Homeschool Conventions by State

Homeschool Conventions by State

You have made it through the dead of winter and are eagerly looking forward to spring. You are probably also starting to think about next year. Homeschool conferences offer the opportunity to meet other homeschool families, hear inspiring speakers, and browse through curriculum. It is important to fuel your homeschooling “tank” regularly. Homeschool conventions give you the motivation and information to keep going and solve any struggles you may be having. So, what are the best homeschool conventions 2020?

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Glad you asked! Here is a list I compiled of homeschool conferences 2020 by state. This way you can determine the best ‘homeschool conventions near me’. Whether you’re looking for the great homeschool convention nearest you or by state, we’ve got you covered!

If you know of any others, I would love to hear about them! Which homeschool conference will you attend this year?

Homeschool Conventions near Me in 2020


Birmingham Homeschool Convention and Fair  Birmingham, AL   March 20 

Mobile Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention    Mobile, AL    May 7-9


APHEA 2020 Convention  Anchorage, AK   March 27-28 

IDEA 22nd Annual Curriculum Fair  Soldotna, AK   April 29

Anchorage, AK   April 30-May 1

Fairbanks, AK   May 4-5

Juneau, AK   May 7


AFGE Convention Phoenix, AZ  July 10-11

Free to Be 2020 Unschooling Conference Phoenix, AZ September 3-6


Teach Them Diligently Arkansas Rogers, AR  March 6-8


California Homeschool Network Family Expo Garden Grove, CA  May 7-10

SCOPE Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair Rockland, CA  June 7-8

HSC Conference San Jose, CA   August 6-9


Teach Them Diligently Colorado Homeschool Convention  Aurora, CO May 21-23

Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference Denver, CO  June 25-27


CT Home Educators Capitol Day   Hartford, CT March 25

TEACH CT Used Curriculum Sale Plainville, CT  May 4


FPEA Wild Florida Homeschool Convention Orlando, FL May 21-23

Great Homeschool Convention Florida Jacksonville, FL June 25-27 

FACCS Christia Educators Convention Orlando, FL   October 8-9 


Teach Them Diligently Georgia Homeschool Convention Athens, GA June 11-13  

Southeast HomeschoolExpo Atlanta, GA July 23-25 


Homeschool Idaho Nampa, ID  June 4-5 


APACHE Homeschool Convention Edwards, IL  March 27-28

ICHE Family Conference Bourbonnais, IL May 28-31


IAHE Conference Indianapolis, IN  March 27-28 


Homeschool Iowa Conference West Des Moines, IA  June 12-13 


2020 Kansas Homeschool Expo Wichita, KS May 15-16 


East Kentucky Homeschool Convention Pikeville, KY  June 27   

Memoria Press Conference Louisville, KY  July 6-7 


LAgniappe Conference New Orleans, LA  June 3-5


30th Annual “Lead the Way Home” 2020 Convention Rockport, ME  March 19-21

Central Maine Homeschool Expo Bangor, ME  April 21 


MassHope 2020 Convention Sturbridge, MA  May 8-9 

Northeast Unschooling Conference Wakefield, MA  August 13-16 


2020 INCH Conference Lansing, MI May 15-16 


Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference St Paul, MN  May 29-30 


Midwest Parent Educator Homeschool Conference Kansas City, MO  April 3-4

Great Homeschool Convention St Charles, MO March 26-28


NCHEA Lincoln, NE  March 7-8

New Jersey

Refresh North Jersey Homeschool Conference Knowlton, NJ   March 7 

IHM New York Mahwah, NJ    July 18

New Mexico

CAPE NM Albuquerque, NM June 19-20

New York

New York Homeschool Convention Rodchester, NY  July 30- August 1

North Carolina

Thrive! The NCHE Annual Conference Winston-Salem, NC  May 28-30

North Dakota

NDHSA Home Educators Association Jamestown, ND  March 7-8



Great Homeschool Convention Ohio Cincinnati, OH   April 16-18

Teach Them Diligently Columbus, OH  May 28-30


Tulsa Homeschool Expo Tulsa, OK February 28-29

HSOK Celebration 2020 Oklahoma City, OK  April 30-May 2


Oregon Christian Home Educator Conference Albany, OR   June 19-20


CHAP Conference Lancaster, PA  June 12-13 

South Carolina

Great Homeschool Conventions South Carolina Greenville, SC   March 19-21

South Dakota

Christian Homeschool Conference of South Dakota Sioux Falls, SD  May 7-8


Teach Them Diligently Nashville, TN  February 27-29 

CSTHEA Curriculum Fair   Chattanooga, TN July 17-18


Texas Unschooler Conference 2020    Waller, TX   April 16-20

Called to Teach Allen, TX   April 30-May 2

The Woodlands, TX  May 28-30

South Texas Homeschool Conference Corpus Christi, TX  May 29-30

Texas Home Educators Conference The Woodlands, TX  August 7-8


  LDSHE Home Education Conference West Ogden, UT             May 27-29


LDSHE Home Education Conference East Virginia Beach, VA  May 6-8

HEAV Virginia Homeschool Convention Richmond, VA   June 11-13

IHM National Catholic Homeschool Conference Fredericksburg, VA  June 19-20


Life is Good Unschooling Conference Vancouver, WA  May 21-24 

2020 WHO Conference Tacoma, WA   June 26-27

West Virginia

CHEWV Homeschooling 101 Hurricane, WV  March 21


Wisconsin Parents Association Conference Stevens Point, WI May 8-9 


Homeschoolers of WY 2020 Convention Cheyenne, WY  May 14-16

Online Summits:

Sometimes, attending a homeschool convention isn’t possible. Perhaps you live too far away from the nearest conference. Or it could be that you are going through a season of life that doesn’t allow you to attend. Either way, online summits are a perfect way to bridge the gap between you and the homeschool convention you can’t attend. 

Online conferences come to you. You often get lifetime access, so you can watch when it is convenient for you. Also, they usually have some type of vendor fair. Now, it isn’t the same as holding a book in your hand. However, online homeschool vendor halls still give you the chance to explore new curriculum and resource options. Here are some suggestions if there are no homeschool conventions near you in 2020

Homegrown Generation

The Homeschool Teaching Online Summit 2.0

Homeschool 2.0 Global Summit

Homeschool Mom Conference

Are you going to a homeschool convention this year? If so, which one are you attending, and is it in person or online?


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