Bible Verse Valentines


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect Holiday for children to share God’s love with their classmates, neighbors and friends.

We already have an amazing collection of Valentine’s Day printables, crafts and resources you can use freely with your students and outreach programs but I found the most adorable graphics this week  and knew they would make for some adorable Bible Verse Valentine’s Day Cards.

Bible Verse Valentine’s Day Cards

This set includes 8 Cards featuring 7 different scriptures about Love.

Print on cardstock, cut out and encourage children to write a personal message on the back

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Notes: Graphics are under full copyright Daily Art Hub &  Digital Dollface

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Fall Leaf Art Project

There are so many amazing Fall Leaf Art Projects online that it’s hard to go wrong!

We’ve done quite a few over the years with great success, but this year I think we’ve hit gold!


This art project technique is inspired by these DIY Crystal Gems I found at Small for Big.

(They are beautiful aren’t they?  I think we’ll be making them soon too!)

Fall Leaf Art Project:

Materials:  You’ll need a Fall leaf, Watercolors, Watercolor Paper, and Watercolor Pencils.

(Watercolor Pencils are optional, I explain why below)


Step 1: Trace a leaf shape onto your paper.  If you have little ones you might do this part for them while they hold down the leaf.


Step 2: Draw a dot in the middle of your leaf.  Use a ruler to draw straight lines from the dot to the pointy end of each part of your leaf.  If you’re leaf doesn’t have many distinctive points, try to just spread out five or six diagonal lines.


Step 3: Draw connecting lines for each of your diagonal lines.  If your leaf has many points you can use them as guide lines for where to draw another shape.  We’re trying to make sharp shapes like triangles, rhombus, etc.


Step 4: This is how your leaf will look when done drawing.  It’s sorta like a snowflake!


Step 5: Using your watercolors, begin filling in each shape with a different color.  Try to make parts of the shape with BOLD and DARK color, and other parts with white or watered down color.  You can use a napkin to blot out color and make white areas. This is great for making texture as well.20141016_125358(0)

Step 6: Continue to fill in your shapes by alternating colors.  We’re sticking mainly to Warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, but don’t be afraid to add in some browns, purples, and greens too.  These are all colors you’ll find in a fall leaf.




Step 7: Using a black watercolor pencil outline your leaf shape.  You can use a sharpie marker as well, but I like the way a watercolor pencil “bleeds” into the painting a bit.20141016_140003

All Done!  Frame your picture on black for a stunning display!


I love this project because the materials and the mess are minimal and children of all ages can participate.  My 5 year old son did this Fall leaf and it turned out amazing!!


Here is a quick photo you can Pin for Later


Find Fall Leaf Templates, Coloring Pages, Worksheets, Sciene Resources and more here.


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Easter Cross Watercolor Craft


Today we have an Easter Cross Watercolor Craft for children of all ages.


Calvary Cross Watercolor Craft


What makes this easy and fun is that you can provide younger children with our printable template, making it easier for them to follow along.  Older children can start with a blank paper.

You start out with a little  white crayon in select areas:20140215_124311

And you finish up with an amazing watercolor of the cross on Calvary


Click Here for the full Craft Tutorial


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Easy Easter Sunday School Craft



Today we’ve got an Easy but Beautiful Easter Sunday School Craft for you!

All you need is a set of watercolors & our Easter Craft Template

Sometimes Photos are the best way to explain a craft project:










Don’t they turn out so beautiful!

These would be great affixed to a card or something for children to take home.

Print your Template Here

Find More Free Easter Crafts Here

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NEW: Easter Activity Pack!  Click here


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Easter Bible Verse Cards for Kids


Every year we try to add new and useful printables to our Easter Crafts Page.

This year we’ve added some colorful Bible Verse Cards for Kids!


This set features 10 different verse cards.

Each card is a colorful egg shape and features a key scripture pertaining to the resurrection of Christ.

We’ve even included a printable pocket with a verse checklist you use use to track progress.

This would be a great set to use with your own Easter Curriculum.

Print our Easter Bible Verse Cards From Here

Find More Holiday Bible Verse Card Sets Here


Looking for more Easter Ideas?

Check out our HUGE Easter Freebies List &

Hop over to our latest Subscriber Newsletter,

it’s filled with freebies & links to our most popular resources!

