wanted something colorful and EASY to read after printing. For some reason everything I printed out online either came out blurry or the letters were too small for my old eyes to read….even with glasses.

So this chart is print friendly and FREE for a limited time!



BuyNowPeriodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack

I was so inspired by how this turned out, I went ahead and created a handful of games and resources that could be used alongside this colorful chart.


Here’s a sneak peek inside:


I’ve included a handful of reproducible charts:

  • Full Color Periodic Table Chart (8.5 x 11)
  • B&W Periodic Table Chart (8.5 x 11)
  • A3 Size Color Periodic Table Chart (11 x 17)
  • A3 Size BW Periodic Table Chart (11 x 17)




There are a few worksheets and Fill in Charts:

  • Fill in the Blank Symbols Worksheet
  • Fill in the Name /Atomic Mass/Number Worksheet
  • Blank Periodic Table in Color
  • Blank Periodic Table in B&W
  • Symbol Stumper Worksheet





And of course I made a variety of  Cards and Games:

  • Element Letter Tiles
  • Element Fact Cards
  • Element Boggle Gameboard
  • 8 different Element Bingo Cards
  • 8 Element Bingo Cards with Symbols Only




One of my most favorite parts of this activity pack are the Element Tiles……all 118 of them!

They are just under 1″ square and can coordinate with the Bingo and Boggle games shown above but they can also be used to encourage students to make words:



Or you could creatively cut them into cute bookmarks



Or children could use them to reassemble the periodic table, or…….play I have who has…..or……

The possibilities are really endless with these once you start thinking creatively!


You can purchase Periodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack  in our eStore for only $5.

I’ve priced it this low because I too have a homeschool budget and I know how hard it can be to squeeze eveything into it :)

In fact, most of the items in our eStore are $5 and under for this reason!




If you use our chart in your homeschool or classroom please let us know below!  We love to hear from our visitors and how our resources are being put to use.

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Seed to Plant Coloring & Worksheet

Spring is a fantastic time to learn about the life cycle of a plant!

I highly recommend that you take children out into the garden, plant some seeds and track the results!  There is great satisfaction in cultivating and tending a garden and it will keep their little hands and hearts busy for hours.  Some easy and quick growing plants: Sunflowers, Nasturtium, Peas, Green Beans, Marigolds, Tomatos.

PlantColoringPin has some free plant life cycle printables:

Life Cycle of a Plant Worksheet

Life Cycle of a Plant Coloring Page

We’ve even taken small lima beans and “planted” them in the classroom.  Take a wet paper towel and crumple it into a plastic bag.  Place a bean down the side of the bag so that it’s able to absorb the water from the towel, but so you can also see it as it grow.  Close the bag and tape it up on the window.  In a few days your children will be able to observe germination, the first roots, and the sprouting seedling.  It’s a wonderful way to get hands on in the classroom.


SeedChart      SeedLabel     SeedNotebook         SeedPartsColoring


Parts of a Seed Chart

Parts of a Seed Notebooking Page

Parts of a Seed Label & Color

Lima beans are perfect for dissecting, and allow children an inside look at the anatomy of a seed.  Simply soak the seed for about an hour in some warm water and then provide children with small tweezers and things to inspect.  You can usually pop the seeds open with your fingernails and once open children can find the first leaves, the food and the root.


Seed to Plant Sequencing Cards

Plant Life Cycle Sequencing Cards

These plant life cycle cards show progression from seed to seedling.  Children order the different stages of the seed as roots form and  the seedling emerges. We recommend leaving one set intact and cutting the additional set out for playing  pieces.

Flower Themed File Folder Games

These educational games have a flower theme and can easily be incorporated into your unit.


Parts of a Flower Chart has some free Flower Anatomy Printables

Parts of a Flower Chart

Parts of a Flower Coloring Page

Parts of a Flower Worksheet



Garden Crafts & Projects for Kids

Our garden crafts can go alongside key gardening ideas, such as composting, fertilization, spacing, and plant knowledge in general.


Garden Lapbook

For children who take an interested in planting and gardening you might want to print this free Garden Lapbook from Lapbook Lessons.   Children can keep track of what they planted, how quickly it’s growing,  learn about different tools, insects, and more!  Add in some garden science by testing the ph levels of different soil samples around your house.


Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

gardenScience Adventure Garden Kit

Young Scientists will make a terrarium, learn about underground habitats, explore the
different parts of plants, test the soil, design a mini-garden, grow all kinds of seeds,
perform plant experiments, identify bugs and their habitats, make a working sun dial,
and much more.  
Click Here




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Brain & Neuron Coloring Pages



Learning about the nervous system can be fascinating for children of all ages!

Brain Coloring, Worksheets, & Clip art

Neuron Coloring, Worksheets & Clip art


IMG_6788 IMG_6806

Brain & Neuron Projects for Kids


Brain & Nervous System Books for KidsIn Brainiacs, Merrin and Pearl venture in to the nervous system when their favorite teacher, Ms. Anderson, spills hot tea on her leg. On the way to her brain to examine how she’ll react, Merrin and Pearl ride a nerve impulse, bounce among dendrites, explore the brain’s gray matter, and so much more. In the end, they not only learn how messages are communicated between the brain and the body, but they also get a firsthand lesson on the functions of the nervous system.



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Writing to 100 Worksheets


I don’t know what it is about the number 100 but my boys are constantly trying to get there.

They want to do 100 jumps on the trampoline, build a tower 100 blocks high, and I’m convinced they try to ask me “WHY?” at least 100 times a day.

In our house, there are so many opportunities in REAL LIFE to practice counting to 100,  but the actual writing to 100 is something new for my Kindergartner.

He’s been working super hard this year with his Mini Office, so I wanted this set to sort of emulate the same chart he’s been using to learn his numbers.

