Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps

Oh golly, I couldn’t resist:

I made a set of Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps too!

butterfly life cycle stamps

Didn’t they turn out cute?

butterfly life cycle craft

Just in time for our butterflies too!

Have you ordered your Butterfly Kits yet?

We ordered a kit last year, and loved it!
It’s about time to dig it out and order us some new grubs!

Can’t wait!

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Nativity Wreath

So I totally missed Wreath Week at DollarStoreCrafts. I thought the cut off was today, but alas it was yesterday…..and I have no one to blame but myself.


Not that I would have won….
There are some AMAZING wreaths that were entered…..

it just would have be nice to show off a little.


Anyway, what’s cool about this wreath, is that it’s a “Kids Wreath” because, each figure is easy for kids to make, and has a printed part of the Nativity story attached.

Of course I’m putting up tutorials for all the ornaments, and the Printables on our sister site www.LittleBlots.com

(I’ve already got the Donkey tutorial up if you want to peek)

Anyway, without any further delayhere is my totally awesome Nativity Wreath, that I’m NOT entering in the contest.


The Angel Bring Mary the Good News:

The Donkey for the Trip to Bethlehem


Baby Jesus Born in a Manger


The Shepherds Visit


Wise Men Follow a Star


Wrap it all together and you’ve got yourself a Beautiful Christmas Wreath….


I’ll keep you updated when all the Ornament Tutorial are up, just in case you’re interested!

New Graphic