Kindergarten Science Curriculum

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 9 years of homeschooling it’s that Science doesn’t have to be daunting….it really doesn’t!  That is why I’m thrilled to announce the release of a brand new series called, “Smart Start Science.”
Smart Start Science
Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day
Smart Start Science is a new and engaging series of Low-Prep, Hands-On experiments and activities designed for K-2 students. This specific pack, “Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day” includes five complete experiments and follow up activities that are sure to add a little color to your classroom.
St. Patrick’s Day Experiments:
-Cultivating Clovers (Plant & Life Cycle)
-Traveling Rainbow (Capilary Action & Color Mixing)
-How Much Gold Can One Boat Hold (Engineering & Data Graphing)
-Lucky Scoop (Prediction, Graphing and Data Analysis)
-Super Shiny Coins (Chemical Mixing & Reactions)
Experiment #1: Cultivating Clovers
Students plant their own pot of clovers, track growth and learn the plant life-cycle.
Experiment #2: The Traveling Rainbow
With this super simple experiment children learn about capillary action and color mixing.
Experiment #3
 Students build three different boats and put them to the test.
The boat that holds the most gold wins!
Experiment # 4: Super Shiny Gold
Leprechauns want their gold super shiny and this experiment will lead students through a test to see which chemicals will react together to make the perfect cleaning solution.
Experiment #5: Lucky Scoop
Students estimate and graph how many lucky marshmallows they find in their scoop!
Smart Start Science Curriculum Overview:

For each experiment you’ll be provided with the following teaching resources:

Experiment Overview & Steps:
This sheet features a full color photo example of the experiment, skills in focus, materials list and step by step instructions for completing the experiment.

Pre-Experiment Journal Page:
Students gather materials, form questions and develop a hypothesis.

Data & Conclusion Journal Page:
Students track their data or draw their procedure and write in their final conclusion.

Follow Up Activity:
Each experiment includes a unique activity to follow up the experiment. Many are hands-on, fun and relatable projects, games or handouts for students to try at home.

BONUS Appendix:
6 Full Color Charts outlining the Scientific Method
6 Black and White Coloring Pages of the Scientific Method

Experiments for St. Patrick’s Day
We’re giving away 5 copies to 5 lucky winners!
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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Activity Pack

Where did the time go?  It’s almost March and you know what that means…….St. Patrick’s Day!!

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to teach children about the Holy Trinity and we’ve added our own spin on things by touching on the Beatitudes and storing our treasures in heaven.

Our Holiday Packs are some of our most popular teaching resources because they are NO-PREP, available in an instant download and include TONS of hands on activities, games, crafts, printables and teaching resoruces for K-5 students.  Each set comes with special take home activities too, making them perfect for Children’s Ministry and Outreach.

You can purchase any or all of these sets in our Teachers Pay Teachers store here.


Here is a sneak peek inside our St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack:

St. Patrick’s Day Bible  Worksheets

This set features the eight beatitudes and includes crossword, word search and word scramble.

St. Patrick’s Day Bible Bingo

This set includes six different bingo cards featuring the beatitudes, scriptures and different colored shamrocks.

Shamrock & Rainbows Bible Verse Coloring

Each coloring page features a key scripture reminding children of God’s wisdom

St. Patrick’s Day Mazes

A collection of FUN St. Patricks Day Mazes with Bible verses.

St. Patrick’s Day Bookmarks & Tic-Tac-Toe

Print up these colorful bookmarks for take home treats.  Play Tic-Tac-Toe with Chocolate Coins.

Beatitudes Game

A fun and easy multiplayer game. Be the first to collect all 8 beatitudes to win!

Cut & Paste Trinity Shamrock  (Younger Kiddos)

A simple Cut and Paste Bible Craft for children to make a  Trinity Shamrock

Cut & Paste Trinity Shamrock (Older Kiddos)

This trinity shamrock is perfect for older kiddos and involved a little bit of art.  Children uses colored pencils or markers to design a plaid pattern across the shamrock.

Beatitude Scripture Coins

Colorful, printable coins you can print each featuring a different Beatitude.  These are great for memorizing and can be sent home with children in a small envelope.

Treasures in Heaven Bible Craft

This is a simple craft that produces a colorful result.  Provide children with strips of colored construction paper or colored streamers.  Cut out and assemble together.  You might even punch a hole in the top and hang them from your classroom ceiling.

St. Patrick’s Day Songs & Chants

These simple tunes are great for early morning circle time and children love to sing along.

This pack is filled with multi-age resources which are sure to be a hit in your homeschool or Sunday School classroom.

St. Patrick’s Day Activity Pack


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Saint Patrick’s Day Preschool Printables


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner (March 17th), I’ve got just a few more printable resources to share with you.

I’ve added a handful of new thematic teaching resources on Preschool Mom including;

  • -St. Patrick’s Day Number Bond Game
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Cards & Coins
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cut & Paste Craft
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Activity Pages (Color Words)
  • -St. Patrick’s Day Mazes & Coloring Pages

Print these resources Free from Preschool Mom.

Expand your St. Patrick’s Day learning with our Color Science Activity Pack



Color Science for Kids Activity Pack

  • Color Wheel Paint Card
  • Simple Experiment Coloring Page
  • Warm & Cool Colors Art Page
  • Exploring Color Blends Art Sheets (x8)
  • Color Splat Bookmarks
  • Color Award Chart
  • Rainbow Spinner Wheel Template
  • and more…. Click Here for Samples


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St. Patrick’s Day Mazes & Worksheets


St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon and these free mazes and worksheets are just right for adding a little fun to your classroom.  Each page features a challenging maze alongside an extra practice activity just to give children a little educational boost!  Mazes are great for building small motor control as well as building problem solving skills.

