• Free File Folder Games

    Free File Folder Games

    What is a File Folder Game? If you’ve never heard of File Folder Games, this is the spot for you! A file folder game is basically just what it says…..A game that is played on a file folder.These games are inexpensive to make as you can often get a box of …Read More »
  • Monster File Folder Game

    Monster File Folder Game

    My boys are crazy about Monsters. I’m not sure why but they love creepy, goopy, slimy looking creatures, but they do. Monsters can be cute too though right? My four year old drew these silly Monster Brothers and I thought they were absolutely adorable. (Side Note: Scan your children’s artwork …Read More »
  • Recycle File Folder Game

    Recycle File Folder Game

    Who doesn’t love to sort the recycling? Okay….let me rephrase that.   Children LOVE to sort things! This is a fantastic game for children who love to sort. And Win. Because this game can be played with up to 3 players (if you want more players just print more gameboards …Read More »
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