Also, be sure you check out Amanda’s latest eBook A Sense of the Resurrection,

this is a great way to make meaningful memories with your family this season!

Stay tuned for more!

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Bible Verse Printables


We have a great selection of Bible Verse Printables

on Christian Preschool Printables!

In fact, I recently revamped that area of our website, making it easier for you to find just the right verse for your children.

All of our verses are chronologically ordered and presented so you can see the exact scripture card.


We have over 20 sets of printables for these verses.  Each set includes:

Bible Verse Visuals (Large verse for classroom)
Bible Verse Cards (Small verse for children)
Bible Verse Copywork/Tracing Pages (We recommend using these sleeves)
Bible Verse Games (Usually a file folder game)
Bible Verse Vocabulary (A word from the verse defined)
Bible Craft or Coloring Page (Something simple for Preschoolers)
Character of God in Focus (A specific attribute of God that corresponds with the verse)

These sets are perfect for homeschool or children’s ministry.

They make a fantastic add on to your current curriculum, and it’s never to early to start memorizing God’s word.

TIP:  Build on the Verses by presenting them during circle time.  Encourage children to say them with you as you point to the words!  My two and threes picked up the verses very quickly, and soon they would only need to see the image to recite the verse.  I mounted the large visual verses to construction paper and laminated for durability.  You might even hang them in your classroom when not in use, just having them up will remind the children.

Click Here for our full list of Bible Verse Printables


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Christmas Preschool Printables


We’ve just released a new set of Nativity printables you can use with your children or students this Christmas season.


Nativity Printable Pack Easy Download

 (login or create a free account)


 If you have slower internet speeds you can also download as individual components here:
Nativity Printable Pack Individual Downloads


More Christmas Printables and Resources:
Bible Lesson Plan Links:

Journey to Bethlehem Bible Lesson Links
Birth of Jesus Bible Lessons
Wise Men Bible Lesson
Scripture Memorization:
Christmas Bible Verse Cards for Kids
Christmas Bible Verse Printable Packs
Crafts & Activities:
Names of Jesus Ornaments
Pop Up Nativity Craft
Christmas Bookmarks
Christmas Story Coloring Pages
Christmas Cards from Kids
Handprint Angel Craft with VerseBaby in a Manger Craft

Printable Games:

Christmas File Folder Games
Christmas Bible Games

Happy Birthday Jesus Card Game





Preschool Packs:
12 Days of Christmas Preschool Printables
Nutcracker Christmas Preschool Printables
Ornament Preschool Printables
Symbols of Christmas Printables


Hope that get’s you off to a good start!




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Van Gogh Art Project for Kids


We’re diving into our Artist studies this year, starting with Van Gogh. A couple of years ago we did this Starry Night Art Project, and this year we’re starting off with The Potato Eaters.


This is a fantastic painting to study for children of all ages, and I highly recommend looking into this book series by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each artists most famous paintings are discussed in great detail and these books would make a fantastic addition to your homeschool library.


We used our Oil Pastels for this project, which worked really well for blending, and overlapping color. We even used our fingernails in some parts to scratch away color.



All of our Master Artist projects come with a printable artist card you can use for displaying children’s artwork.

Click Here for the Full Art Project Tutorial.


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DIY Stained Glass Coloring Pages

So last week, while browsing around Pinterest,
I found this cheepo way to make DIY stained glass coloring pages.

And the timing couldn’t have been better.
(As my children had just tore out the very last page in their stained glass coloring book)

So I thought I’d give it a try to see if we got a comparable result:

Not bad right?

The sun kept popping in and out from behind the clouds, so this shot is a tad more “cloudy”
but you can see the DIY on the left and the purchased on the right.
So the DIV version is not EXACTLY the same as a prepaid sheet,
but it is way cheaper then buying a set of pages or even a stack of vellum to print on.

Plus you can really turn ANY coloring page into a stained glass project.
And what kiddo does’t love to see their own creations on display?

Just in case you wanted to try out this method for yourself,
I whipped up some beautiful Easter pages that would look great as stained glass.

Head on over to our main site for the printable pages and the full tutorial!



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Australian Dot Painting

Lynn and I just wrapped up another Free Preschool Bible lesson
on our sister site

In case you’re wondering how our partnership works;
Lynn is the actual writer of the lessons,
and I am the web-designer/printable maker (what else right?)

