Spring Flowers: Shape Search & Color

It’s Spring!  The flowers are blooming and it’s a great time to sneak in a little flower fun with your students.  We have a varitey of free Spring Preschool Printables as well as som free Shape Printables here.

Spring Flower Shape Match is another simple shape worksheet that will work on student visual discrimination skills. Students find and color the flower shapes based on the coloring guide:


Print Spring Flower Worksheet Free from Preschool Mom.


Looking for more Shape Printables?

Try our Shape of the Week Program today!


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Beginning Sound Clip Cards


I don’t know about you, buy my children love hands on activities 10x more than just printable worksheets.  It’s one of the reasons I was inspired to create FileFolderFun.com, and our newest site: BrainyMaze.com.

The main purpose of Brainy Maze is to combine the FUN of mazes with BRAIN building opportunities so children don’t even know they are learning.  Mazes build attention span, logical thinking and problem solving skills.  When paired with fun age appropriate activities it’s a win-win for kids and teachers alike!

You can find over 100 printable mazes on BrainyMaze.com.  Take the Mega Maze challenge as you work your way through six levels of play.  Choose from a variety of thematic mazes to incorporate into your classroom units.


ABCClipCardsYou can even print mazes for your Tots and Preschoolers like this new set of ABC Maze and Clip Cards.

These are specially designed for little hands to try the maze then find the beginning letter sound.  Clipping with a clothespin or paperclip provides even more small motor control and builds those important muscles children will need as they grow.  Laminate this set and use with a dry erase marker for hours of learning!

Print ABC Maze and Clip Cards Free from BrainyMaze.com


Have a Serious Maze Enthusiast at home?

Take the Mega Maze Challenge.



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Valentine’s Day Preschool Game


It’s Valentine’s Day Week!

I hope you already have a ton of fun hands on activities planned for your children, but here is one more you can add to your teacher toolbox.

Love Match Math Game is a a free file folder game you can use for learning number bonds.

Children find the correct heart to make a love match for each animal.

There is a Make 10 number chart and a follow up worksheet for children to show what they know.

This Valentine’s Game is available free on our sister site Preschool Mom.

Find More Valentine’s Day Preschool Printables Here

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Valentine’s Day Preschool Printables


Valentine’s Day is just a month away and I’ve got some fantastic new preschool printables you can use with your students this year!  On Preschool Mom you’ll find Valentine’s Day matching games, graphing worksheets, bump, coloring pages for boys, and so much more!  Be sure to check our Valentine’s Day Archives for TONS of free printables and resources.


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Christmas Counting Cards


Christmas is just over a week away, Winter is upon us and it’s a great time to add in a little hands on fun to your preschool math program.

These adorable Winter Mugs are piping hot and ready for children to add in just the right amount of candies.  (Use mini M&M’s, RedHots or even mini Marshmallows for extra sweetness).


This set prints with a matching addition board so children who are showing mastery can begin to move on to simple addition problems.   Children choose two cards and place them on the addition board.  Then children place the correct amount of goodies above each mug.  Once they are placed children can swoop them all over together to count up how many treats they have all together.


Print Christmas Counting Cards free from Preschool Mom.

While your there look for all these Free Preschool Christmas Printables!

12DaysButton NutcrackerButton OrnamentButton SnowflakeButton

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Free Alphabet Coloring Book


Our Sister Site Preschool Mom is offering a Free Alphabet Coloring Book to all subscribers for one week only.  This coloring book is adorable and features patterned upper and lowercase letters, a beginning letter coloring item and a beginning letter word.

Subscribe and get your free coloring book here

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Fourth of July Lapbook & Printables

FourthPinAre you looking for a way to sneak in a little Summer learning?
Be sure you check out our Free Fourth of July Lapbook at Lapbook Lessons. 
The lapbook is available in easy download format and includes minibooks, shapebooks, matchbook facts, and more.
Children can learn WHY we celebrate the Fourth of July, and what it means to have true freedom in Christ.
Independence Day Cover Sheet
Fourth of July Minibook
Firework Colors Flapbook
Fourth of July Vocabulary
Bible Verse Copywork
Freedom Shapebooks
Fourth of July Flagbook
Fourth of July Coloring Page
and more….
You can expand on learning with our free printables below:

Preschool Bible Printables on Christian Preschool Printables

God Bless America Coloring Sheet
USA Flag with Bible Verse
God Bless America Star Craft
God Bless America Wreath

K-5 Bible Printables on BibleStoryPrintables.com

God Bless America Coloring Page
American Flag Bible Verse Copywork
Patriotic Prayer Journal
God Bless the USA Bible Bookmarks


Pledge of Allegiance Printables 


Star Spangled Banner Visuals 

From Teacher Gifts on Little Blots of Faith
(You can get some fun goodies from the Dollar Tree and wrap them with these custom labels)

God Bless America Lollipop Sleeves
God Bless America Pencil Flags


Fourth of July File Folder Game on File Folder Fun

fourth of july bible craftsflag

Fourth of July Crafts & Activities on The Crafty Classroom

American Flag Craft
Bald Eagle Balloon
Mayflower Craft
Mt. Rushmore Craft
Religious Freedom
Statue of Liberty
Symbolic Flag Craft
Tricorn Hat Craft


Patriotic Coloring Pages (Assemble into a classroom quilt)


There are other Patriotic Preschool Printables available here too.

