J is for Jesus Candy Cane Printables


J is for Jesus has been one of the most popular Christmas resources on our sister site ChristianPreschoolPrintables.com.

Today, I’m happy to share an updated version of this helpful resource!  I’ve redesigned the minibook into a story strip format making it super simple to send home with your students this year.  Many teachers attach a miniature candy cane to the booklets as an extra treat for children.  (Purchase mini candy canes in BULK here)


This set includes a Color or Black and white version and coordinates perfectly with our Jesus Loves You Candy Cane Chart and Bible Coloring Page.  Hint:  Print our Colorful Charts as flashcards to hand out to students.

Pair this activity with one of the many amazing Candy Cane Parable books available




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Christmas Bible Coloring Pages


With Christmas around the corner I thought I would update and create some new Christian Christmas Coloring Pages.  Each page features a different part of the Christmas Story alongside a key Bible verse for children to memorize.  (Scripture references come from KJV or ESV)

Print Christmas Bible Coloring Pages Free Here

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Looking for fun Christian Crafts for Christmas?  Check out our Christmas Activity Pack



Don’t Miss this Free Printable Advent Calendar for Kids!

Each ornament represents a special Name of Jesus and they fit perfectly on these wooden craft ornaments.


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Bible Timeline Printables


If you’re looking for a DIY Bible History timeline, look no further!  We’ve created a set of  Bible Timeline Printables that will take you from Creation to the Resurrection, visiting quite a few historical events in between.

This set has over 200 timeline events, over half of them focused on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. As a subscriber we’re so excited to send you this easy download link, you can join our free newsletter here.


Okay, to be honest assembling your Bible timeline is going to be a little bit of work….all good things are.  However, you will be creating a lasting resource for your children, something they can return to year after year to build on their knowledge. Creating a timeline is a family project, one that you will cherish as a keepsake of the years you have spent home with your children.

Bible Timeline Assembly Tips

We’ve compiled some easy tips and resources you can use to easily get started with your timeline.  From how many pages to print, binding and even a video description for how we dated our own timeline, you’ll have your own project up and running in no time!HIstoryTimeline
BTW- I think it’s been 5 years since I’ve made an instructional video! This time I used my cell phone, and it was so easy to upload and edit that there might be more videos in store for us.  It’s amazing how quickly the technology has changed in just a few years.
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Christian Easter Activity Pack


We had such a huge response to our Christmas Activity Pack last year, that I thought it would be a good idea to put together a similar resource for Easter!

I know many of you are already planning your Easter lessons, so I wanted to get this out in January to give you plenty of time to put these resources to work for you.

And since it’s the 31st I can pat myself on the back for that goal met…. ha!

You can download our Easter Activity Pack  from our Teachers Pay Teachers eStore


Want to peek inside?  

This pack is filled with  80 pages of multi-level games, activities and resources to take all the work out of your Easter Sunday School Lesson planning.

Three Different Easter Bible Games:







Seven Easter Arts and Craft Activities:

(Five shown below)

Easter Story Wheel & Easter Story Resurrection Eggs:


Easter Cross Geometric Art Project for Kids:


Easter Story Eggs for Art Projects

(Wreaths, Storybooks, Easter Baskets….etc)


Easter Crowns for Take Home:


There are TONS of coloring pages and Worksheets:

Full Size Easter Egg Coloring Pages


Three Levels of Easter Mazes for Kids


Easter Crosswords, Word Scramble and Word Search

(these make great take home items!)


Easter Copywork

Print, Cursive and Blank available with NIV





You can download our Easter Activity Pack from our Teachers Pay Teachers eStore



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Learn to Read with a Bible


Teaching your child to read is one of the most difficult but rewarding tasks of Homeschooling.

Starting with read alouds when children are very young builds many pre-reading skills that will set the foundation for your child’s reading career.   As far as teaching a child to read, the best thing you can do with your child is read to them!

I’m currently teaching my third child to read so I’ve had ample opportunity to try out different reading curiculums and online software, some of which I couldn’t live without, but today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Bible resources for learning to read.