It’s really a great arrangement for both of us!

(That’s Lynn….she’s great!)

Actually, one of my other responsibilities is to “shoot” the crafts….
meaning for each month Lynn sends a lesson,
I actually “do” the craft with the kiddos and take photos along the way.

How fun is that?

Well as I was saying, we just wrapped up lesson,
so that means we got to try out a new craft!

So here’s how it all went down:

Don’t you just want to make your own now?

preschool bible lesson

Check out the rest of the lesson for more
Down Under printables & resources!

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Inspiration Station Giveaway

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. We have a winner:

Comment # 206 was Jacque who said, “We do lots of crafts, including painting and drawing.”

Congratulations Jacque, you’ll have a Summer filled with fun arts and crafting!

And don’t worry if you didn’t win, the SALE continues!
Snag the entire set of 12 DVD’s for $31.96

Original post follows:

Today we have a special giveaway,
courtesy of Hearts at Home Curriculum!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their HUGE Summer Sale where you can score 30% off thousands of popular items such as: Apologia, Christian Liberty Press, Mystery of History, and tons more! (Sale ends July 31st)

Here is a list of ALL the publishers included in the 30% off sale!

One of the products Hearts at Home has at an AMAZING price right now,
is this set of Art Instruction DVD’s by Mike’s Inspiration Station.

In fact, it’s a BOGO offer.
That’s Buy One Get One…

Which means that when you purchase DVD Set 1 you’ll get the DVD Set 2 for FREE!

A little about the DVD series:

Geared toward ages 8-12, the series encourages kids to craft right along with host Michael Cariglio and his biblical buddy, Booker T Bible, a talking, animated Bible who offers creative inspiration with Scripture references. Let Mike’s Inspiration Station inspire your child’s creativity and get some fun art project ideas and fridge art in the process!

Here’s what’s included in each of the volumes:

Mike’s Inspiration Station DVD Set Volume 1 (DVD’s 1-6)
$39.99 $31.96

“Drawing Cartoons,”
“Making Watercolor Paintings,”
“Let’s Draw a Dinosaur.”
“Creating Pastel Art”
“Let’s Draw a Cute Turtle.”
“Light and Shading”
“Let’s Draw a Funny Moon.”
“Let’s Draw a Joyful Heart”
“Let’s Draw Goliath.”
“Making Clothespin Puppets”
“Fun Fridge Art”
“Flower Pot Pals”
“Sculpt a Cute Dog.”

Mike’s Inspiration Station DVD Set Volume 2 (DVD’s 7-12)
$39.99Free with Volume 1 Purchase

“Fun Fish Projects”
“Creating Fun Clouds.”
“Drawing Noah’s Ark”
“Drawing a Shepherd and His Sheep.”
“Making a Clay Easter Bunny”
“Drawing Jonah and the Whale.”
“Drawing Laughter”
“Drawing Love.”
“Drawing Animal Cartoons Using Numbers”
“Drawing a Bluebird,”
“Fun Christmas Projects,”
“All about Colors.”

For those of you keeping track,
that’s 26 instructional art projects on 12 DVD’s
for $31.96.

Doesn’t get much better then that folks!

Actually, for you it just might……
because Hearts at Home is going to give one lucky reader
BOTH sets of these DVD’s!

Yippee! Thanks Hearts at Home!

So ready to win?

Here’s how to enter:
1) Tell me how you incorporated (or *gasp* didn’t incorporate) art into your homeschool routine this year. Your comment will count as your first entry.

Optional Entries:

2) Hop over to Hearts at Home Curriculum, check out their Summer Sale and let me know which VENDOR you’re happy to see! Leave me a comment as your entry.

3) Tweet, Facebook, PIN, BLOG about this giveaway (and comment letting me know, give yourself one comment for each time you shared)

Homeschool Art DVD Giveaway!!
#homeschool @CraftyClassroom

Giveaway ends on Friday June 15 at midnight Pacific.
Winner will be drawn at random and this post will be updated.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Hearts at Home Curriculum is a Christian homeschool family business. They are regular sponsors here and often provide free product for giveaway purposes. We personally shop their amazing sales, and all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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Love Bible Verses for Children

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share God’s love with children!
We’ve got some fantastic Preschool resources for you to use this year,
and now we’ve got a few activities for you your older kiddos as well.

