St. Patrick’s Day Bible Activity Pack

Where did the time go?  It’s almost March and you know what that means…….St. Patrick’s Day!!

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to teach children about the Holy Trinity and we’ve added our own spin on things by touching on the Beatitudes and storing our treasures in heaven.

Our Holiday Packs are some of our most popular teaching resources because they are NO-PREP, available in an instant download and include TONS of hands on activities, games, crafts, printables and teaching resoruces for K-5 students.  Each set comes with special take home activities too, making them perfect for Children’s Ministry and Outreach.

You can purchase any or all of these sets in our Teachers Pay Teachers store here.


Here is a sneak peek inside our St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack:

St. Patrick’s Day Bible  Worksheets

This set features the eight beatitudes and includes crossword, word search and word scramble.

St. Patrick’s Day Bible Bingo

This set includes six different bingo cards featuring the beatitudes, scriptures and different colored shamrocks.

Shamrock & Rainbows Bible Verse Coloring

Each coloring page features a key scripture reminding children of God’s wisdom

St. Patrick’s Day Mazes

A collection of FUN St. Patricks Day Mazes with Bible verses.

St. Patrick’s Day Bookmarks & Tic-Tac-Toe

Print up these colorful bookmarks for take home treats.  Play Tic-Tac-Toe with Chocolate Coins.

Beatitudes Game

A fun and easy multiplayer game. Be the first to collect all 8 beatitudes to win!

Cut & Paste Trinity Shamrock  (Younger Kiddos)

A simple Cut and Paste Bible Craft for children to make a  Trinity Shamrock

Cut & Paste Trinity Shamrock (Older Kiddos)

This trinity shamrock is perfect for older kiddos and involved a little bit of art.  Children uses colored pencils or markers to design a plaid pattern across the shamrock.

Beatitude Scripture Coins

Colorful, printable coins you can print each featuring a different Beatitude.  These are great for memorizing and can be sent home with children in a small envelope.

Treasures in Heaven Bible Craft

This is a simple craft that produces a colorful result.  Provide children with strips of colored construction paper or colored streamers.  Cut out and assemble together.  You might even punch a hole in the top and hang them from your classroom ceiling.

St. Patrick’s Day Songs & Chants

These simple tunes are great for early morning circle time and children love to sing along.

This pack is filled with multi-age resources which are sure to be a hit in your homeschool or Sunday School classroom.

St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack


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Saint Patrick’s Day Preschool Printables


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner (March 17th), I’ve got just a few more printable resources to share with you.

I’ve added a handful of new thematic teaching resources on Preschool Mom including;

  • -St. Patrick’s Day Number Bond Game
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Cards & Coins
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cut & Paste Craft
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Activity Pages (Color Words)
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Mazes & Coloring Pages

Print these resources Free from Preschool Mom.

Expand your St. Patrick’s Day learning with our Color Science Activity Pack



Color Science for Kids Activity Pack

  • Color Wheel Paint Card
  • Simple Experiment Coloring Page
  • Warm & Cool Colors Art Page
  • Exploring Color Blends Art Sheets (x8)
  • Color Splat Bookmarks
  • Color Award Chart
  • Rainbow Spinner Wheel Template
  • and more…. Click Here for Samples


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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Crafts


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner I wanted to make a couple of new items you can use with your students this year!

Now, if you missed our facebook update or our newsletter last week, you should know that Christian Preschool Printables will be under construction during the first couple of weeks of March.  (If you’re planning on grabbing anything for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter please get it downloaded ASAP as during the update some of the links might not be working and I don’t want anyone to be stuck scrambling right before the holiday).

With that out of the way, here are some adorable new St. Patrick’s Day printables for you!



Treasures in Heaven Bible Craft: A simple yet stunning Bible craft for children to complete this St. Patrick’s Day. Children add rainbow paper or streamers to create a beautiful rainbow coming from the cloud. A scripture card is glued to the back to remind children that their treasure is in Heaven.


St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Bookmarks: A set of colorful St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Bookmarks for children learning to store their treasures in heaven. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.


St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Cards: These take home cards share a special Bible verse from Matthew 6:20, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” There is room to tape on a small chocolate gold coin as a special treat.


3 in One Shamrock Coloring Page: A simple shamrock coloring page for little hands. Children can color and learn the rhyme, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit……3 in 1




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Love Bible Verse Bookmarks


Today I have some simple Love Bible Verse Bookmarks for children.

Each bookmark features a quality of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13, and the last bookmark reads, “God is Love” These are very simple yet beautiful and your older children might appreciate a few for their bookshelf. Use during Valentine’s Day or Easter or anytime you want to treat your children.

Find more Bible Bookmarks Here

Find more Valentine’s Day Bible Printables Here




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Easter Cross Bookmarks


If you need a small item to place in your children’s Easter Baskets next month, today I’ve got a great resource for you!

Easter Bookmarks

These free printable Easter bookmarks feature two different sayings, “Happy Easter,” and “He is Risen!”  There is a beautiful image of a cross, some flowers, butterflies and the sun’s rays.


Christian Easter Crafts for Kids

Looking for an Easter experience for your entire family?

Try A Sense of the Resurrection Today!