Learn-to-Read Bible by Heather Gemmen

Who is this for? This Learn to Read Bible is for a child who is just starting to master letter sounds and blends.  The child may or may not have memorized a few sight words, but they are showing readiness to move beyond letter sounds and into blending words.


Why use this Bible?  Each page is filled with full color illustrations that will draw your young child into God’s word.  Below the colorful pictures are two new words for children to learn, followed by three or four short sentences for children to read.  The font is bold and easy to read, with the new words in a different color.  Many pages contain short follow up questions you can ask your child after the reading.



How to use this Bible to Learn to Read:  For each day teach your child the two new vocabulary words.  Introduce the words to your child then work together to read the days reading, emphasizing the new words as you read.  If your child is just starting to read words you might read the page first, moving your finger underneath each word accordingly.  Next, read the page with your child. Again, as you read with your child hold your finger underneath each word you are reading and slowly sound out the letters together, blending the sounds to form the word.  Slow and steady is the goal, it might take the entire lesson to read the first page and that is okay.  After blending the word be sure to “recap” what you are reading to keep the words in context and move the story along.   You might ask your child to copy their new words into a notebook, and choose a sentence to use as copywork and handwriting for the day.


Here is a free copywork page you can use specifically with this Learn to Read Bible.  This would make a simple follow up to your short daily lessons.  Children write their two new vocabulary words into the blank frames.  Then using the Learn to Read Bible as a source, they can copy a sentence with one of their new words onto their paper.  Children can then follow up by writing something they learned about God from the story.   The Learn to Read Bible is very good at keeping God the center of the storyline, children will easily find sentences in their reading such as, “God is great,” “God does not lie,” “God was with them,” and “God had a plan.”  Pages that don’t include such sentences provide children with an opportunity to dig deeper into the story to determine what they can learn about God from the days passage.  You might even have children read their responses to you afterwards to reinforce reading and editing skills.



For children who are ready, you can expand these daily readings with Rocket Readers Bible Stories.

Each level includes multiple books for children to read with a specific goal in mind.  For example Level 1 Rocket Readers work on alphabet sounds and beginning sight words, Level 2 teaches letter combinations, Level 3 brings in beginning writing skills…..etc.  These books are small but provide children with a sense of accomplishment and don’t overwhelm the early reader.



Early Reader BibleOnce your child can read more than a few sentences at a time, you might consider The Early Reader’s Bible.  It was also one of our favorites and with the vocabulary word bank and follow up questions it’s very easy to transition your child to this next level.


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Christian Easter Coloring Pages

EasterColoringPinToday I have two different Easter coloring pages for you!

Each page features an easy color cross with a heart and reads, “He is Risen” or “Happy Easter.”

These are simple coloring pages that make it super simple for children to color in, or add patterns and designs of their own.

Easter Cross Coloring

Easter Cross Coloring 2

BookmarkEasterLargeFind More Easter Coloring Pages Here

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Easter Cross Bookmarks


If you need a small item to place in your children’s Easter Baskets next month, today I’ve got a great resource for you!

Easter Bookmarks

These free printable Easter bookmarks feature two different sayings, “Happy Easter,” and “He is Risen!”  There is a beautiful image of a cross, some flowers, butterflies and the sun’s rays.


Christian Easter Crafts for Kids

Looking for an Easter experience for your entire family?

Try A Sense of the Resurrection Today!


Find More Easter Resources Here

Find More Bible Bookmarks Here

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Thanksgiving Bible Coloring Pages



Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’ve got some adorable Bible Verse Coloring Pages and Cards you can use with your children and students this year!

If you need a simple craft you can turn these coloring pages into placemats by laminating them.  Or glue them to Fall colored construction paper and decorate the back with shiny stickers and then laminate them.

The cards are a wonderful starting point for children, they can color the outside then write what they are thankful for on the inside.

Download Thanksgiving Bible Verse Activity Pack Here

Find More Thanksgiving Printables Here:

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Australian Dot Painting

Lynn and I just wrapped up another Free Preschool Bible lesson
on our sister site PreschoolPost.com

In case you’re wondering how our partnership works;
Lynn is the actual writer of the lessons,
and I am the web-designer/printable maker (what else right?)

It’s really a great arrangement for both of us!

(That’s Lynn….she’s great!)

