1. That turned out SOOOOOO cute!! Love it. i love how you made the crinkly bugs – what a great idea! Cute fabric, too! Thanks for posting the link at dollar store crafts!

    Sorry I’m contributing to your crafty “delinquency”… ha ha! :)


  2. What a cute idea. Ive been meaning to make a tag blankie for a while, but havent gotten around to it. Now, when I do, I will be making a crinkley tag blankie. Thanks for the great idea! :)

  3. I’ve been collecting small amounts of different textures of fabric to do one. I want to make small tubes of fabric and use them instead of ribbon. Satin, minky, nylon tulle, silk, denim, fuzzy, fake shearling, metallic, heavy smooth plastic, etc. so it will be a Texture blanket instead of all ribbons. I think instead of a small square or rectangle, I will make it in the shape of an animal…like a horse or giraffe. The loops could be part of the mane too. This would be especially great for special needs kids with sensory issues. I work with students with Autism.

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