J is for Jesus Candy Cane Printables


J is for Jesus has been one of the most popular Christmas resources on our sister site ChristianPreschoolPrintables.com.

Today, I’m happy to share an updated version of this helpful resource!  I’ve redesigned the minibook into a story strip format making it super simple to send home with your students this year.  Many teachers attach a miniature candy cane to the booklets as an extra treat for children.  (Purchase mini candy canes in BULK here)


This set includes a Color or Black and white version and coordinates perfectly with our Jesus Loves You Candy Cane Chart and Bible Coloring Page.  Hint:  Print our Colorful Charts as flashcards to hand out to students.

Pair this activity with one of the many amazing Candy Cane Parable books available




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Printable Christmas Mazes



Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve got some fun new Mazes and Activity Pages for you!  Mazes are a fantastic way to build small motor control, logical thinking, and even perseverance.  Plus they are just plain old FUN! Each worksheet features a fun Christmas shape maze with a follow up activity for children to complete.  Some pages include copywork, others have drawing or writing prompts.  Either way, this collection of activity sheets are sure to keep your little ones entertained this Winter.

Print Free Christmas Mazes from BrainyMaze.com

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Christmas Bible Coloring Pages


With Christmas around the corner I thought I would update and create some new Christian Christmas Coloring Pages.  Each page features a different part of the Christmas Story alongside a key Bible verse for children to memorize.  (Scripture references come from KJV or ESV)

Print Christmas Bible Coloring Pages Free Here

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Don’t Miss this Free Printable Advent Calendar for Kids!

Each ornament represents a special Name of Jesus and they fit perfectly on these wooden craft ornaments.


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Free Bible Calendar Printables



If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve already seen a little sneak peek of today’s freebie!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time.  On Christian Preschool Printables we’ve always offered a free Bible Calendar set, but it’s needed updating for YEARS and I’ve never found the time (or the right clipart) to do it.

So I’m super excited to have finished this set of Bible Calendar Cards because I know they will look adorable in your classroom and you can use them to tie in many Bible themes over the years.

This is a 12 month set that includes month titles as well as 31 number cards and two bonus special day cards.  Each month has been thoughtfully designed to coordinate with themes you might already be teaching in your Sunday School.  The Calendar cards are 2.5″ x 2.5″ and they should fit a standard calendar chart or pocket chart.

BibleCalendarPinBible Calendar Card Set

  • September: Creation
  • October: Adam & Eve
  • November: Thank you God
  • December: Christmas Story
  • January: Miracles of Jesus
  • February: Jesus Loves Me
  • March: Shamrock Trinity
  • April: Easter Crosses
  • May: Noah’s Ark
  • June: Commandments
  • July: Daniel in the Lion’s Den
  • August: David’s Sheep


This is a special Subscriber Freebie only and you can download and print from here.

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Enjoy this clipart?  Check out Kari Bolt Designs for more!



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Nativity Finger Puppets


If you are looking for some hands on fun this Christmas, try out these adorable Nativity Finger Puppets!

I’ve created these puppets to be just the right size for your preschool classroom, simply print on carstock, Laminate and then punch out the finger holes.  (Do be careful to keep the edges smooth….try using a hole puncher instead of scissors)

This would make a great set of puppets you can use in your pretend play center.  If you’re short on time I supposed you could just glue a craft stick to the backs of them as well, but children really do LOVE to make the characters walk around on the tables….they just look adorable don’t they?

Print Nativity Finger Puppets Free from Christian Preschool Printables

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Love this clipart?  Check out Kari Bolt on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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Color Through The Christmas Story


Christmas is right around the corner and you may bee looking for simple coloring pages that will work for your younger children.  Today I’ve got some adorable Christmas characters children can color in as they read through the Story of the First Christmas.

Color Thru Christmas  features easy color images alongside the Christmas Story written in an easy to read format for children.  This is a great way to encourage your beginning readers to learn a few new words this holiday season!