Actually, one of my other responsibilities is to “shoot” the crafts….
meaning for each month Lynn sends a lesson,
I actually “do” the craft with the kiddos and take photos along the way.

How fun is that?

Well as I was saying, we just wrapped up lesson,
so that means we got to try out a new craft!

So here’s how it all went down:

Don’t you just want to make your own now?

preschool bible lesson

Check out the rest of the lesson for more
Down Under printables & resources!

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Scripture Art: Seasons

Since our last “Scripture Art” project was such a huge success,
I decided that we would try another~

We continued to work with watercolor
(This is the set that we are using)

And we kept the lesson really really simple,
with LOTS of table talk a little bit of technical instruction.

We folded our papers in half both ways,
and painted the outline of the same tree in each section.

This was quite difficult, and we soon decided that
our trees changed with the seasons as well :)

Then of course we painted each tree according to the season,
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Soooo Pretty!

Next, we added our bible verse from
Ecclesiastes 3:1

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven.”

It’s such a great passage,
I almost wish they were older to copy the entire chapter.

Actually I’ve marked this book as my next to study,
I love when teaching inspires me to be taught.
Don’t you?

We’ve added our scripture art to our gallery,
and I’m loving all the bright cheery colors in my kitchen!

And when I get the little ones to sleep,
it’s my turn to experiment with our watercolors.

What fun!

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Homeschool Spanish

This year one of our homeschool goals has been
to lay a good foundation for learning Spanish.

It’s been one of my more challenging goals, because

(let me fill you in on a little secret here…..)

I don’t know Spanish.

Interesting little situation isn’t it?

And let me just say here, that when I started homeschooling
this was one of my biggest fears questions.

How am I ever going to teach my children something that I don’t know?

And so far, with my eldest in 3rd grade,
I haven’t really had to deal with that question.

But this year we’re branching out,
Breaking boundaries and learning Spanish.

It’s time to deal with my fears.

So we started off the year with simple workbooks, building our vocabulary and
introducing the concept of different languages.

We kept it simple.

And our basic workbooks were a great foundation but I soon found out something VERY Interesting:

Not only can I not SPEAK Spanish….

I can’t READ Spanish.

(Which also means I can’t PRONOUNCE Spanish.)

And the FEAR came flooding back.

Well, TOS Crew to the rescue because last month we recieved a very special
Spanish Curriculum to review!

One that has taken care of all my Foreign language Fears.

Real Homeschool Spanish
A REAL Curriculum for the Whole Family
Relax, Enjoy, Aspire, Learn Spanish.

“New and unique to homeschoolers, Real Homeschool Spanish takes the entire family on the journey of language learning. Our easy to use curriculum is made specifically for the Home Educator and the home learning enviornment. Real Homeschool Spanish trains you and your child to be able to learn Spanish together and interact together in fun and interesting ways.

Did you read that quote?

Nah. You skimmed it.

Admit it. It’s okay, I do that all the time too.

But the quote is important, it’s why REAL Homeschool Spanish is working for our family.

The program is geared towards homeschooling children,
and specifically those whose mothers mistakenly took Japanese in highschool and not Spanish like the guidance counselor recommended, defiantly dreaming of living abroad as a business student, dining on fresh Sashimi and teaching English on the side.

Okay, That’s not exactly in the quote….

but I’m pretty sure it’s implied.


This program comes as either a hard copy ($89.95)
OR a digital download ($49.95 which is how we received it).

The Bundled product includes:

Book (the actual text)
Activity Book (worksheets and such)
Answer Book (for the worksheets)
Audio Files (mp3 format)

You can also order a Daily Curriculum Guide for $9.95
that gives you a short daily idea to keep on track.
I enjoy these because they are short, and I can easily do them without much prep.

You can check out more information about each of the elements
to this program by visiting their website
Click Here for a sample pages.

We’ve been using the program for about a month,
and with all the amazing suggestions and guides
I quickly settled into a daily routine.

First of course, I sent the Daily Curriculum Guide
and all the Spanish Vocabulary Audio File to my kindle fire.
(Oh, any reason to use my new toy)

The Audio Files are fantastic! We listen to them every day before we start our lesson.
And sometimes in the car for an impromptu review.
That way we can listen to the CORRECT pronounciation of each new word.
I can’t stress enough what a great part of the program this is.