You can print these St. Patrick’s Day Mazes free at Brainy Maze.

While you’re there, check out these A-MAZE-ING Alphabet Maze worksheets!



And if you have a Maze enthusiast in your house, take a peek at our Mega Maze eBook!  With 50 intricate mazes this pack is sure to keep your child busy mazing for hours!


Try a Sample Mega Maze Here


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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Crafts


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner I wanted to make a couple of new items you can use with your students this year!

Now, if you missed our facebook update or our newsletter last week, you should know that Christian Preschool Printables will be under construction during the first couple of weeks of March.  (If you’re planning on grabbing anything for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter please get it downloaded ASAP as during the update some of the links might not be working and I don’t want anyone to be stuck scrambling right before the holiday).

With that out of the way, here are some adorable new St. Patrick’s Day printables for you!



Treasures in Heaven Bible Craft: A simple yet stunning Bible craft for children to complete this St. Patrick’s Day. Children add rainbow paper or streamers to create a beautiful rainbow coming from the cloud. A scripture card is glued to the back to remind children that their treasure is in Heaven.


St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Bookmarks: A set of colorful St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Bookmarks for children learning to store their treasures in heaven. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.


St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Cards: These take home cards share a special Bible verse from Matthew 6:20, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” There is room to tape on a small chocolate gold coin as a special treat.


3 in One Shamrock Coloring Page: A simple shamrock coloring page for little hands. Children can color and learn the rhyme, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit……3 in 1




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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Coloring Pages



Hot off the press and ready for St. Patrick’s Day 2015 is this adorable set of five different Bible Verse coloring pages you can use with your kiddos this March.

This set includes two different scriptures Matthew 6:30, and Matthew 28:19 and provides you with a variety of different pages you can present to children.

St. Patrick’s Day Bible Coloring Pages


Find More St. Patrick’s Day Printables:

St. Patrick’s Day Bible Verse Printables

St. Patrick’s Day Scripture Coins

Trinity Shamrock Coloring Page

Trinity Shamrock Craft

Shamrock Poetry

Here are some stories of St. Patrick you can use for your storytime lessons:

StPatrickSaint   StPatrickStory   StPatricksDay2

Coloring Page Images (c) Monkeying Around in First , Pink Cat Studio

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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Coloring


Instead of focusing on greedy leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to teach children about the Trinity.  St. Patrick himself used the three leaves of a shamrock to explain the concept of Trinity by explaining that there was God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all part of the same God.

Today I’ve made a simple coloring page or craft you can use with your students.  This is a printable shamrock with the three parts of the trinity written on the front.  There is a small song sung to the tune of Frere Jacques that children can cut out and glue on the back.  You can turn this into a classroom art project by printing on cardstock, cutting out the shamrocks and providing children with green and gold glitter to decorate their shamrocks.

Print Here: Shamrock Trinity Coloring Page

Find More St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Printables Here

We also have an entire Bible Verse unit for St. Patrick’s Day Here

Find Free St. Patrick’s Day File Folder Games

Here are some stories of St. Patrick you can use for your storytime lessons:

StPatrickSaint   StPatrickStory   StPatricksDay2

Shamrock Images (c) Monkeying Around in First 

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Shamrock Poetry Printables



St. Patrick’s day is coming soon, and we’ve got a great freebie for your kiddos!


This is a concrete poetry template in the shape of a shamrock.  Children follow the brainstorming and  instruction sheet, then compose and write their poem around the shamrock.

Shamrock Template

Concrete Poetry Instructions


If your kiddos have fun with this one be sure to check out our complete Poetry Pack in our eStore!








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St. Patrick’s Day Bible Lesson Verse

We’ve had such a great response to our Bible Verse Printable Theme Packs, that I decided we should add a set for St. Patrick’s Day!


We currently have a ton of Trinity resources for St. Patrick’s Day, so I thought I’d switch things up a bit and make this set with the Beatitudes.

    Coins1CoinPocket Coins2

So there are eight different bible verses, each from Matthew 5, and each representing a character trait that God holds valuable and blessed.   I printed them on shamrock coins, representing a focus on treasure in heaven and not earthly treasures.

There is a printable pocket with a verse checklist on the back, these would be great to learn during the month of March!

You can print these resources free at Bible Story Printables

More St. Patrick’s Day Printables Here




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St. Patrick’s Day Printables

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th and I’ve added some new resources on our websites to help you teach this Holiday!

This set of bible printables features the verse from Matthew 6:20, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” This is a great verse around St. Patrick’s day for children to learn about things of true value. Included in this set are bible verse cards, handwriting pages, bible vocabulary and a bible craft.

Click Here to print the full set

Click Here for ALL St. Patrick’s Day Bible Printables

We also have a great collection of St. Patrick’s Day File Folder Games! You’ll find lots of printable games to help you round out a thematic unit in your classroom.

Click Here for St. Patrick’s Day File Folder Games

st. patrick's day notebooking pages

These March Notebooking Pages are Free on Currclick through Sunday March 3rd, 2013.

Quite a few MORE St. Patrick’s Day Freebies
(free as of this posting today, always double check the price!!)

st. patrick's day craft

And remember this St. Patrick’s Day Craft from a couple years back!
This is simple to do, takes very little planning, and turns out beautiful!

Hope you find something helpful!

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Four Leaf Clovers…

Photographic proof that we McClintick’s are especially Lucky on St. Patrick’s day:


It took all of two seconds for the wee one’s to find this beauty!

(That’s a clover right?)

Now where did that little green fella’ go?



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