Find More Easter Resources Here

Find More Bible Bookmarks Here

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Japanese Carp Kite Craft

KoiNoBuriOur Japanese Carp Kites (or more accurately windsocks) make some really beautiful projects for children to make when learning about Japanese culture.  This would be a wonderful end of the unit project for your students or co-op
groups.  Older children might prefer to make these out of fabric see our fabric painting tutorial here.





  • Construction Paper (we used 12 x 18)
  • Tissue Paper (Dollar Tree)
  • Crepe Streamers (Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole Puncher

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

japanesecelebrations tokyo      japan     japancrafts

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

We picked up some inexpensive tissue paper from the Dollar store. Cut U shapes for the scales through all colors.

Step 2

Optional: Get your glue ready on a paper plate, and use a brush to apply it

Step 3

On the long side of the paper, apply a strip of glue, and show children how to glue down their scales.

Step 4

For younger children, you can draw lines for them to follow, so that they're scales overlap nicely.

Step 5

After you finish the first row of scales, add in second row of scales on top of the first. You want each layer to slightly cover the previous one.

Step 6

Continue to add in additional layers of scales, overlapping each previous row. Stop when you're a little over halfway full.

Step 7

Glue a thin black strip of construction paper on top of the final row. This is optional, and just makes the scales look a bit more "Cleaned-Up."

Step 8

Cut out two eyes for your carp, and glue them on your construction paper, spaced as shown in the photo.

Step 9

Cut a variety of colored Crepe Paper Streamers, about 2 feet in

Step 10

Turn your paper over, trim the sides of any extra overhanging scales. Don't trim the bottom, just the sides.

Step 11

Apply a layer of glue along the bottom edge of your paper.

Step 12

Glue on your Crepe Paper Streamers.

Step 13

Roll up your paper (with the scales on the outside) Staple or glue along the edges to keep it together.

Step 14

Punch holes on each side of the paper, and tie a piece of yarn to each hole.

All Done!

Hand your windsock in a nearby tree. When a breeze gets going your windsock and streamers will come to life.

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Christmas Printables

As you plan your Christmas lessons this year,
we’ve got some great printables to help you out!

New this year we’ve added a set of printable Bible Verse Ornaments,
that would make great take home projects for children.

And here are some links to our most popular printables:

Christmas Coloring Pages

Luke 2:11 Bible Verse Printables

Psalm 72:11 Bible Verse Printables

Names of Jesus Printable Ornaments

free holiday printables

Also don’t forget to download your FREE 75 page holiday pack!
This is an exclusive offer for subscribers of Christian Preschool Printables!

Happy holiday planning!


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Veteran’s Day Printables

Do you homeschool through the holidays?
We usually continue class as usual for most of the Monday holidays,
but we do try to incorporate so holiday themed activities for that day.

I just can’t DO a four day week.
I’ve tried in the past, and a four day week quickly turns into a three day week,
and then a two day week…and then eventually I give up and say,
Hey let’s just start FRESH on Monday.

A whole week gone, and I’m scrambling to figure out
where we’re going to make it up later!

So, I’ve since learned to do something else for these one day,
beginning of the week holidays.
Here is my magic formula:

-Drop everything except the three R’s.
-Include a special craft, activitiy, or field trip.

There. That’s it.
Impressive huh!

So tomorrow we’ll be reading about Veteran’s Day,
and making some special Thank You Cards.

Of course I made plenty to share.
And of course like a good little procrastinating Homeschooler,
I’ve posted it the night before Veteran’s day.

I realize that’s not the best plan.
I almost just waited until next year to share it,
but then I realized that there is at LEAST one of you out there
who is scrambling for something to do on Veteran’s Day tomorrow.
Obviously, I speak from experience.


So it’s not a fancy set, but I think it will get the job done!
There is a set of printable Thank You badges for children to color,
and use as the cover of a Veteran’s Day card.

I also included some easy to cut decorations,
which would be great for little ones just learning scissor work.
For children who are showing readiness, I also added in some ABC practice
and a small copywork page.

Pretty simple stuff.
You can print the Veteran’s Day Printables here.

Be Sure to Stay Tuned!!

I have lots more Holiday Printables coming out soon,
They will be available on Christian Preshool Printables
so be sure you are subscribed if you’re interested in more simple sets like this!

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Mayflower Craft

mayflower craft

This is actually a craft we did a few years back, but I’ve finally put up a photo tutorial for how to make it. They turned out really colorful too, because this time we used paint instead of markers.

Additionally, I thought it might be fun to have children draw pictures of different items and resources that were aboard the Mayflower and put them into the pocket.

If you haven’t already noticed, for each craft I offer some “Discussion” ideas. (You’ll see them to the right of the “Materials” list) These discussion questions are meant to be things you can be thinking about and teaching on as you complete the craft. It’s my experience (what little of it that I have) that my kids are very receptive to information when it is paired with hands on activities, and they actually commit it to memory easier when we’re having fun learning about it. It’s also useful to have something tangible for the visual learner in all of us, and I think crafts are a great way to fill that need when they are paired with educational topics.

Blah Blah, right? You know, just in case you were wondering what all that discussion stuff was.


Here are the Photo Instructions

Mayflower crafts

I’ve paired this with the book, “If you sailed on the Mayflower” which has more then enough information to teach children all about the Separatists, and they’re journey to the New World, in search of religious freedoms.


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