Free Mini Office Printables

Free Mini Office Printables


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What is a Mini Office?


A Mini Office is basically a custom built learning resource for your student.  The goal of a mini-office is to serve as a self led reference chart for children, freeing up time for teacher to work with other students and encouraging children to find answers to their own questions.  The benefit of making a mini office is also in the size and the minimal supply list.   All you’ll need is a couple of file folders, scissors, glue, and your printable pages.  (Free Mini Office Printables Below)

How to Make a Mini Office:

To assemble your mini office simply cut the tabs off of two file folders and glue them back to back.  This will create a three panel office.  You can make a larger office if you want to include extra information, however I find that the three panel is useful for small hands and when it’s stood on end it makes a great privacy blocker.  (This is especially helpful if you’re teaching around the kitchen table.)

Inside the folders you glue in KEY concepts for children to help them along with their studies.

Really you can add whatever resources you want your child to study.  In a homeschool setting, I’ve found these reference folders to be helpful for PreK-3rd graders, but you could certainly use them with older children as well.  You might consider ways to build your folder so that you can expand and adapt it as your child grows.  Alternatively, you can create multi-leveled folders for each student year.  The resources provided below can be adapted to suit your needs.



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