Hands on Alphabet Printables


If you’re looking for a fun way for your little one’s to learn the basic shapes of the the uppercase letters, I’ve got a great free printable set for you.

I’ve just added these to our Alphabet Printables at File Folder Fun and you can print a set in color or black and white.  You could even print them on colored paper if you want colored versions without paying for all the ink.



If you have a laminator, definitely use it on these before cutting the shapes out, as these will get lots of use.

Children can use these shapes to make the entire uppercase alphabet, making this set extra useful.  My children started making pictures with them, so I’m sure they will inspire a little creativity in your kids as well.

Print your own Hands on Alphabet Here



Looking for more Alphabet Activities?  Check out our Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum!



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Freedom Bible Verse Copywork



If you’re looking for a way for children to lean about true Freedom in Christ we’ve created a special copywork page to help!

This American Flag features four different scripture references to freedom and is a great way to jumpstart conversations in your home and classroom.

Print this flag in color or black and white from BibleStoryPrintables.com

You’ll also find Fourth of July bookmarks, coloring pages and a patriotic prayer journal so children can learn to pray for our leaders.

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Editable File Folder Game

File folder games are a great way to add a little kick to your classroom!

We have an entire website dedicated to free file folder games you can print and play with your kiddos.  There are all sorts of games separated by age and subject, but just in case you can’t find the exact game you’re looking for, we decided to make an editable game board you can customize to your liking:


With this game you can edit the squares around the board, and the question cards.  This is a great way to review any subject that needs a little jazzing up.




Tips & Ideas:

 Use a die that only has numbers up to 3.

Sneak in a little math by using two dice and subtracting the smaller from the larger to get the number to move.

Game cards have room to write in the answers upside down.

Play so that children answer a question first, then roll and move if they are correct.


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Bible Verse Bookmarks (Editable!)



Editable Bible Verse Bookmarks

 What a great way to send kiddos home with their (customized) weekly reading list, and a scripture verse.

I made these sets with a few different options, you can customize them by individual bookmark, or for you teachers out there you can plug in your info and it will fill out all of the bookmarks the same.  Easy Peasy!

There are other editable coloring page bookmarks too!


We also have some fantastic ready made bookmarks as well!

You’ll find Fruit of the Spirit, Books of the Bible and The Ten Commandments to name a few!

And don’t forget to drop us a line next time you’re looking for something!

Chances are you aren’t the only one, and we like to make things people can really use in their classrooms!


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Printable Christmas Labels

Christmas is right around the corner so here are some last minute printables!


Nativity  Christmas Labels.

These labels are so beautiful, and best of allthey each focus on a piece of the Christmas Story.  From Mary’s Good News, to the Visit of the Maji, these labels will enhance your Christmas presents while reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.


We printed ours on Avery Shipping Labels (8 1/2 x 11)

(Product ID# 8165)


Then after we cut them out we could easily peel off the backing

And stick them on a gift.

20131221_101205(You could easily print these on regular paper and use a glue stick as well)


I also made a set without the “to” and “from” to be used as Christmas Tags.  Tie the tags on with a string and write that information on the back.

Blank Nativity Christmas Labels


I even thought these would make beautiful ornaments if you added glitter to them Like we did with our Christmas Card Craft.

Either way, with these labels you’re sure to encourage people to think about the true meaning of Christmas.


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Printable Christmas Tags

It’s getting close to Christmas!

Do you have all your presents labeled?



Download: ChristmasTags

These are extra large so children (and adults) can have room to write.

They have easy cut lines for younger children as well.

TIP: Print these on Shipping Label Paper for a sticky back

or just glue stick them on, that’s easy too!

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Fall Leaf Art Printables


I just added a set of printable art cards to our member’s only area!

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This set includes five different leaves
each with different shapes, colors and textures for your little artists to explore.
These are super simple to print out and lay on the table for some quick art projects this Fall!

They would make quick Co-op projects if you have those coming up soon too!

Lots more freebies coming out this year,
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Shabby Adventures


How are ya?

It’s been a while…

I know.

I’m sorry.

You see I recently bought one of these.

That’s where I’ve been.

Well, actually….this is where I’ve been:

Reading my newest book:The Handbuilt Home by Ana White.

And I’ve been pinning all sorts of things here.

I’ve really been very busy doing things.

Non-computer things.

It’s good for me I think?

To prove that I didn’t just ditch you,

that I was actually doing SOMETHING….

Here are some Recent Projects I’ve tackled
(with inspiration/tutorial links)

I heart Oregon HOME Sign
(Inspiration via The Vintage Lemon and Shanty 2 Chic)
(Painting on Wood Tutorial: My Wonderful Walls)

Wash Your Hands Printed Fabric Bathroom Frame
(Tutorial: My Repurposed Life)
(Graphic: 4 Men and 1 Lady)

Photo Collage
Frames were repurposed from garage sales or goodwill.
I did this in our mudroom bath,
the lighting is horrible, but it really helps
that tiny little room feel a bit more cheery.

