Patriotic Mazes for Kids


Summer is upon us and the Fourth of July is just around the corner!  In anticipation of our National Holiday I wanted to make some fun and FREE Patriotic themed mazes you can use with your children.  Many of us our out of school for the Summer but these would be great alongiside Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and anytime you are studying the USA.

Each USA themed maze features follow up questions, handwriting practice or a tracing activity and can be used with children of all ages and abilities.

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Fruit Shaped Mazes for Kids


A fun collection of Heathy mazes for students!  Each activity page teaches children the health benefits of a specific fruit.  Students read, write, maze and trace their way to a good understanding of healthy fruits.

This fantastic set of healthy fruit activity pages is a great way to combine health with writing activities.  Print this set FREE from


Apple Maze & Activity Sheet

Apples grow on trees. Apples have good fiber. Apples can be red, green and yellow.

Banana Maze & Activity Sheet

Bananas grow on trees. Bananas have lots of potassium and help us digest food.

Blueberries Maze & Activity Sheet

Blueberries grown on bushes. Blueberries help to lower cholesterol and keep our hearts healthy.

Cherries Maze & Activity Sheet

Cherries grown on trees. Cherries can be red, pink or black. Some cherries can help us sleep better.

Grapes Maze & Activity Sheet

Grapes grown on a vine. Grapes can be red, green, yellow or purple. Grapes help to keep our hearts healthy.

Kiwi Maze & Activity Sheet

Kiwis grow on trees in tropical climates. Kiwis are full of fiber and are good for digestion. Kiwis are very high in Vitamin C.

Lemon Maze & Activity Sheet

Lemons grow on trees. Lemos are acidic and help our bodies stay balanced. Lemons detoxify and are good for our livers.

Oranges Maze & Activity Sheet

Oranges grow on trees. Oranges are filled with Vitamin C which help to keep people healthy.

Pears Maze & Activity Sheet

Pears grow on trees. Pears are full of fiber and are a goo source of Vitamin A which helps our hair, skin and nails.

Strawberries Maze & Activity Sheet

Strawberries grow on small strawberry plants. Strawberry seeds are on the outside and are full of Vitamin C.

Watermelon Maze & Activity Sheet

Watermelon grow on vines. Watermelon are mostly water and help us to stay hydrated. Watermelon have very few calories.


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Printable Christmas Mazes



Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve got some fun new Mazes and Activity Pages for you!  Mazes are a fantastic way to build small motor control, logical thinking, and even perseverance.  Plus they are just plain old FUN! Each worksheet features a fun Christmas shape maze with a follow up activity for children to complete.  Some pages include copywork, others have drawing or writing prompts.  Either way, this collection of activity sheets are sure to keep your little ones entertained this Winter.

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Christian Christmas Mazes and Activities



Geography Mazes


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USA State Mazes



This project has been in the works for a while now, and I’m so excited to release it this week in time for the 2016/17 school year!  50 State Mazes is a great addition to your US History or Geography studies and the perfect accompaniment to our USA State Activity Pack.


This new activity pack is included in our $15 USA Activity Bundle which includes:


U.S.A. Activity Pack

5o State Activity Pages: For each of the fifty states children map the location, capitol, landmarks, abbreviation, nickname, state flower, and state bird.  Children color the state flag as well as the state flower and state bird with ample room to add interesting facts and notes.  This activity pack includes two games to finish out your unit: USA Bingo & Roll Across America.



U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards

Children can color their way through our Nation’s state birds with these fun and realistic art cards.  Each bird is shown with it’s unique markings for children to copy and color their own.  Each bird features a coloring card, visual fact card for children to fill in, and memory matching cards. This set include 27 different birds as many states have the same state bird.


U.S.A. 50 State Mazes

50 State Mazes includes a fun and challenging maze for each of the 50 states.  This activity pack is sure to excite your children during your U.S. Geography studies.  Suggested age range is K-3rd for a challange, but older children will enjoy them as well.




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Alphabet Mazes



If you haven’t already noticed, I love mazes!  I loved them even more a child, and now that I’m all grown up I think they are a fantastic learning tool when paired up with educational content.  This basic idea is the concept behind our newest website:


On Brainy Maze, you’ll find Hundreds of Free Mazes for Kids, all of which have been created with education in mind.  With our newest Letter Maze Set, Children can work their way through the alphabet, while learning beginning letter sounds and practicing key handwriting skills.  This set features the entire lowercase alphabet and would compliment our letter of the week Alphabet Curriculum Notebook quite well!

These would make great review worksheets for young children entering Kindergarten or First Grade.

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Find More Free Mazes Here.

