Flower Pot Mosiac

Since we’ve been busy in the garden, planting all of our seeds, and working on our Gardening Lapbook, I realized that we better throw in a little bit of Garden Crafting too!

Kids Garden Crafts
I found this amazing book called
The Christian Kids Gardening Guide
and I just had to order a copy for our homeschool classroom, what better way to start learning about gardening, then by learning God’s word right alongside it!

(Here are some sample pages to check out….looks really neat doesn’t it! (Now to try and wait patiently for it to arrive…..that’s the hard part.)

Anyway, as we’re learning all about the different flowers and vegetables that will be gracing our garden this year, we started out by adding a bit of flair to some regular old clay pots.

You can do this craft with any old flower pot, so check out the Goodwill, Freecycle, and Garage sales because they’re much cheaper then buying new pots at the craft store.

And since this is a “Hot Glue” craft be sure and follow your gut as to whether or not you’re child is ready to try this one! (I’ll tell you that my 6 year old did just fine, but my 3 year old wasn’t so keen to keeping his fingers out of the glue….but he just didn’t want to quit making it either….LOL, he is his Father’s son)

Flower Pot Crafts

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions

We’ve been real busy with our Flower Pot Crafts, so stay tuned for some more fun Gardening ideas! Don’t forget to subscribe (on the left) if you want email updates!

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Oh Happy Day….Books

Earth Day Crafts

Have you ever heard of this series? Happy Day books are the perfect size for my little ones! These books make wonderful introductions to God’s creation and I love bringing them out when we’ve got a little bit of extra time to fill!

Especially around the holidays, we can learn some quick facts and focus on the reasons we’re celebrating. In tomorrow’s case, Earth Day, we’re celebrating God and his amazing creation.

The world he made for us
The creatures he placed within it, and
The job he gave to mankind to care for it.

To celebrate such a gift, we read God Made the Earth, and decorated our classroom with these festive Globes!

Sissy worked on a little bible verse copywork as well, as we put the verse from John 3:16 on the little strips of paper. You can find lots more verse options here as well.

Creation Crafts

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions

We’ve also thought about making an entire Solar System using this technique……hmmm, something for the Summer maybe?

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Sun-Earth Day Kit

It’s Here, It’s Here!

We just got our Space Weather Kit in the mail from NASA, and my kids are really excited to go exploring through the little books.

If you want to order your kit, they’re still FREE while supplies last! Here’s What’s included:

3-D Glasses & 3-D Poster
Cardboard Sun w/ scaled version of Earth
Northern Lights Handout
Small Solar
Space Weather Software
Solar Eclipse Holograph
Voyager Bookmark w/ Landing Dates
Fun Activity Ideas for learning more

You can Order Your Free Kit Here

Even if your kids aren’t old enough to understand it all, the images are beautiful and would make great additions to all your classroom projects!

And we’ve already learned about the sun more this week then we have all Winter…..because for some reason the weather here in Oregon has turned, we’re sitting pretty in the low 80’s, and as you can imagine:

I’m as red as a lobster Rooster.

(Yeah, a Rooster…….Can you imagine it now, a big old pregnant belly, with two skinny bright red legs sticking out underneath……definitely a rooster)

I know, Sexy right?

But the “Look” really comes together when you add the dollar store umbrella that I’m holding over my head like a parasol.

In my mind I’m a 19th century victorian princess, strolling through the rose garden, listening to the laughter of the children as they hide in the bushes.

(In reality I’m sure I look like something else, because I can hear my husband snickering in the background.)

So to combat the sun, (yes, we’re in full out war here) I ran out last night and stocked up on sunscreen and aloe vera gel (that stuff is my best friend today), and completely covered every inch of my body.

I thought I was being resourceful when I picked up the “continuous spray” sunscreen

LOL, I should have known better.

(If you can imagine spraying your body down with aerosol Hair Spray, then that’s about how I’m feeling right now.)

But of course it’s better then letting the Sun get the better of me! I really want to have school outdoors for the rest of the season!

I just have to get over this pasty, white winter skin that burns before I can even get the picnic stuff set up.

(And in case you’re wondering, I am also the one who leaves a camping trip with 25 mosquito bites…….(on my left leg)….

take me camping and you’ll never have to pack a citronella candle again!

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