Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Don’t you just LOVE Pinterest?

I love that you can follow people and see THEIR pins,
and then “repin” it to your own boards.

A virtual “To-Do” cork board of that never runs out of space!

Anyway, this week I saw these adorable Secret Valentines,
and I was inspired to make our own version:

These would be super simple for even very young children to make.

First print up the template and have them color in the cross with a white crayon.

Just to see how it worked, I did one with crayon and one with oil pastel

Then you just make stripes across your paper.
All the while using language like “long strokes” “blending” “overlapping”
(You get the picture right?)

Fill up those hearts till their full of color!
(idea: Maybe use the salvation colors too)

Cut and trim away the extra paper.
Have children pastes these to a card or write a message or bible verse on the back. I’m sure these would look wonderful glued to those little paper heart doilies you can get at the Dollar Store!

If you want to make your own, I’ve posted the template on our sister site There is a BW & Color version.


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