Spring Flowers: Shape Search & Color

It’s Spring!  The flowers are blooming and it’s a great time to sneak in a little flower fun with your students.  We have a varitey of free Spring Preschool Printables as well as som free Shape Printables here.

Spring Flower Shape Match is another simple shape worksheet that will work on student visual discrimination skills. Students find and color the flower shapes based on the coloring guide:


Print Spring Flower Worksheet Free from Preschool Mom.


Looking for more Shape Printables?

Try our Shape of the Week Program today!


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Shape of the Week Program

Shape-of-the-Week covers 10 different shapes over a 10-week period.  Each week includes 4-days of activities and hands-on learning designed to keep little minds engaged.  This curriculum is print-&-go, meaning you can print it out, place it in a three-ring binder, and everything is presented in the order needed during the 10-week program.  Best of all this set coordinates with our Letter of the Week Alphabet Curriculum!

Read More…


  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles
  • Ovals
  • Rectangles
  • Trapezoids
  • Diamonds (Optional Rhombus Alternative)
  • Hexagons
  • Hearts
  • Stars



Shape Chart:  Introduce students to the shape of the week with a colorful chart that features the shape attributes. We suggest laminating these charts and hanging them in the classroom or on a morning board.

Shape Maze:  A fun shape maze for students to build small motor control and problem solving skills. Students learn about the shape’s symmetry and complete a dot-to-dot activity.


Shape Trace:  Students practice tracing and drawing their shapes.  Encourage students to use different colors for each shape and to do their best to stay on the lines.  This is a great activity to build fine-motor skills.

Shape Playdough Mat:  A simple way to get students working with their hands. We recommend laminating the playdough mats so they can be used over and over again.  Students roll out the play dough and form it into the shape.


Shape Find:  Students practice visual discrimination skills as they hunt for shapes. Each picture features engaging graphics for children to seek and find their shapes hidden throughout the scene.

Shape Craftivity:  A fun cut and paste activity featuring the shape of the week.  These are super simple and very low-prep often only requiring construction paper and glue.  Students work on key scissor skills as they build scenes on their paper.


Draw a Shape:  This is a fun worksheet page for children to learn to draw different objects using this same shape.

Shape Dab-&-Dot: A fun hands-on on activity to build shapes.  Provide students with bingo daubers, stickers, small stamps, coins, or any other tactile manipulative to fill in their shape.


Shape Sort Game:  This weekly game can be printed and added to each week. Children choose an image and identify which shape is featured and place it onto the correct sorting mat.  This game can be played as multiplayer with each student choosing a shape mat and placing the cards upside down in the center.  Students take turns drawing a card and the first one to fill up their shape board wins.

There are so many fun activities for children in this set:

Shape of the Week Program

4 Days a Week for 10 Weeks

Coordinates with our Letter of the Week Program

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Fact Family Games for Kids


If you have children working on their addition and subtraction skills, teaching them about fact families can go a long way!  The idea of fact families is that numbers can be grouped and reordered to create different equations.  This is a great way for children to visually see that numbers have relational values.  With the number 2, 5, and 7 for example we can make four different equations:

Two addition equations:

5+2=7 and 2+5=7

Two subtraction equations:

7-5=2  and 7-2=5

Learning that numbers can be interchanged like this provides children with core strategies they can use to solve more difficult math problems later in life.  Plus, fact families are fun to learn!

FactChart1FactSheet NumberTiles

Print our Fact Family Game and Follow up Worksheets Here

I’ve even included a follow up worksheet children can use to show mastery.

While I recommend purchasing a set of plastic number tiles (I use these all the time) you can also print a set of paper number tiles that you can laminate and use in your classroom.

Find more Free Math Games Here



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Counting to 100 Printables


With the first day of school upon us, it’s a great time to work on counting to 100! I’ve just created this super adorable set of counting cards and charts for working on key counting skills. This set includes counting cards to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 25’s as well as a full size hundreds board. Combine this with our Write to 100 Pack for a handy unit to start off your school year. You might even add this to your Daily Folder for quick impromptu review with your child.

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Place Value Learning Game


Learning about place value is tons of fun with this NEW free file folder game from File Folder Fun.

This is a multiplayer game that includes high quality place value cards for children to race to 3000!

Children in grades K-5 can play this game with a little instruction, and a helpful place value chart is included for reference.

Print this game and more free from File Folder Fun.


Find More Place Value Printables & Resources

Place Value Bus Game
Building Big Numbers Game



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Monster File Folder Game

My boys are crazy about Monsters.

I’m not sure why but they love creepy, goopy, slimy looking creatures, but they do.

Monsters can be cute too though right?


My four year old drew these silly Monster Brothers and I thought they were absolutely adorable.

