Pine Cone Owl Craft

PineconeOwlPinThese charismatic owls are super simple to make but the end result will have your children playing with them for hours.  Using simple materials like pine cones and cotton balls, even young children can make their own owl friends.


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

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Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Pull apart your cotton ball and and use your pencil or toothpick to poke it into the empty spaces on your pine cone. Ignore the feathers in the photo, we were playing around :)

Step 2

Place two cotton balls where you want them on your owl's head.

Step 3

Slowly poke them in and shape them. You want your two cottonballs to look like the owls facial disks...round or heartshaped depending on the type.

Step 4

Choose some eyes for your owl. We used wiggle's kooky to use a big and a small one.

Step 5

Cut a small triangle from orange foam and glue on your owls beak..

Step 6 feathers on the head now.... Silly kids :)

Step 7

Choose a feather for the wings. Wrap the wing around the back of the body and down the side. Glue if necessary.

Step 8

Do the same for the other wing. Like our feathers? Purchase Natural Feathers Here:

Step 9

Place some smaller feathers on top of the facial disks if you like.

Step 10

Owls need nests don't they? Get an old clay pot and stuff it with some moss or whatever extra you can find.

Step 11

Let the moss overflow over the top of the clay just looks more like a nest this way doesn't it!

All Done

Looking pretty cute in his new nest

Make a Friend

Make more then one owl for pretend play

So cute

Lots of feathers for this fella


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