Buggy Baby Blankie

Try saying that 5 times fast.

Today I was SUPER-Inspired to get crafty after I read this post over at Dollar Store Crafts. In fact I’m often inspired after visiting that site, and it gives me all sorts of excuses to make another trip to the Dollar Store! I never should have subscribed to their RSS Feed, I’m getting absolutely no work done.

Well today the blog featured a Crinkly Baby Blanket, and I just couldn’t resist, I just had to make one for Monkey:

However instead of making the blanket Crinkly, I added in little bugs to the corners that are crinkly instead. I don’t know what possessed me to do it this way, but I think it turned out really cute.

In case you want to make one to, I’m sharing photos of the whole process.

Step 1: Pick Your Fabric and cut it into a square shape. You’ll need a front and a back I chose some buggy fabric that I picked up LAST Summer and some Fleece from Last Winter. Yeah, real quick turn-around at my house!

Step 2: Cut out the Shapes you’ll be using for your corner pulls. I cut out 4 bugs, one for each corner, but I only ended up using two.

Step 3: Cut out a backing for the bugs from the backing of the blanket fabric. You want to cut about 3/4 of an inch around them for your seam allowance.

Step 4: Cut up an old Baby Wipes wrapper to fit inside your shape.

Step 5: Pin a loop of ribbon to the right side of your fabric. (see photo) Place right sides of front and back of fabric together and sew around, leaving a small hole for turning.

Step 6: Turn your shape right side in, and stuff with the crinkly baby wipe wrapper.

Step 7: Sew all the way around the edge of the shape, taking care to fold the fabric around the hole so that it blends in with the rest.

Step 8: Pick out some fun ribbons that will match the theme of your blanket.

Step 9: Cut the ribbons into strips. Form them into loops and pin them to the right side of the fabric (see photo) They are facing inward now, but when you turn it right side it, they will face out.

Step 10: Pin your shapes in the corner just like the ribbons. I folded the dragonfly and pinned him because I didn’t want to accidentally sew him up when I go around the edges!

Step 11: Place your fabrics with right sides together and sew all the way around the edges, leaving a small hole for turning.

Step 12: When you turn your blanket right side out, the shapes will now hang from the corners.

Step 13: Sew around the edges of the blanket, taking care to sew up the hole by folding the fabric inward to blend in.

Step 14: Wave Blanket in front of baby till he’s good and scared of the big red beetles then swoop in with a big smile and a sweet voice and rescue him from dose’ mean scare-wee bugs’

New Graphic


  1. That turned out SOOOOOO cute!! Love it. i love how you made the crinkly bugs – what a great idea! Cute fabric, too! Thanks for posting the link at dollar store crafts!

    Sorry I’m contributing to your crafty “delinquency”… ha ha! :)


  2. What a cute idea. Ive been meaning to make a tag blankie for a while, but havent gotten around to it. Now, when I do, I will be making a crinkley tag blankie. Thanks for the great idea! :)

  3. I’ve been collecting small amounts of different textures of fabric to do one. I want to make small tubes of fabric and use them instead of ribbon. Satin, minky, nylon tulle, silk, denim, fuzzy, fake shearling, metallic, heavy smooth plastic, etc. so it will be a Texture blanket instead of all ribbons. I think instead of a small square or rectangle, I will make it in the shape of an animal…like a horse or giraffe. The loops could be part of the mane too. This would be especially great for special needs kids with sensory issues. I work with students with Autism.

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