Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Beginning Sound Clip Cards


I don’t know about you, buy my children love hands on activities 10x more than just printable worksheets.  It’s one of the reasons I was inspired to create, and our newest site:

The main purpose of Brainy Maze is to combine the FUN of mazes with BRAIN building opportunities so children don’t even know they are learning.  Mazes build attention span, logical thinking and problem solving skills.  When paired with fun age appropriate activities it’s a win-win for kids and teachers alike!

You can find over 100 printable mazes on  Take the Mega Maze challenge as you work your way through six levels of play.  Choose from a variety of thematic mazes to incorporate into your classroom units.


ABCClipCardsYou can even print mazes for your Tots and Preschoolers like this new set of ABC Maze and Clip Cards.

These are specially designed for little hands to try the maze then find the beginning letter sound.  Clipping with a clothespin or paperclip provides even more small motor control and builds those important muscles children will need as they grow.  Laminate this set and use with a dry erase marker for hours of learning!

Print ABC Maze and Clip Cards Free from


Have a Serious Maze Enthusiast at home?

Take the Mega Maze Challenge.




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