Bible Verse Bookmarks (Editable!)

Bible Verse Bookmarks (Editable!)



Editable Bible Verse Bookmarks

 What a great way to send kiddos home with their (customized) weekly reading list, and a scripture verse.

I made these sets with a few different options, you can customize them by individual bookmark, or for you teachers out there you can plug in your info and it will fill out all of the bookmarks the same.  Easy Peasy!

There are other editable coloring page bookmarks too!


We also have some fantastic ready made bookmarks as well!

You’ll find Fruit of the Spirit, Books of the Bible and The Ten Commandments to name a few!

And don’t forget to drop us a line next time you’re looking for something!

Chances are you aren’t the only one, and we like to make things people can really use in their classrooms!



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