(Side Note: Scan your children’s artwork into your computer to save them)

I was also to happy to find these Silly Wacky Monsters from Daily Art Hub because I knew they would make for some adorable games and worksheets!



Make 10 Monster Worksheet

Use this worksheet to reinforce key number bonds that make 10.  Children can use counters to cover the monsters while they compute the equations.



 Make 10 Monster Truck Game

This is a great game to play with children who are learning number bonds that add up to 10.  Children choose a wheel and then find the correct second wheel to solve the equation.


Find More Silly Monster Printables at Preschool Mom

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Make 10 Printable Game

Make10GameMaking ten games are always a great way to build key math skills for your Kindergarten and First Grade kiddos.  Children can easily memorize which numbers can be joined together to make 10, and it’s a skill that will be important through out their entire lives!

Ten Frame Boards are simple boards with ten squares.

Usually a portion of the squares are filled in with marker (7 are filled above) and it’s the child’s job to figure out how many more need to be added to make 10.

Children can visually see that three more are needed so they can place the markers accordingly.


(btw……we love these counters here)



Anyway, I wanted to create a game that included the actual numbers on the Make 10 boards.

Can you tell that I really want my boys to do some quick memorizing of these number bonds?

I’m hoping that soon they will start to identify the missing number without counting.

This is also a great early introduction to algebra, you could say something like “Oooh, we have a mystery number!!  7 plus what = 10?”


Print Make 10 Game Free at File Folder Fun

The set includes 10 different number bonds, you simply cut them out as shown above and let children match them back up again.   I thought perhaps the numbers might be a bit confusing, which is why I colored the markers orange and purple, so I would encourage children to make sure each number bond has different colors.


Find More Make 10 Learning Games Here



Want to Make your own Make 10 Game?

HomeschoolClipart.com has free ten frame graphics in black and white or color so you can design your own worksheets and games.

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Writing to 100 Worksheets


I don’t know what it is about the number 100 but my boys are constantly trying to get there.

They want to do 100 jumps on the trampoline, build a tower 100 blocks high, and I’m convinced they try to ask me “WHY?” at least 100 times a day.

In our house, there are so many opportunities in REAL LIFE to practice counting to 100,  but the actual writing to 100 is something new for my Kindergartner.

He’s been working super hard this year with his Mini Office, so I wanted this set to sort of emulate the same chart he’s been using to learn his numbers.

I included quite a few different printable worksheets in this pack:

  • Tracing to 100
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Counting by 2
  • Counting by 5
  • Counting by 10


Because children need so much practice, I recommend sliding these into a page protector or laminating these and using a dry erase marker

Print our Writing to 100 Worksheet Pack free at File Folder Fun

Find More Kindergarten Math Games Here

Find First Grade Math Games Here



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Pumpkin Preschool Printables


Fall is a great time to provide children with some hands on learning fun!

Learning about pumpkins covers multiple science requirements and it’s easy to sneak in a little language and math as well.

Find Free Pumpkin Printables at PreschoolMom.com to build your thematic pumpkin unit study!

Find Christian Pumpkin Crafts at Christian Preschool Printables

Find Pumpkin Bible Verse Cards at Bible Story Printables

Find Pumpkin Learning Centers at File Folder Fun

Pumpkin & Gourds Photo Matching Game

Looking for More?  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive freebies!

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Free Mini Office Printables


This week we’re featuring a FREE Mini Office for our newsletter subscribers!
What is a Mini Office?


A Mini Office is basically a custom built learning resource for your student.  The goal of a mini-office is to serve as a self led reference chart for children, freeing up time for teacher to work with other students and encouraging children to find answers to their own questions.  The benefit of making a mini office is also in the size and the minimal supply list.   All you’ll need is a couple of file folders, scissors, glue, and your printable pages.  (Free Mini Office Printables Below)

How to Make a Mini Office:

To assemble your mini office simply cut the tabs off of two file folders and glue them back to back.  This will create a three panel office.  You can make a larger office if you want to include extra information, however I find that the three panel is useful for small hands and when it’s stood on end it makes a great privacy blocker.  (This is especially helpful if you’re teaching around the kitchen table.)

Inside the folders you glue in KEY concepts for children to help them along with their studies.

Really you can add whatever resources you want your child to study.  In a homeschool setting, I’ve found these reference folders to be helpful for PreK-3rd graders, but you could certainly use them with older children as well.  You might consider ways to build your folder so that you can expand and adapt it as your child grows.  Alternatively, you can create multi-leveled folders for each student year.  The resources provided below can be adapted to suit your needs.



