Editable File Folder Game

Editable File Folder Game

File folder games are a great way to add a little kick to your classroom!

We have an entire website dedicated to free file folder games you can print and play with your kiddos.  There are all sorts of games separated by age and subject, but just in case you can’t find the exact game you’re looking for, we decided to make an editable game board you can customize to your liking:


With this game you can edit the squares around the board, and the question cards.  This is a great way to review any subject that needs a little jazzing up.




Tips & Ideas:

 Use a die that only has numbers up to 3.

Sneak in a little math by using two dice and subtracting the smaller from the larger to get the number to move.

Game cards have room to write in the answers upside down.

Play so that children answer a question first, then roll and move if they are correct.



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