Consonant Blends Learning Center

Consonant Blends Learning Center



Well, my kindergartner is finally ready to start talking without all those slurred S sounds.

(I may not be ready for it, but he certainly is)

Personally, I think it is adorable when he says “Pagetti” instead of spaghetti and “Tooter” instead of scooter.

But alas, he is nearing 6 years old and it’s time to provide some gentle guidance towards correct pronunciation.

I made this letter S blends learning game specifically for him :)



The game comes with twenty-eight different pictures of letter s consonant blends for children to match up with the correct beginning letters.

Print Letter S Consonant Game at File Folder Fun

With our easy assemble learning centers It couldn’t be easier to get this game setup and ready. Simply glue the gameboards to the file folder, and punch out the circle pictures with a 1.5 inch circle punch. Your kiddos will be mastering their S sounds in no time.


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