All the vocabulary comes in a printable format as well.
I have my children follow along with their fingers, and quietly repeat
after the nice lady on the kindle.

After reviewing our vocabulary, we use the suggested teaching tips to put them into practice.
Some of the things we’ve done so far:


Comic Book Strips:

And even some Role Playing….

My favorite part about this program is that it’s very simple to implement.
I did one night of prep-work (making flashcards, masks, role-playing scripts, and printing)
and I haven’t had to do anything else all month.

There are so many suggestins and ideas that I haven’t even scratched the surface,
It’s a great way to get some hands on learning alongside your children.

Another benefit is that you can work this book at your own pace,
spending extra time on lesson if they are difficult, or
skipping a lesson if you children master it with ease.

We plan on using this curriculum for the rest of the current school year,
and most if not all of the next.

Read More about REAL Homeschool Spanish Here

~Read more Homeschool Spanish Reviews Here~

Disclaimer: I was given a free download of this product for my honest opinion. All ideas and expressions are my own.

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A Family Bible….

Can I tell you something about our family?

We own WAY, WAY, WAY to many bibles.

I know that sounds like a backwards statement,

But it’s true.

I think if I stacked up all the bibles in one pile it would tower over my two year old.

It’s almost as if we keep purchasing them in HOPES
that they will somehow, by sheer volume,
touch our lives and bring us closer to God.

I believe I’d already said that we have the same misconceptions about cleaning products too….
more cleaning products = cleaner house

Of course it’s obvious that the missing ingredient to that formula is ACTUALLY USING them.

Well, today I wanted to share with you one that actually does get used….by our entire family!

The Illustrated Children’s Bible
By Tommy Nelson Publishing

It’s quickly become our Go-To bible.

The one that gets opened.

The one that gets read.

The one that gets put way high up on the shelf because little peanut butter fingers so desperately want to feel the pages.

This bible sells for about $35.00 so it was a thoughtful purchase for us.

Actually,it was the first bible I prayed over before I even took it home.

I wanted so much to have a “Family Bible.” I prayed that God would lead me to just the right one.

Something we could all sit around and read together.

One that held a keepsake quality, while still engaging my young children. (CEV version)

One that could also serve as our Classroom Bible during our history lessons.

children's bible

I wanted to share in case you too were looking for a little jump-start to your new year.
This would be a great time to start reading a bible reading plan with your little ones!

Here is a chronological reading plan to get you started.
(You can also find one on YouVersion)

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Exclusive Freebie From CurrClick!

This week I have a very special
(read: exclusive)
homeschool freebie to share with you!

Currclick.com and A Journey Through Learning have joined
up to offer this fantastic download free of charge for this week only!

Bible ABC Pocket Games Lapbook
Retail: $13.00
Your Price: Free!!

This is an unadvertised, exclusive freebie just for you!
and You’ll need to hurry because this offer ends Friday November 25th.

How to get your freebie:
Add Bible ABC Pocket Games to your cart.
Use the coupon code: CraftyClassroom during checkout

It’s that simple!

Just a special THANK YOU from CurrClick, AJTL, and The Crafty Classroom!

Feel free to share about this special freebie,
but please don’t publish this coupon code elsewhere!
You can always send people directly to this blog post so
they to can download this great offer!


I can’t wait to see what titles they have in store for us this year!

Thanks for Following!

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Warhol & Pollock

I just finished uploading two more of our Famous Artist Crafts!

jackson pollock craft for kids>

Jackson Pollock

This was a well loved activity for my kids,
they loved blowing with the straws!
Me? I wan’t really into passing out
for an art project, but they were in dizzy oblivion.

andy warhol craft for kids

Andy Warhol

These were really fun, Sissy enjoyed this a bit more then Bub,
who found it daunting to color in one color for each open space.

andy warhol printables

I included some fun Warhol printables,
you can snag the boy & the girl as well as
some adorable cupcakes or some sneakers!

Older children can design their own!

Eveything is uploaded to our Famous Artist Craft Section!

