Christian Christmas Symbol Printables

Christian Christmas Symbol Printables


christmassymbolsprintablesChristmas can be overwhelming…..and the true message of Christmas can often get lost in all the “Holiday” festivities.  On our sister site we provide many free printables that teach children about the true meaning of Christmas.  We also have snow and candy cane themes you can use to point children to Christ during the Winter activities.

Today we’ve added a new section on the website that covers Christmas Symbols and their Meanings.  This is a great way to show children that all of the activities that take place during the Christmas holiday are intended to point back to Christ and the sacrifice he made for us.

  • The Tree points to heaven and reminds us that God is eternal.
  • The Wreath is a circle and reminds us that God’s love for us is also eternal.
  • The Candle shines brightly, showing us that Jesus is the light of the World
  • The Bells ring out a celebration to announce the coming King.
  • The Baby in a manger shows the birth of the Jesus, the Lord and Savior of the world.
  • The Candy Cane is shaed like a shepherd’s staff, reminding us that Jesus is our shepherd.
  • The Star was placed in the sky for the wise men to follow.
  • The Holly is sharp like the crown of thorns, the berries are red like the blood he shed.
  • The Cross reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins.
  • The Presents remind us of God’s gift to the world


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  • Tracy Reply

    I cannot access the Christmas symbols printables. They look great for my ESL classes.

    December 4, 2021 at 11:08 pm

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