This is an exclusive Subscriber Freebie and can be printed from here.

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Christmas Counting Cards


Christmas is just over a week away, Winter is upon us and it’s a great time to add in a little hands on fun to your preschool math program.

These adorable Winter Mugs are piping hot and ready for children to add in just the right amount of candies.  (Use mini M&M’s, RedHots or even mini Marshmallows for extra sweetness).


This set prints with a matching addition board so children who are showing mastery can begin to move on to simple addition problems.   Children choose two cards and place them on the addition board.  Then children place the correct amount of goodies above each mug.  Once they are placed children can swoop them all over together to count up how many treats they have all together.


Print Christmas Counting Cards free from Preschool Mom.

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12DaysButton NutcrackerButton OrnamentButton SnowflakeButton

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Legend of the Candy Cane Printables

CandyCaneThe Legend of the Candy Cane is such an amazing resource book around Christmas!  I love books and tangible objects that can point children to God and serve as a reminder of his everlasting love for them.  If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of this popular book, I highly recommend it, there is a Kindle version as well making is simple to add this book to your holiday collection.  J is for Jesus is another sweet holiday story for children that uses the candy cane to represent the gospel message.


This year I created some adorable coloring pages that can be used alongside your Candy Cane Christmas unit.  There are two different versions, one for boys and one for girls.  Children can folor the stripes of the candy canes to complete the “Jesus loves me” message.  You could easily glue these to red construction paper and laminate for placemats.

Download Here: Candy Cane Coloring Pages


Don’t miss these Candy Cane Devotion Minibooks!

Each booklet is folded from a single sheet of paper, and when paired with a small candy cane they make a wonderful take home gift for visiting children this Holiday season.

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Printable Christmas Labels

Christmas is right around the corner so here are some last minute printables!


Nativity  Christmas Labels.

These labels are so beautiful, and best of allthey each focus on a piece of the Christmas Story.  From Mary’s Good News, to the Visit of the Maji, these labels will enhance your Christmas presents while reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.


We printed ours on Avery Shipping Labels (8 1/2 x 11)

(Product ID# 8165)


Then after we cut them out we could easily peel off the backing

And stick them on a gift.

20131221_101205(You could easily print these on regular paper and use a glue stick as well)


I also made a set without the “to” and “from” to be used as Christmas Tags.  Tie the tags on with a string and write that information on the back.

Blank Nativity Christmas Labels


I even thought these would make beautiful ornaments if you added glitter to them Like we did with our Christmas Card Craft.

Either way, with these labels you’re sure to encourage people to think about the true meaning of Christmas.


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Christmas Preschool Printables


We’ve just released a new set of Nativity printables you can use with your children or students this Christmas season.


Nativity Printable Pack Easy Download

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 If you have slower internet speeds you can also download as individual components here:
Nativity Printable Pack Individual Downloads


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Hope that get’s you off to a good start!




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Christmas Card Crafts for Kids


This is a simple and easy Chrsitmas Card project for kids.

In fact, this come from my own childhood.

My best friends Grandmother would save her Christmas Cards from the previous year,

and we’d decorate them with glitter and repourpose them as ornaments and gift tags.

I thought that would be the perfect project to do with my own kiddos this year.

But, of course that all takes planning, and saving the cards from last year.

I didn’t do that.


Instead, I decided to print up a set of pictures that would be perfect for adding glitter to.

Then we can make our own cards and ornaments together.

And I just know that you’re going to love this project with your own kiddos,

so we’re offering our Subscribers these free Christmas Card download.

Join Free or Login then Download Here

How To:



Printed Card on Cardstock Paper

Fine Glitter (Here is inexpensive kind)



Step 1: Cut the ends off your Q-Tip at a slant.  


Step :2  Use the Q-Tip to apply glue to highlight areas on the card.

You don’t want to cover the entire picture, we’re just highlighting areas that we want to sparkle.

Less is more :)



Look for places where snow might accumulate.