Newsletter Subscribers Download our Free Mini Office Here

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MiniOffice Videos on Lapbook Lessons:

Find more free printables and links for making thematic mini office’s for yor children:


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DIY Homeschool Tools

ToolsMathPinDIY Math Tools for Homeschool
These tools can be used in your Homeschool or Classroom setting as an alternative to purchasing premade educational materials. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be able to customize your classroom to fit the needs of your children!
Base 10 Bean Sticks
Math Facts Learning Folder
DIY Number Bean Bags
Making Math Sentences Game
Printable Math Equations Board
Math Master Speed Scoring Chart
Math Mini Office Printables
Free Math File Folder Games

DIY Language Arts Tools
Learning grammar and spelling doesn’t have to be boring!  Try these eight ideas in your own classroom to spice things up a bit. Most of these games are made with resources you can find around the house.

Word Family Block Game

DIY Spelling Activities

Free Printable Language Charts

DIY Vocabulary Notebooks

Free Language File Folder Games

Free Summer Reading Chart

Language Mini Office

Writing Notebook (available in our eStore)


Be sure you check out our Favorite Homeschool Tools and Craft Supplies during your visit!



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Teaching Textbooks Review

Top Pick! Review Coming Soon

Math U See Review

Top Pick! Review Coming Soon

Envision Math Review

Envision Math lessons start with review, new teaching, guided practice, independent practice, and then connections. Quizes, Reteaching, and algebra connections are offered throughout.

CTC Math Review

CTC Math is a supplemental online math program for K-12. 1,367 animated and narrated math lessons (VIDEOS!!!) A bank of over 57,000 interactive questions Diagnostic tests Instant feedback to students and regular reporting to parents

Aleks Review

ALEKS is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course. ALEKS then instructs the student on the topics she is most ready to learn.

IXL Review

IXL is a K-12 online math program that aligns itself with common core state standards. Each grade is organized into subcategories making it easy to cover a specific topic with your child. While there are no pre-teaching exercises, there are explanations for children when they receive an incorrect answer.

BIG IQ Kids Review

Big IQ Kids is a an online subscription service providing teachers and parents with customizable resources they can use as supplemental learning opportunities. There are different levels of subcription available, and subjects are offered separately as Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, U.S. States, Long & Short Vowels, and SAT Vocabulary Prep.

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Preschool Printables


I have recently updated our Free Preschool Printables section of PreschoolMom.com!

We have over 30 themes with numerous printables and activities you can use in your homeschool or classroom.

Here’s a sneak peek…..Click Here for links to all these units!

Be sure to check out more resources at KindergartenMom.com

BTW- We have a separate newsletter for our Preschool Mom website! 

Many of these sets include handwriting practice, alphabet themes, printable charts, file folder games, wordwall cards, crafts, science activities and more!

Alphabet Printables

American Sign Language Printables

Australia Printables

Butterfly Printables

Colors Printables

Community Helper Printables

Days of the Week Printables

Dinosaur Printables

Click Here for Full List



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Giveaway: Pop for Addition and Subtraction!


UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed!

We have a winner!!

Comment #188 was:

Last month we were contacted by Learning Resources to review one of their newest products

How Exciting!
We actually use many different Learning Resources products already,
so I was pretty excited to have a NEW item in our collection!
And I even got to choose which one!
Can you guess what I picked?
(Ya’ll know about my math fact troubles lately right?)

I chose a game called, “POP for Addition and Subtraction”
The suggested age level for this game is 6-8
and it retails for $9.99

It’s cute, It’s colorful,
and it’s helping my kiddos to learn (and relearn) those evasive math facts.

Like I mentioned last week,
we are hitting the math facts pretty hard around here.

So I thought it would be nice to change it up with a math fact game,
and seriously, a little friendly competition goes a long ways around here.

Not to mention that it’s fun to play!
Here’s the deal:

The game includes a spinner and an assortment of math fact gumballs.

On each turn, your child spins the spinner

Then draws the appropriate amount of gumballs from the “gumball machine” (i.e. box)

In order to keep the gumballs children have to say the answer to the math fact printed on the gumball.

If they get the answer correct, they keep the gumball in their pile.
If they don’t get it correct, the gumball goes back into the box.

If they draw a “POP” gumball, all of their accumulated math facts go back into the box.
(the POP gumball is now out of play).

The game continues until all gumballs have been collected.
They are then counted and a winner is declared.

What I like:
The quality of the game is reflected in the price.
The box, and playing pieces are thick and sturdy,
and they are sure to stand up to years of classroom use.

Everything is stored in the box, making it simple to store and easy to use.
(it would totally fit in a stocking if you’re looking for ways to stretch that homeschool budget!)

There are two levels of game play and the directions for both are printed on the back of the box
(how thoughtful is that

With 90 gumballs, this game is for any number of players.
You can play this game at home with one child or use it in your classroom.

