Bible Verse Printables


We have a great selection of Bible Verse Printables

on Christian Preschool Printables!

In fact, I recently revamped that area of our website, making it easier for you to find just the right verse for your children.

All of our verses are chronologically ordered and presented so you can see the exact scripture card.


We have over 20 sets of printables for these verses.  Each set includes:

Bible Verse Visuals (Large verse for classroom)
Bible Verse Cards (Small verse for children)
Bible Verse Copywork/Tracing Pages (We recommend using these sleeves)
Bible Verse Games (Usually a file folder game)
Bible Verse Vocabulary (A word from the verse defined)
Bible Craft or Coloring Page (Something simple for Preschoolers)
Character of God in Focus (A specific attribute of God that corresponds with the verse)

These sets are perfect for homeschool or children’s ministry.

They make a fantastic add on to your current curriculum, and it’s never to early to start memorizing God’s word.

TIP:  Build on the Verses by presenting them during circle time.  Encourage children to say them with you as you point to the words!  My two and threes picked up the verses very quickly, and soon they would only need to see the image to recite the verse.  I mounted the large visual verses to construction paper and laminated for durability.  You might even hang them in your classroom when not in use, just having them up will remind the children.

Click Here for our full list of Bible Verse Printables



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