Second Grade Math Games

Second Grade Math Games

Hot off the press are three new Second Grade Math games for your students!  These games have been cleverly designed to keep your children engaged and having fun while learning.


The Rounding Clown Game

Children draw tickets and record ticket sales…..but the rounding clown wants them round!

A simple printable game for children learning the rules of rounding numbers up to 100.

The Rounding Clown is always Clowning Around!!


Skip Counting Charts & Worksheets

This is a simple Skip Counting Chart you can glue to a folder for children to practice.

This set includes nine different worksheets, that can be used to build mastery for numbers 2-10.


BUMP Multiplication

Skip Counting BUMP is played by rolling two dice and then marking a space on the number line.

If you roll a 4 and a 2 for example you can either mark off 2×4 (8) or 4×2 (8) on either number line.

The goal is to get four in a row so you need be strategic about where you place your token.

If someone is already on a number you can bump them off!

PeanutsTitle PlaceValueBusTitle

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