Today I wanted to highlight how to use one of our new Valentine’s Day resources:

This little printable craft would be a great way for children to learn some
bible verses on love.

For each child you’ll need to print up the envelope
(on cardstock for best results)

The outside of the envelope reads,
“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

This is a very important verse, as children grow they must learn
that what is hidden in their heart is what comes out during times of trial.
( i.e. LIFE )

Once assembled you’ll see that the back of the envelope
contains eight different scriptures for children to memorize
as well as a little space to check off each verse.

These verses coorespond with a set of printable bible hearts, (page 1 page 2)

These are black and white verses, so you can print them onto colored paper
(yea for saving ink!)

Now, of course you can use these HOWEVER you like
Maybe handing out a full set to your students to take home,
Printing on cardstock and attaching to a lollipop, or even
Just using them to add to Valentine’s day cards and crafts.
(we’ve even got a few more printables to help with that)

But I would suggest that you actively use them
to help children commit these verses to memory.

Then as a child successfully recites each verse,
you give them the corresponding heart to put into their pocket.

(Thus, the verses in the pocket represent the verses they have hidden in their heart)

Maybe you do one or two each year…maybe the entire set…
Maybe you just keep this as a special teaching tool you pull out every Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you do with them don’t use them as a
“Hey! Look another thing I started but never finished” tool.

You know that guilt inducing tool we homeschool mom’s are so familiar with

Just have fun with it!
And if it overwhelms you Pin it and we’ll know that you’re “virtually doing it”

(Speaking of….did you see my new Garden board on Pinterest? *grins)

Psssst….If you enjoy this set, be sure you check out our other Free Bible Verse Theme Packs:


Easter Bible Verses for Children


Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Children


Christmas Bible Verses for Children


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Wreaths of Maine

Can I show you something?

It’s kinda pitiful.

The sort of thing that…

IF we weren’t in Bloggyworld


IF we were…..say best friends

YOU probably would have already sat me down
and had a serious conversation with me.

About THIS:

YOU would tell me that a dried up grapevine wreath
isn’t decoration.

That I’ve forgotten the CHIC and all I’ve put up is Shabby.

YOU might even come to my house in the wee hours
and rip this thing from the clutches of my front door
before the entire neighborhood realizes that it’s been
there for two years without any further decorating.

THEN….If you were really my friend…..

YOU would get pro-active and solve the problem yourself

Silently ordering a special miracle to show up on my doorstep:

And when I opened my front door on this brisk winter day
I would be surprised to see….

Something FRESH:

Something Aromatic:

Something Alive!

There might even be something lush and velvety to tie it all together:

Something bright and cheery….

Something that says,
“Welcome! Come on in and stay a while:”

And then of course I would say, “Thank you!”
(holding back sniffles and tears of joy)
for transforming my shabby front door into something quite festive~

And I would ask you, “Where did you get such a beautiful masterpiece?”

And you would point me to Wreaths of Maine.

Children's Fundraiser

Maine? I would say….surprised that it has come from so far
(About 2,500 hundred miles in fact)

YES! You would agree! That is far for a wreath to go,
but the shipping rate was low, only $3.95 in fact and look;
it arrived in perfect condition!

I would agree, It’s perfect!

Then you’d go ON and ON telling me
how the wreaths are made from Balsam Fir,
a tree native to the colder regions of New England.

Really? I’d say…. I’ve never even heard of such a tree,
But it smells wonderful!

You’d be sure to point out many of their other amazing wreaths:

Like this beautiful Bluberry Wreath:

homeschool fundraising

and this Classic Christmas Swag:

wreaths of maine

How with their online ordering system YOU CAN CHOOSE
the day you want your wreath to arrive:

How Handy!

And then, most importantly,
You would tell me about the company itself!

How it was founded by a homeschooling family,
who has issued over $250,000 in commission checks
to benefit the fundraising efforts of children all across the U.S.

You’d show me their Fundrasing Packet:

How it was filled with everything a child would need to earn money for
their favorite club, college education, or even to support
their sponsored child abroad.

It’s a Win-Win you’d say.

And I’d look up at my festive front door,
and nod my head in agreement.

Disclaimer: As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew I was sent free product for review purposes. All opinions are my honest thoughts about the product.