Use the tip of your Q-tip to make icicles coming off the roof


All Done:

It’s hard to capture the glitter in a photo, but these are just stunning when they are done!



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Gifts Kids Can Make….

Okay, so I don’t know about you,
but finding gifts that children can make can sometimes be troublesome.

Especially, when you wait until a week before Christmas to get started.


Anyway, if you have a child who is interested in making gifts for family members,
next week is a great time to put the Christmas break to good use.

Especially when they can create something like this:

My nine year old made these.
Trust me, they are simple!
And Cheap!

This would be a great project for young tweeny boppers too!

So here’s the deal:


And here’s how to do all that on the cheap:

1. Visit Home Depot and head to the back of the lumber aisle. They should have a discount bin, where you can snag a board like this for practically free. Actually 51 cents, but if your kids flash a pearly grin, and ask adorable questions like, “What kind of wood is this?,” and “Do I need to sand with the grain?” then you might just score them for free.

NOTE: I have only seen the discount bin empty one time. You may not score the same size board as we did but there is usually always something to work with. Try to take the STRAIGHTEST board with no SPLITS.

2. Cut your board. HD will do this for FREE! or if you have a saw at home, that works too. We cut our boards at about 14 inches. We got FIVE signs out of one board! SCORE!

3. Paint your background color on your board. Use a lighter color paint, as we will darken it up a bit a little later. (Sissy’s signs were painted white and light blue to begin with.) TIP: While you’re at Home Depot, check their paint department for the “Mess Ups” rack. I often find a small tub of paint for 50 cents!

4. Choose your word. Pick a font that is crisp and easy to paint. Print it at a size that will fit your board.

5. Follow this chalk tutorial for transfering your word to your board. Or use graphite paper, we’re cheap and there are ALWAYS little chunks of sidewalk chalk around our house.

6. Paint your word. This is the longest part, go slow, don’t fret over mistakes, we can sand them off…and we want it to look shabby anyway right? We have a basic paint brush set from Wally World that included a slanted tip paint brush….this helps quite a bit.

7. Shabby your board up a bit. Use sandpaper to rough up your word. Hammer in some dents. Rough up the edges…ect.

Don’t be afraid to take out some big gouges!
Where ever there is bare wood showing, the stain will soak in.

8. Use a wood stain over the paint. This is the most expensive part of the project. Wood stain is about $8 at Home Depot, but it will last you a lifetime! You literally use a dab of this stain for each board. I love Minwax Jacobean for most projects.

To stain your board: Wear gloves, dab an old rag into the can, and then wipe it over the whole project, let it set for a few moments, then wipe it off. Throw away your rags. (I read somewhere that staining rags can self ignite…and that is not good right? So toss them!)

Mom or Dad can do this part too, if you’re nervous about the kiddos handling such a noxious product.

9. Let it dry. We move ours indoors because it sets quicker. Afterwords you can spray a poly coat on if you like, this is just an extra step to protect the sign if say you needed to clean it for some reason. Not necessary, but if you have the spray anyway, give it a quick shot.

10. If you want to be fancy, hammer a hook or a picture holder into the back.

All Done!

Total Cost
$.51 wood
$8 stain

On Hand:

$8.50 makes about 5 signs….so that’s about $1.70 per gift!

Not bad.

Maybe Mom can make a few too?

Now that I think of it,
This would be a great project for the entire family,
you could easily make words like JOY and Peace…

or maybe Welcome!
This sign literally cost me about $1.00 in materials.
(board, stain, paint)

Stay tuned for some more shabby projects,
my camera is full of photos to share!

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The Stockings Were Hung….

Do you have a “Crafty” To-do list?

There are so many amazing projects out there,
that sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the inspiration.

Sometimes I’ll bookmark and idea, sometimes I’ll pin it on pinterest, and other times
I’ll just quitely mull over it in my head until the perfect moment.