Glass Knob Wreath Decoration
Scroll wood from Home Depot and
The rest is just a piece of walnut stained wood,
with a knob and a wreath….simple but pretty!

Printed Fabric Shabby Pillow
(Tutorial: My Repurposed Life)
(Graphic: Graphics Fairy)

Repainted my Mirror
(Inspiration Color via The House of Smiths)

Cedar Planter
(I need like ten more of these!)
(Ana White)

Gallery Shelf Ledges
(Ana White)

And more gallery shelf ledges….

The gallery shelves are simple and cheep. I love them!

Storage Crate
(Shanty 2 Chic)
This turned out HUGE and fits all of our floor pillows,
and even a couple of babies.

Fireside Bench
(Ana White)
Love this one! I still haven’t coated it with poly,
just enjoying the rustic look.

And finally my VERY FAVORITE project this month:

Framed Wall Maps
(Inspiration via A Soft Place to Land)
(Frame Tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic)
I cut my boards with my miter box and a hand saw, just like the tutorial above,
but I actually used this video tutorial from Kreg, for assembling the boards.
My frames were done in a few minutes.

The longest part was beating them up a bit and then waiting for the stain to dry.

Aren’t they wonderful?
Here’s what I used:

Boards: 1 x 3’s
Stain: Minwax Walnut
Maps: US and World (though I might replace with these antique looking ones)


That was a lot of work!!

See, it wasn’t you.

It was just me being busy.

And believe me, I’m just getting started on my “list”

I am always finding new links for fun projects on Pinterest!
so if you’re starting to miss me, follow me over there too!

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My Students

Not Back to School Blog Hop

It’s week three of the Not-back-to-School Blog Hop,
and that means you get to meet my students.

Well, sort of.

Come meet my babies here.

That was last years “Meet my Students” post.
is that cheating?

Of course they are a whole year older now,
so you’ll have to do the math.

If it’s any consolation
read: distraction from my lameness this week
here is an awesome link to printable cards your children
can hold up in their back to school photos.

Come back next week for a “Day in our Life” post

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Australian Dot Painting

Lynn and I just wrapped up another Free Preschool Bible lesson
on our sister site PreschoolPost.com

In case you’re wondering how our partnership works;
Lynn is the actual writer of the lessons,
and I am the web-designer/printable maker (what else right?)

It’s really a great arrangement for both of us!

(That’s Lynn….she’s great!)

Actually, one of my other responsibilities is to “shoot” the crafts….
meaning for each month Lynn sends a lesson,
I actually “do” the craft with the kiddos and take photos along the way.

How fun is that?

Well as I was saying, we just wrapped up lesson,
so that means we got to try out a new craft!

So here’s how it all went down:

Don’t you just want to make your own now?

preschool bible lesson

Check out the rest of the lesson for more
Down Under printables & resources!

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Buggy Boards: Fun Printable Math Mats!

Got Boys?

Do they Like Bugs?
(nevermind. Silly question)

Need to work on Math?

Check out these Super Buggy Boards!

buggy boards

And these Super Buggy Number Cards!

math printables

Designed to appeal to your little men, while sneaking in a bit of math
like vegetables in a ice cold smoothie.

printable math mats

They’ll be rolling and counting, and checking out all the different bugs
that they’ll never know what hit them.

printable bug

Poor, unsuspecting little men.

These are pretty versatile, Check out all the Game Ideas I posted too!

Okay, ya got me.

I only posted like three ideas….
How would you use these with your little ones?

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Printable Homeschool Planner

weekly homeschool planner

I just finished making some Weekly Homeschool Planners for both of my kiddos, and I thought I’d share them with everyone.

(cause I’m super nice……today……maybe tomorrow too, depending on the hormones)

AND I know that SOME OF YOU homeschool ladies are laughing at me because it’s Mid-August, and I’m finally “printing” homeschool planners…..

BLANK ones at that….

But I have a plan…..to come up with a plan later.

(learned that one from a very wise grandmother)

Anyway, I made these custom to our homeschool because it is just so hard to find the right planner for our needs
(Actually, here’s a fantastic one if you’re still looking)

And I realize that these might not FIT you’re daily school, and that MOST of you already have you’re beautiful planners printed, laminated, hole punched, and tucked securely on your teaching shelf….

but I thought….What The Hey!

…maybe someone out there is a crazy procrastinator like me, and would be blessed beyond measure for a weekly homeschool planner that lands directly in her RSS feed.

printable homeschool planner

That, or you’d see how cute these little weekly planners are and the visions of your children filling them with little happy face stickers would cause you to print multiple copies for all your neighbors.

Or you know, at least one for your own child.

Or maybe someone else’s child whose Mother is so far behind in her homeschool planning that nothing short of a cute weekly planner could save her.

(again, did I mention this Fantastic MOMMY homeschool planner?)

Happy Planning!

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