PSSST…. Here’s a sneak peak at who’s coming next:

Stay Tuned!

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Rocks and Minerals Discover Day!

Rocks and Minerals homeschool lesson

Last week I set up this Rocks and Minerals Discovery table for the kids to explore with! Let me tell you that they L-O-V-E-D it, and it was hard to wrap it up and move on to the next thing. (Don’t you just hate when you have to pry them away from learning in order to get them to eat something?)

minerals kit

I used a few different kits that I picked up at the local teacher store, as well as our local museum. If you’re looking to pick up a kit for your classroom, I think the Minerals kit was better because it came with a streak plate and a nail to test the rocks with. However, the more “fancy” rocks like the ones in the first photo are the ones we picked up at the Museum, and you can snag a nice kit of some here online.

Here are some photos of the different stations that I set up:

rocks and minerals activities

Rocks and Minerals activities

Click here for the rest of them, including details for each one.

Rocks and Minerals Printables

I also made up this handy Rocks and Minerals printable to keep track of all the information we collected about the rocks. These print 2 to a page so you can easily have a bunch on hand for your kiddos to fill out.


And CurrClick has a Rocks and Minerals Flash Card Set for Free!

Stay tuned for more Rocks and Minerals Activities!


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Word Ending Block Game

homeschool tools
I have been dreaming this up for weeks!

Okay, probably months, but I hesitate to let you know what a slacker I am.

word ending gameIMG_0794


Awesome right?

Besides looking so colorful and linguistic (which of course appeases ever nerve in my homeschool body) these actually make up a fun educational game as well:

homeschool crafts educational craftsIMG_0789

Total Score, I know!

So you play by rolling the dice and making words from the letters and word endings that you get.

For every word you can make, you get one point.

homeschool gamesIMG_0792

You can make these with as many letter blocks, and word ending blocks as you like depending on your child’s ability level. (We used 9 blocks total)

You can snag the wooden blocks at the craft store for about 50 cents a pop.

I put full instructions for how to make this game on our main site here!

dollar store crafts

I even found this cool wooden crate to store it in from the Dollar Tree!
What an Awesome Day!



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Valentine Trees…or Spring Trees…


Okay, so I’m not really sure what category these little guys are going to fall under, because we made them with rose petals in the shape of hearts…and they look like Spring trees, but Valentine’s Day is not exactly in Spring per-se’ …..so for now we’re just calling them Valentine Trees.


They’re really easy, and they are like a keepsake because you can use them with your children’s handprints…..(Imagine a full bulletin board of these!) I got the Rose Petals at the Dollar Tree.

Here’s the Scoop:

And in other “Lovey News”


there is a little girl out there who will be recieving 10 inches of the most beautiful brown hair I’ve ever seen (Okay I’m partial).
Sissy (6) eventually convinced me to let her cut her hair to chin length, and while I’m partial to long hair on little girls, It was the “No-Tangles” argument that finally won me over and sealed the deal. (Serious, I’m not the only one that gets screamed at during hair brushing time am I?)


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Owl Crafts!

We’ll if you haven’t already figured it out from the Owl File Folder Games, or the preview of the Owl Softie I’m sewing together, we’re busy working and learning about OWLS!

And you know what that means….


Owls are just adorable aren’t they?

Owl books

We started by snagging a bunch of Owl books from the library. Right off the bat, I saw that this book called, “Owls” by Gail Gibbons was a winner! There is so much information in the book that we spent a long time on each page reading and learning about the different types of owls, what makes owls unique, and even learning more detailed facts about barn owls.

owl crafts

So anyway, to kick things off we started with these little pinecone owls. I let the children pick one of the owls they would like to try and make (mines a Great Horned Owl…can you tell?). Then I had them look at the colors and sizes and shapes to see how they could copy it with the supplies we had. Needless to say, they were a HUGE hit at our house, especially with Bubba (4) who made sure that his “Great Gray” owls wings were extended in flight so he could catch the mice.

owl crafts

We even made little nests out of clay pots and moss, so our owls would have a place to come in and land.

These are super simple to make for all ages, and I’ve got photo instructions up on the main site here.

If you make these leave me a link so we can see your adorable raptors!


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