Owl Crafts!

We’ll if you haven’t already figured it out from the Owl File Folder Games, or the preview of the Owl Softie I’m sewing together, we’re busy working and learning about OWLS!

And you know what that means….


Owls are just adorable aren’t they?

Owl books

We started by snagging a bunch of Owl books from the library. Right off the bat, I saw that this book called, “Owls” by Gail Gibbons was a winner! There is so much information in the book that we spent a long time on each page reading and learning about the different types of owls, what makes owls unique, and even learning more detailed facts about barn owls.

owl crafts

So anyway, to kick things off we started with these little pinecone owls. I let the children pick one of the owls they would like to try and make (mines a Great Horned Owl…can you tell?). Then I had them look at the colors and sizes and shapes to see how they could copy it with the supplies we had. Needless to say, they were a HUGE hit at our house, especially with Bubba (4) who made sure that his “Great Gray” owls wings were extended in flight so he could catch the mice.

owl crafts

We even made little nests out of clay pots and moss, so our owls would have a place to come in and land.

These are super simple to make for all ages, and I’ve got photo instructions up on the main site here.

If you make these leave me a link so we can see your adorable raptors!


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