I included quite a few different printable worksheets in this pack:

  • Tracing to 100
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Counting by 2
  • Counting by 5
  • Counting by 10


Because children need so much practice, I recommend sliding these into a page protector or laminating these and using a dry erase marker

Print our Writing to 100 Worksheet Pack free at File Folder Fun

Find More Kindergarten Math Games Here

Find First Grade Math Games Here



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Rocks & Minerals

RocksMineralsPinChildren love to learn about rocks and minerals because they get so much “hands on” learning about a topic they can easily extend with life experience. Here you’ll find some suggestions for helping children explore the differences between different and similarities between various rocks and minerals.


Variety of Rocks
we purchased a kit)
Printable Rocks & Minerals Worksheet
Colored Pencisl
Nail & Streak Tile
Ruler and String

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Rocks   Minerals   rockongeodes

Art Project Tutorial:


Gather a variety of rocks. Variety of Rocks (we purchased a kit) Printable Rocks & Minerals Worksheet Colored Pencisl Scale Nail & Streak Tile Ruler and String

Station 1

Pick a rock! I set out all the different rocks the kids to pick and choose from! You can number the rocks so that children can easily see the name of the rock and write in on their experiment sheet.

Station 2

Experiment sheet. I printed up a bunch of these and left them next to some colored parts of the sheet, and can trace or draw a picture of their rock with the colored pencils. other features.

Station 3

The next station was a learning station, where the kids could look up more information about their rocks. This was filled with different library books with photos so they could find the names of their rocks as well. (I didn't label a few of the "pretty" rocks

Station 4

I set up our Pan Balance Scale and layed see how much their rocks weighed in grams

Station 5

Just for some extra fun I pulled our Diet Scale (Walmart) and let them also weigh their rocks in ounces. This wasn't very accurate but it was fun nonetheless!

Station 6

Our final station had a magnifying glass, a nail, and a streak plate. Children used the nail to see if they could scratch the rock, and the streak plate to see if they could write with the rock. I also laid out a ruler and some string for them to take measurements. Then they recorded all their information on their sheet, turned them in and started the process again on a different rock! Lots of fun and lots of learning!

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Scientific Method Printables

ScientificMethodSmallUse our printables to teach children the Scientific Method. You can print the chart and laminate it to hang in you classroom, or cut out the strips for children to practice putting them in order. Great review for children learning to take the necessary steps when preforming an experiment.

Suggested Resources:

ScientificMethodAdScientific Method Posters

This fun, sceience-themed bulletin board set includes: — 9 posters (12″ x 17″ each) that reinforce the steps of the scientific method. Also includes a poster (12″ x 17″) that listsall of the steps Click Here


ScientificMethodSequencingScientific Method Chart

A printable chart you can hang in your classroom, or give to children to keep in their science notebooks. Additionally, you can cut an extra copy into sequencing strips to aid children in remembering the steps.



ScientificMethodWorksheet2Scientific Method Worksheet

A simple step by step worksheet featuring the scientific method. This is great for review, or even beginning to explain the process to children.




Scientific Method Worksheets

I made these to use with my children as we learn to put the Scientific Method into action. This is a set of 6 steps, that will take children through the process of asking a question, forming a hypothesis, testing with variables, recording, interpreting and reporting information

Step 1: Ask a Question
Step 2: Research Topic
Step 3: State your Hypothesis
Step 4: Test your Hypothesis
Step 5: Analyze your Results
Step 6: Report Your Results

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Thanksgiving Bible Coloring Pages



Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ve got some adorable Bible Verse Coloring Pages and Cards you can use with your children and students this year!

If you need a simple craft you can turn these coloring pages into placemats by laminating them.  Or glue them to Fall colored construction paper and decorate the back with shiny stickers and then laminate them.

The cards are a wonderful starting point for children, they can color the outside then write what they are thankful for on the inside.

Download Thanksgiving Bible Verse Activity Pack Here

Find More Thanksgiving Printables Here:

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God Keeps His Promises Game

GodFaithfulChildren learning about Noah’s Ark can learn an important truth that God always keeps his promises.

We have a variety of Noah’s Ark printables, crafts and resources you can add to your Sunday School Lesson, but today I wanted to add in a center time activity.

This is a game that can be placed in your learning centers or morning activity table for children just arriving or played in your own home with sibilings.

Each child receives a gameboard that reads “God keeps his promises” and has a space for each color of the rainbow.

Children take turns drawing colors from the middle hoping to be the first one to fill up their rainbow board.

If a child draws a color they already have, it’s simply discarded and the next child takes a turn.

There is even a place for children to place their favorite color.

Download God is Faithful Game Here


Expand your unit:

Noah’s Animal Groups Sorting Game

Noah’s Ark Crafts & Printables

Noah’s Ark Bible Verse Visuals

Noah’s Ark Worksheets & Timeline Cards

Noah’s Ark Lapbook


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Printable Nets


These printable nets can be helpful for teaching young students geometry and geometric concepts.

Plus they are sorta fun to make!



We recommend you print your nets on colored paper.  This makes it more fun and colorful.

You can print on cardstock and laminate if you’re making a classroom set, but we’ve just used regular strength printer paper for this set.



Cut your nets out carefully, the tabs are in light gray and can be difficult to see on the colored paper, so go slow!

Crease all your folds.  We assembled ours so that the lines are inside the shape and don’t show.

Use a glue stick on the tabs for best results.


Here is how our cube looks when assembled!

They won’t be perfect, but they are an inexpensive way to add a little hands on fun to your math lessons.



Print your set of Geometry Nets Here

This is a subscriber freebie so be sure you’re logged in first!

Find more Math Printables and Manipulitives here.





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