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Scientific Method Printables

I’ve been meaning to make these for a while now.
Tonight I finally scratched the itch
and whipped them up…Just in time for the school year!

scientific method printables

I plan on using these with Sissy (Gr.3) and Bubba (Gr.1)
in hopes that they will learn the necessary steps to
execute a “Scientific” science experiment.

I haven’t yet decided on the different projects we’ll do
next year….maybe these will inspire my children to come
up with their own Hypotheses and interesting ways to test them!

Here’s what’s included:

scientific method chart

Printable Scientific Method’s Chart
(Or sequencing strips)

scienctific method worksheets

Printable Scientific Method Worksheet

scientific method printables

6 Printable Scientific Method Experiment Sheets
These are very child friendly and take children through the six steps, from forming the question to the final report.

You can download these all free in our Homeschool Printables page!

And what about you?
How do you work science experiments into your classroom?

Got any good projects planned for the year?

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Yo Yo Hairbows

Last night, I dared to look into my craft closet.

I know what your thinking…
and YES the entire closet if filled with crafts

It’s nothing special, just a simple linen closet completly devoid of linen.
I love my Craft Closet.
There is a scrapbooking shelf, a sewing shelf, a knitting/yarn craft shelf
and then a shelf of “Open Projects” as I like to call them.

(One shelf actually has linen on it, with a few bedsheets smushed in between a serger and a sewing machine)

Oh, and as you’re reading this You might be noticing
that I haven’t included a photo of these lovely shelves,
It’s not because I forgot.

But Anyway, perched atop the “Open Project” shelf
I found my bag of Yo-Yo hairbows:

yo yo crafts for kids

And like a child who just found a bag of candy treasure,
I got all giddy and excited about this long forgotten project!

You see, I’ve actually been making these for a while now,
(I even sold them in boutique store before we moved)
and now I’m passing the torch, and sharing my super secret
Yo-yo hairbow tutorial
with the public.

(you’ll laugh at that later, because these are soooo easy to make)

In fact these are perfect beginning sewing projects for your little girls!
Which is exactly why I included the tutorials in our new Home Economic
Sewing Projects.

Yo-Yo Tutorial

Yo-Yo Hairbow Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

New Graphic

Make Your Own Stamper!

We’ve been having a blast learning about the continents this month, And I’ve got tons of stuff to show you for our Homeschool Recon: Geography

But before I get the whole post ready,
I thought I’d share this super quick,
and extra creative way to make your own stamper:

Make Your Own Stamper Tutorial

We’ll be using our custom stamps to mark our passports as we travel the globe,
Expedition Earth Style!

More on that soon…..

Stay Tuned!

New Graphic

Printable Bible Verse Memory Sheet

I have finally picked out a Bible History program for my kiddos this year, and I’m proud to unveil that we’ll be using:

bible timeline

Grapevine Beginner Testament Overview

I chose this because I’ve got a 2nd grader, and a KG student and the beginner series seemed like it would work perfectly in the middle of their ability levels. I can expand it a bit for my oldest, and shorten it a bit for my youngest.

I will be using this curriculum on a weekly schedule, so we will complete one topic per week and one bible verse per week. The children will work on the same part of the bible story, but they will have different requirements for the bible verse. I’ve also organized this so that it will fit into a 5 day schedule, at about 1/2 hour each day.

Monday: Read Bible Story, Day 1 verse
Tuesday: Read Bible Story (kids help), Day 2 verse
Wednesday: Review Story w/Timeline activity, Day 3 verse
Thursday: Kids use timeline to retell bible story, Day 4 verse
Friday: Lesson Review Questions, Day 5 Verse (recite), Bible Craft

However, since my children will be working at different levels of their bible verse, I wanted them to each have an independent sheet they could use to help them keep track of their daily verse requirements

(enter bible verse memory sheet for Bubba):

bible verse memory sheet

(enter bible verse memory sheet for Sissy):

scripture memory for kids

So that is how my children will be learning their bible verses this year….

I’m really excited because it provides them each with a daily task, and it all fits on one sheet!

And, I made blank versions for you guys so you can grab them and make some for your kiddos this year too!

Stay Tuned! I hope to post more about our curriculum and how we’ll be organizing it all soon……

(you know…once I actually figure it out for myself)

New Graphic

Croup….In the Summer? Really….?

