Free Number Formation Mats

Free Number Formation Mats



Okay….let’s face it.  Some children do not like to write.  I know because I have a child who would rather eat fried worms then write a sentence on his paper. It’s true.

Over the years I’ve had to find creative ways to encourage him to get his letters down on the paper in a neat and orderly fashion.  And I wish I would have had these fun mats when he was younger, as I’m sure it would have been a fantastic introduction to learning to write his numbers in the proper formation.

These printable Number Mats are tons of fun, children can drive the vehicle through the road to make each number.  I’ve included a fun formation rhyme which helps them to remember how to make each number.

You could even take things a step further and let your child drive their card in a sand tray, or in the dirt….maybe even dip the wheels into some paint and let them practice “Driving” the numbers across a page.



Download Print and Drive Number Mats free from Preschool Mom

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