Bible Timeline Printables

Bible Timeline Printables


If you’re looking for a DIY Bible History timeline, look no further!  We’ve created a set of  Bible Timeline Printables that will take you from Creation to the Resurrection, visiting quite a few historical events in between.

This set has over 200 timeline events, over half of them focused on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. As a subscriber we’re so excited to send you this easy download link, you can join our free newsletter here.


Okay, to be honest assembling your Bible timeline is going to be a little bit of work….all good things are.  However, you will be creating a lasting resource for your children, something they can return to year after year to build on their knowledge. Creating a timeline is a family project, one that you will cherish as a keepsake of the years you have spent home with your children.

Bible Timeline Assembly Tips

We’ve compiled some easy tips and resources you can use to easily get started with your timeline.  From how many pages to print, binding and even a video description for how we dated our own timeline, you’ll have your own project up and running in no time!HIstoryTimeline
BTW- I think it’s been 5 years since I’ve made an instructional video! This time I used my cell phone, and it was so easy to upload and edit that there might be more videos in store for us.  It’s amazing how quickly the technology has changed in just a few years.


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