For Years Lately, I’ve been mulling over two different projects that I’ve wanted to do:

These beautiful drop cloth stockings from Shanty 2 Chic:

And these precious children’s silhouette pilllows:

Well finally it struck me that I could turn these two projects into one!

So here’s how it all went down:

I used the same freezer paper stencil technique that I used for these baby onsies.
I’m using some cheepo painters drop cloth from Lowes,
and I simply traced our old stockings (plus one inch all the way around)

Once they were dry I started to sew them together.

I followed the tutorial on Shanty 2 Chic, and then added in my own embelishments for the heel and toe.

Ruffles for the girls:

And wool edging for the boys:

And buttons aplenty:

I Just LOVE how they turned out!

TIP: When you’re cutting out your freezer paper stencil, if you’re careful you can use the “negative” for another project.

I simply ironed them to the canvas, and painted around them.

I’m thinking of stretching this across a canvas for some family wall art!

Makes all that tedious cutting worth it!

Now, If I could just find the time to make a matching Tree Skirt!

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The Real Story….

Upon notifying the Shepherds, the angels rushed to BerryLand to tell
Strawberry Shortcake the Good News!

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I’m totally coming back…

Yup….Anytime now…


Since this is technically a Craft Blog, and not “In your face, LOOK what I got for Christmas blog”

Instead of bragging, I’ll leave you with this photo of todays project:


Anyone wanna guess what they are going to be?

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Christmas Party Hair

Today is the big Christmas Party at Awana’s, the Cubbies will have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party, and the Sparks will decorate their leaders up like a Christmas Tree.

Sounds like fun right! (glad I’m not a sparks leader this year….*snicker)

Anyway, I found this amazingly simple hair tutorial, linked up via Frugal Family Fun Blog (Which by the way is one of my most favorite blogs….not just because her name is Valerie too…..but because of her amazing ideas and fantastic fun resources she shares……ahhh, we are alike in so many ways….*grins)

So since we’re having the big Awana Christmas party tonight, I thought I’d give it a go on Sissy’s hair:


It turned out really pretty, and was done in like 5 minutes!

This is my new favorite way to style her hair.
(Ok, it’s my only way…..and I’m sure when I get another evening to explore all the wonderful hair tutorials, I’ll have a few more favorites…..but for now this is AWESOME!)


The only thing different I did, was because Sissy has longer hair. So instead of flipping it back up, I tied it in a ponytail, braided it and put it in a bun, the secured the bun with another ponytail. Of course that held for half of the afternoon, and by the time I got the camera out to snap this photo, the bun was slowly unraveling, leaving us with this little lump of braid.


Still pretty though, and much nicer then the usual mess I send her to Sparks with.

PSSST……Wanna know what Sissy is working on? Here is a sneak peek:



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Pop-Up Nativity & Talking Jesus Giveaway!

Okay, Okay….I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m posting Christmas stuff.

But I wanted to make sure that you’d get these in time to use them for the month of December so I decided to have the giveaway in November!


I have two sets of these to give away!

So two people will each get a Pop-Up Nativity set, and a Talking Jesus toy.

(Those are the closest links I could find for them, they’re not exact but very close, sorry.)

Anyway, the nativity set is really neat, you press out all of the different characters and buildings to created your own nativity.

This would be fantastic for children who are learning about the nativity story, and can handle them.
(My three year old would tear them to pieces, I’m sure!)

When you’re finished the set will look something like this:


The talking Jesus toy is also really neat! We have this at home ourselves, and my son can literally repeat verbatim what Jesus says. It’s nice because he says a few different verses as well.


I think he’s quite handsome too, but that’s me
and I’m partial to bearded men

;) luv ya hun!

Anyway, here’s how to enter:


1. Comment below letting me know your favorite Christmas gift you ever gave or received.

Extra Entries:

2. If you Subscribe by email or RSS give yourself an extra entry

3. If you post about this giveaway, leave me the link and give yourself an extra entry.

I’ll draw two winners Tuesday November 24th!


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