He’s cute even when he’s sick isn’t he?

Actually he’s just about all better now, but boy did we have a long week!

After 3 nights in the hospital we are finally home, and relishing in the fact that at least we missed the 100 degree weather this week. Always find the blessing people.

Actually, and strangely there is a blessing to this story.

A blessing in the form of a quiet (raspy) little voice, tugging at my heart to remember that we humans are really not that spectacular. Okay, yeah we can take x-rays, and preform surgery, give medications, and prescribe treatments but really we’re not that amazing…..a lot of the times we’re really just wrong….even doctors….and yes…even mothers.

(Shhhh….don’t tell my kids)

But I am reminded this week that I shouldn’t put my faith in people who I think have the answers to my problem. Instead put my faith in God, then look to the people he places around me……not the other way around.

I’m going to embroider this on a pillow next week

Then I got to thinking that Isn’t it funny how life’s “crisis” bring out the raw truth:

That when we have given our lives over to the Lord, we need to shut up and stop being so flippin emotional lie still in a quiet weakness to let him move through us.

It’s easy to remember God in emergencies isn’t it?

But what about during non-emergencies, you know…..the rest of life that happens when all your kids are healthy, the sun is shinning and you’ve got a wad of twenties in your pocket. Why don’t I remember to turn to God with the same zeal, and honesty of my dependence on Him?

Do I care more when I’m hurting?

Maybe I just care to show it more…….it’s more important now that something I value is at risk……..”Oh yeah…that’s right…..God is really the only one incontrol here…..Let’s ask him for help….”

So How to show it when I’m not in crisis?

I don’t know…maybe sometimes it’s like the Amy Grant song:

So the blessing?

The knowledge that God is there….

Even when my kids get croup in the summer (because that is just weird)

And that He’s also there for me when I’m craving fruit loops and we’re out of milk…..

or when the boy completely misses the toliet for the um-teenth time and turns my shower curtain an ugly shade of yellow….

and God’s also there when I am blessed with a new home, or a new job, a new friend, or even when I think we’re out of millk but find a small carton left over from the kids lunch… and it’s.just enough for a bowl of fruit loops…….

He is there, deserving of all the praise and glory no matter what my daily situation is……

Now to put that into practice….

And secretly honestly I’m hoping that if I can remember God in the daily life I can maybe skip over some of those upcoming trials he’s got planned for me……..

Yeah, I know….probably doesn’t work that way…..

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Cute Baby Owl & Barn Owl Craft

Are you sick of owl crafts yet?

Me too. Almost.

Here are a couple more owl books and owl crafts to go along with your Owl Unit Studies.

Baby Owl

baby owl craft for kids

The Barn Owls

barn owl craft for kids

Don’t worry if you’re not learning about owls at the moment.

Just bookmark and save :)


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Origami by Me: Printable Pocket

I Loved Origami as a kid.

L-O-V-E-D it

So this was really a treat to be able to teach Sissy (who is 6) some cute little Origami characters.

However, the only easy thing I could remember was a paper cup.

And since she wasn’t ready to be tackling Cranes and Inflatable Goldfish I went online to find some easy, kid friendly Origami instructions.

So here are a couple of the links we used:

Origami for Kids w/ Printable Instructions

Origami for Kids

Origami Crafts for Kids

Now we didn’t have any Origami paper, so we used Construction Paper (lighter kind) and our Crayola Pastels to color in the creatures where needed. And to give them a little personality, we added in some mismatched Googly Eyes.

(Trust me, Origami Cuteness is all in the Googly Eyes!)

So without any further ado,

Here are Sissy’s Origami Animals:

(which totally need some adorable names to go alongside them)

This is “Tacky” because he reminds me of Tacky the Penguin.

This is “The Mad Hatter”

And finally “Horton” (He needs a little pink flower don’t you think?)

And then I had to figure out what we were going to do with them all. So I made a cute little printable pocket (which will soon be featured in our Japan Lapbook) for her to store all her cute little Origami animals.

Don’t they just look adorable all tucked in like that!

You can print your own Origami by Me Pocket here:

Origami by Me Printable Pocket

Just fold on the line, and glue the sides together
(No there’s no fancy Origami folding to make the pocket…I just whipped out the Elmers)

Have Fun!

New Graphic