September Fine Motor Activity Pack

Fine motor skills are important for children to build during the early years. Provide your kiddos with lots of hands-on activities, games, and manipulatives they can use to work those small motor muscles.  These small motor movements will help children with their coordination as well as develop the necessary strength and control they will need for handwriting down the road.

Recently, I’ve begun to create a set of Fine Motor Activity Books for students.  Each pack is filled with thematic activities and workbook pages that will encourage fine motor movements throughout the month.  Here is a little peek inside our new Fine Motor Activity pack for September:

Thematic Mazes and Worksheet prompts:

Tracing pages and Geoboard pictures to make:

Thematic Play dough activity mats:

Pin & Poke Pictures:

Dab & Dot Mystery Pictures and more!


September Fine Motor Activity Book


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  • Dawn Reply

    Cute and look easy to use

    May 12, 2022 at 10:40 am

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