Summer Reading for Middle School

Summer Reading for Middle School


Recently, I designed a Summer Reading and a Summer Writing Challenge for my younger kiddos, but my older children were feeling a bit left out.  So today I whipped up a simple Summer Reading Challenge for Middle School grades.  Because their book sizes are so varied, I thought it might be better to issue a page number challenge rather then a book number challenge.  So the goal is to read 5,000 pages (of grade appropriate material) over the Summer Break.  Many books include grade recommendations on the back, and you can show children how to research online to see whether or not the book they chosen is grade appropriate.  Children keep track of the book title, author and then umber of pages they have read.  Hint: During a 90 day Summer Break, 5,000 pages equals about 55 pages a day… it is roughly an hour of reading each day.


I’m going to reward my children with a special treat at our local ice cream shop when they finish their charts!

Print Middle School Summer Reading Challenge Sheet Here

Find Elementry Summer Reading Challenge Sheet Here

Try 100 Sentences for Summer for a special Summer Writing Challenge


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