Make 10 Printable Game

Make 10 Printable Game

Make10GameMaking ten games are always a great way to build key math skills for your Kindergarten and First Grade kiddos.  Children can easily memorize which numbers can be joined together to make 10, and it’s a skill that will be important through out their entire lives!

Ten Frame Boards are simple boards with ten squares.

Usually a portion of the squares are filled in with marker (7 are filled above) and it’s the child’s job to figure out how many more need to be added to make 10.

Children can visually see that three more are needed so they can place the markers accordingly.


(btw……we love these counters here)



Anyway, I wanted to create a game that included the actual numbers on the Make 10 boards.

Can you tell that I really want my boys to do some quick memorizing of these number bonds?

I’m hoping that soon they will start to identify the missing number without counting.

This is also a great early introduction to algebra, you could say something like “Oooh, we have a mystery number!!  7 plus what = 10?”


Print Make 10 Game Free at File Folder Fun

The set includes 10 different number bonds, you simply cut them out as shown above and let children match them back up again.   I thought perhaps the numbers might be a bit confusing, which is why I colored the markers orange and purple, so I would encourage children to make sure each number bond has different colors.


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Want to Make your own Make 10 Game? has free ten frame graphics in black and white or color so you can design your own worksheets and games.


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