Salt Painting for Summer Art Projects

Salt Painting for Summer Art Projects


Recently I was introduced to a new form of textured painting called salt painting.  Basically, you take glue cover it with salt, then drop watercolors on top to absorb the color.  Well, can I just say, “Wowza!”  This is such a fun technique and it creates beautiful art work that children can really be proud of.

A quick pinterest search for Salt Painting is sure to inspire you to try this out, but today I wanted to share our own Salt Painting Project: Koi Fish Watercolor

I created a Step-by-Step photo tutorial you can follow to make this project with your own children.

Of course they will want to make their own creations as well, so after you show them this technique, give them the supplies and let them spend their Summer day creating!

Tip: Use Foam Core Board or Poster Board for this project.  The weight of the glue and salt overwhelms carstock, and you’ll need something a little sturdier.  (Construction paper glued to cardboard would work well too.)

Here is an example of another project my daughter made with this technique:



SaltPaintingTutorialIsn’t that beautiful!  This would be a fun way for a Tween or Teen to add some custom art to their bedroom!

Check out the full tutorial here: Salt Painting fo Kids

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