Barn Owl Watercolor


This is a great project for kids to explore watercolors, focusing on hue as well as saturation. Children can discus the emotive qualities of the book “The Barn Owl


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Barn Owl Template

Print this template and poetry for each child.

Step 1

Cut your owl window out and set aside.

Step 2

Talk with children about mixing colors.
We’re going to make a dark blue and a
golden rod yellow. Mix brown with blue,
and orange and yellow.

Step 3

Use the dark blue paint to paint a cloudy
sky at the top of your construction paper.
(We’re using large sheets of paper)

Step 4

Use the golden rod color to make wheat.
across the bottom to make the wheat
“dance” in the wind.

Step 5

Here is what your sheet will look like. Set
it aside to dry.

Step 6

Start to paint on your Owl Window template. Using watercolors and a little bit of orange,
paint the surrounding area of the barn owls face.

Step 7

Then use a bit of red to paint around the
barn window.

Step 8

how to use water to change the saturation
of the color.

Step 9

Here is how your owl looks now

Step 10

Optional: Use some Popsicle sticks to
frame the barn window.

Step 11

You can even paint your sticks red to
match the redwood theme

Step 12

Cut out your poem, or make your own
and add it to your project.

All Done

You can even use paint on some of the
words in the poem!


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