1. Oh my. . . can’t wait to see what happens! You are in better shape
    than I, trust me. But, we are not starting until the 14th. {grin} But that
    is still too soon!

  2. girl you crack me up. Our start date is the 14th!!!! I am at the beach until the 12th…here’s hoping the 13th is a productive day for me!!!!

  3. Hahaha. I can’t help but laugh at your lighthearted over-examination of your organization. Several people once told me that *I* was too hard on myself, and I couldn’t see it. All I could see was the fact that my paperwork was in several different piles on my desk, craft supplies in 3 different areas–instead of one, and books were not properly organized by subject on my shelves. To *me* it looked very unorganized. But, to everyone else, it looked very organized–and like I knew what I was doing. I thought they were just being kind….until I saw your pictures and read the script of the horrible museum coordinator-like attorney in your head.

    My first thought….Wow! She’s ready to go! I would have never noticed that the books where in the wrong bin, or that there is even a difference in school games and family games. And, many teachers in the publish school system have those cardboard storage boxes filled with supplies/books/paperwork out by there desks or in corners of their classroom all year long.

    So, now that I’ve FINALLY seen it from the other side, I’m going to sleep much better….at least for this week…. :)

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