Lowercase Alphabet Maze & Trace

Uppercase Alphabet Letter Mazes

Number Mazes

Skip Counting Mazes

Mega Maze

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Lowercase Alphabet Mazes

LowercaseLetterMazesYoung children love to do mazes, and these Animal Alphabet Mazes are just right for building key motor control skills while having fun learning about animals.  This set is available free on and features:

  • Letter Formation
  • Short Reading Practice
  • Tracing Animal with Beginning Letter
  • Lowercase Letter Maze
  • Lowercase Handwriting Practice


Tracing is a a great way to build those small muscle movements as children move their pencil along each animal outline.  There are many fun Rainforest animals and Australian Animals included in this set so children are sure to be engaged when learning the names of new creatures.  Text for each page is written in an, “A is for….” format using an EZ Read Dyslexia font.  Children then solve the lowercase letter maze and practice their handwriting skills with letter tracing at the bottom.


These would make great review worksheets for young children entering Kindergarten or First Grade.

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Find More Free Mazes Here.




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Handwriting Warm Up Work



WarmUpWorkLittle ones who are learning to write will enjoy these fun and free tracing worksheets.  Children follow the path from the lowercase letter to the uppercase letter in this four page set of handwriting pages.  We’ve used an EZ Read Dyslexia friendly font for children who are just starting to recognize letters.  Printing this set on cardstock and laminating is a great way to reuse this resource in a classroom setting.  Print this free sent of Warm-Up Worksheets free on

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Beginning Sound Clip Cards


I don’t know about you, buy my children love hands on activities 10x more than just printable worksheets.  It’s one of the reasons I was inspired to create, and our newest site:

The main purpose of Brainy Maze is to combine the FUN of mazes with BRAIN building opportunities so children don’t even know they are learning.  Mazes build attention span, logical thinking and problem solving skills.  When paired with fun age appropriate activities it’s a win-win for kids and teachers alike!

You can find over 100 printable mazes on  Take the Mega Maze challenge as you work your way through six levels of play.  Choose from a variety of thematic mazes to incorporate into your classroom units.


ABCClipCardsYou can even print mazes for your Tots and Preschoolers like this new set of ABC Maze and Clip Cards.

These are specially designed for little hands to try the maze then find the beginning letter sound.  Clipping with a clothespin or paperclip provides even more small motor control and builds those important muscles children will need as they grow.  Laminate this set and use with a dry erase marker for hours of learning!

Print ABC Maze and Clip Cards Free from


Have a Serious Maze Enthusiast at home?

Take the Mega Maze Challenge.



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ASL Worksheets & Mazes



A collection of Alphabet mazes featuring ASL hand signs along with uppercase and lowercase letter practice. These mazes are great for children learning basic hand signs, and provide opportunity to practice small motor control and dexterity.  Handwriting practice for both uppercase and lowercase letters is provided below.

Print ASL Mazes free from Brainy Maze

If you are looking for premium ASL teaching resources, we have a 104pg ASL Activity Pack you can use with your students.



ASL Alphabet Activity Pack

Our ASL ABC eBook is filled with printable resources you can use to create hands on learning games, charts and follow up worksheets for children. Featuring high-quality photographs this set is print ready for use in your homeschool or standard size classroom.  Recommended for grades K-3.



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Saint Patrick’s Day Preschool Printables


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner (March 17th), I’ve got just a few more printable resources to share with you.

I’ve added a handful of new thematic teaching resources on Preschool Mom including;

  • -St. Patrick’s Day Number Bond Game
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Cards & Coins
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cut & Paste Craft
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Activity Pages (Color Words)
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Mazes & Coloring Pages

Print these resources Free from Preschool Mom.

Expand your St. Patrick’s Day learning with our Color Science Activity Pack



Color Science for Kids Activity Pack

  • Color Wheel Paint Card
  • Simple Experiment Coloring Page
  • Warm & Cool Colors Art Page
  • Exploring Color Blends Art Sheets (x8)
  • Color Splat Bookmarks
  • Color Award Chart
  • Rainbow Spinner Wheel Template
  • and more…. Click Here for Samples


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St. Patrick’s Day Mazes & Worksheets


St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon and these free mazes and worksheets are just right for adding a little fun to your classroom.  Each page features a challenging maze alongside an extra practice activity just to give children a little educational boost!  Mazes are great for building small motor control as well as building problem solving skills.

You can print these St. Patrick’s Day Mazes free at Brainy Maze.

While you’re there, check out these A-MAZE-ING Alphabet Maze worksheets!



And if you have a Maze enthusiast in your house, take a peek at our Mega Maze eBook!  With 50 intricate mazes this pack is sure to keep your child busy mazing for hours!


Try a Sample Mega Maze Here


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Free Alphabet Maze Printables


If you have a little one learning their ABC’s I’ve got a fantastic resources for you today!

As a special thank you to our newsletter subscribers I’ve put together this amazing pack of Alphabet worksheets.

Each worksheet includes the upper and lowercase letter to trace as well as a beginning sound letter maze.

The possibilities are vast for these resources;

  • Laminate and use as playdough mats
  • Place in a pocket protector and reuse with Dry Erase Markers
  • Hang in the classroom for children to trace with their fingers.

I even made a set for older children:


This is a great way to sneak in a little extra handwriting practice!

Check out these free printable worksheets from

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