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Preschool Printables Color Game



I’m so excited to share this game with you today, I think it’s super adorable and your kids are going to LOVE it!

It’s called Catch a Rainbow, and it can be played with up to eight players. (or an entire class if you print more color circles)

The printable game is available free on File Folder Fun and it couldn’t be simpler to set up.

First print and laminate your circles.

If you don’t have a laminator, I recommend using cardstock.




Second cut out your playing circles.  We own this 1 1/2 inch circle punch, it’s just the right size for the games on File Folder Fun and it cuts through laminated paper with ease. Though I might be dulling my blade doing so, I’d much rather use the circle punch then hand cut all these little circles out.  What else can you use a circle punch for?  Think scrapbooking, confetti, gift tags on presents….ect.







Finally, just turn all the cards over, or put them in a basket if you have little peekers and play!

Children take turns drawing a card and placing it on their board, first one to Catch a Rainbow wins!



If you want to spice things up a bit you can write numbers on the back of the circles and children can roll a die to pick a card.

Even harder you can write small math equations on the back and children must solve or roll the answer before they choose it.

And in case you’re wondering what all the Brown, Black, Gray and White circles are for, check this out:



Catch a Color Wheel!

This game can be played the same way and  is available for free on File Folder Fun as well!


While your there be sure to check out all of our Free Circle Punch File Folder Games, they make set-up a breeze!

Find more Preschool File Folder Games

Find more Kindergarten File Folder Games

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Preschool Printables


I have recently updated our Free Preschool Printables section of PreschoolMom.com!

We have over 30 themes with numerous printables and activities you can use in your homeschool or classroom.

Here’s a sneak peek…..Click Here for links to all these units!

Be sure to check out more resources at KindergartenMom.com

BTW- We have a separate newsletter for our Preschool Mom website! 

Many of these sets include handwriting practice, alphabet themes, printable charts, file folder games, wordwall cards, crafts, science activities and more!

Alphabet Printables

American Sign Language Printables

Australia Printables

Butterfly Printables

Colors Printables

Community Helper Printables

Days of the Week Printables

Dinosaur Printables

Click Here for Full List



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Butterfly Lapbook & Notebooking Pages

It’s Spring!!

Around here that means butterflies!
I’ve just compiled an easy “pinable” list of our most popular butterfly printables.
We’ve also added some NEW butterfly notebooking pages so be sure to check those out too.

Preschool Butterfly Printables on Preschool Mom
Lifecycle Sequencing Cards
Lifecycle Classroom Charts
Butterfly Wordwall Cards
Butterfly Matching Game
Butterfly Counting Game
Butterfly Coloring Pages/Handwriting Worksheets
2 Butterfly File Folder Games

Butterfly Notebooking Pages on The Crafty Classroom
8 Notebooking pages featuring stunning full color photographs of different butterflies.

Butterfly Lifecycle Craft on The Crafty Classroom
This easy DIY craft will become your favorite go-to project for all your buggy themes this year!

Butterfly Lapbook on Lapbook Lessons
Printable Life Cycle Wheel
Label the Parts Worksheet
Butterfly Coloring Page
Butterfly Bible Verse
Bug Counters
and more!

Butterfly Bible Lesson on Preschool Post
-Morning Circle Time
-Preschool Theme
-Letter of the Week
-Music & Movement
-Center Time Activities
-Snack Suggestion
-Thematic Craft
-Bible Theme
-Bible Verse
-Bible Song
-Optional Resources

Hope that helps you get started on those Spring Lapbooks!



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Teaching Tots

It’s been a long time,
but I finally have another TOT in the house.

Monkey is 2 1/2 and in full on TOT mode.

Which means he wants to do “school” like his older siblings,
but he has the attention span of a…


of a Monkey

But he absolutely MUST be keep busy.

As we all know
That if we don’t keep little Monkey busy,

He’ll keep himself busy…..

and then we’ll all be busy

So here is one way that we keep little Monkey busy:

I made the game using Jolanthe’s beautiful Color Matching Cards
and then laminating pieces of colored paper onto which I wrote the color names.
In hindsight, I should have written the Spanish words on the back as well.

We play by drawing a card and matching it to the correct pile.

Simple. But Busy.

Very, Very Busy.

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