Classroom Idea: Sometimes it’s fun to have an end of the day activity or ritual in your classroom….you know like a little fun treat children can look forward to.
I think it would be super cute for children to choose a gumball fact to solve on their way out and exchange it for a small treat, or sticker for their charts. You could even make the “POP” gumballs stand for something special. It would encourage children to be working on those math facts at home to show what they’ve learned each day.

I’m sure YOU can think of creative ways to use this game too!

Learning Resources is offering you the opportunity to WIN your own
POP for Addition and Subtraction game!


How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me how you would use POP for Addition and Subtraction in your classroom.

Optional Entries:

2. Check out all the other Math activities by Learning Resources, come back and tell me what you have on your wish-list.
3. Like Learning Resources on Facebook. Come back and leave me a comment telling me you did.
4. Follow Learning Resources on Twitter. Come back and leave me a comment telling me you did.
5. Follow Learning Resources on Pinterest. Come back and leave me a comment telling me you did.
6. Share about this giveaway via your blog or social media. Give yourself one extra comment for each way you share.

Giveaway ends Friday 11:59pm PST. Winners will be drawn at random and this post will be updated.

Disclaimer: I was sent free product from Learning Resoruces for purposes of this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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Math Master Printable Chart

Just popping in with an easy Summer School FREEBIE for you!

My children recently finished up State testing,
and while they each passed (phew)
one of the things I noticed was the lack of SPEED
with which they attacked the math portion of the test.

And can I just say for a moment that:
It’s wonderful to be allowed to WATCH your children take a test!

btw-That is NOT my kid taking a test.
That is a picture of a kid taking a test that I found on the internet.
I certainly would not hound my children with a poloroid moment mid-test.

But there is really something to be learned about (unobtrusively) watching
the way your child processes and manages everything you’ve (hopefully) drilled
into their little brain.

So I was excited for such an opportunity, and as I saw focus and progress,
and clicking of next pages I was reassured in my ability to actually teach at home.
It was great.


When the Math portion of the test came around…
I was a tad disappointed to see lots of finger counting and (gasp) calculator clicking
(which apparently they allow for some reason now? Was it always like this?)
Ack! I was cringing. It was a classic pride before the fall double whammy.

Doubts crept in.
Didn’t they already learn this?
I know I taught them this.
I thought we had it covered?
Must we go back again?

So this Summer we will AGAIN be reviewing Math facts.

I found THIS GREAT WEBSITE for printing up some drill sheets.

And I whipped up this Math Master Printable Chart.
(There is no better motivation then positive/intrinsic I say!)

We’ll be attacking this DAILY, with the goal of increasing ACCURACY & SPEED

And TELL me I’m not the only one here!

What have you taught your children over and over and over and….

(you know…..besides not to Hit their brothers)

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Buggy Boards: Fun Printable Math Mats!

Got Boys?

Do they Like Bugs?
(nevermind. Silly question)

Need to work on Math?

Check out these Super Buggy Boards!

buggy boards

And these Super Buggy Number Cards!

math printables

Designed to appeal to your little men, while sneaking in a bit of math
like vegetables in a ice cold smoothie.

printable math mats

They’ll be rolling and counting, and checking out all the different bugs
that they’ll never know what hit them.

printable bug

Poor, unsuspecting little men.

These are pretty versatile, Check out all the Game Ideas I posted too!

Okay, ya got me.

I only posted like three ideas….
How would you use these with your little ones?

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Multiplication Pocket Folder

We are all about Multiplication Facts around here lately
(Did you see our Math Keys)
(And our File Folder Games)

Well, I’m pulling out all the stops trying to get these important facts into my children’s heads.
Sometimes adding a bit of color….and incentive….helps!
So today I made the children a Multiplication Pocket Folder:

It’s really just a fancy way to store our multiplication flash cards
(we’re upgrading from ziploc baggies)

But the important part is the Multiplication chart on the front:

Everytime Sissy can get through a set of math facts she’ll get a sticker.
Ten stickers equals a small treat.
Each day she can earn up to 12 stickers
One for each digit….and no more.
(Ahhh……now you see my genius)

And if you want to make your own,
I’ve uploaded instructions, templates and printables for you too!

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Base 10 Bean Sticks

This week we’ve also been working on Place Value.

But instead of using our Base 10 Blocks, we decided to get a little crafty and make a set out of beans.

Handmade Base 10 sticks

We used the Jumbo Popsicle sticks, and I think these are red kidney beans.

I put up a full photo tutorial in case you’re not familiar with the idea of Base 10 blocks.

I suppose you could use any other item that would fit on a popsicle stick; macoroni, stickers ect…

You could really customize them to encourage involvement.

Sissy really enjoyed using these sticks to count up to the hundreds, and Bubba liked the feel of the beans on the sticks. Since she was part of the process of making them, I think she participated more in their use.

And of course that got me wondering…….

What special tools have you made special for your children to learn with?


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