Monster File Folder Game

Monster File Folder Game

My boys are crazy about Monsters.

I’m not sure why but they love creepy, goopy, slimy looking creatures, but they do.

Monsters can be cute too though right?


My four year old drew these silly Monster Brothers and I thought they were absolutely adorable.

(Side Note: Scan your children’s artwork into your computer to save them)

I was also to happy to find these Silly Wacky Monsters from Daily Art Hub because I knew they would make for some adorable games and worksheets!



Make 10 Monster Worksheet

Use this worksheet to reinforce key number bonds that make 10.  Children can use counters to cover the monsters while they compute the equations.



 Make 10 Monster Truck Game

This is a great game to play with children who are learning number bonds that add up to 10.  Children choose a wheel and then find the correct second wheel to solve the equation.


Find More Silly Monster Printables at Preschool Mom


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