Aquarium Notebooking Pages

Today I wanted to THANK all of our Crafty Classroom subscribers by offering a special freebie!

This is a HUGE set of Aquatic Animal notebooking pages.
Over 30 different creatures, each with their own facts sheet and coloring page.

About this set:
This set includes printable notebooking pages and coloring pages for different animals children might learn about at the aquarium. These pages are a great way for children to research and copy basic facts about each creature. The coloring sheets provide children an opportunity to learn about the animals colors and unique markings. If you have younger children, the coloring pages are also a wonderful way to help them learn about aquatic animals.

Originally, I drafted a few pages to go alongside our local aquarium inhabitants, The Oregon Coast Aquarium. However, I decided to add in a few extra animals interesting creatures that are featured at many aquatic centers over the U.S. Additionally, if you find that your child is interested in an animal that isn’t listed, there are blank notebooking pages they can customize themselves.

Children’s Ocean Animal Encyclopedia

Suggested use:
These pages are wonderful for before or after your aquarium trip. Even if you can’t squeeze in a field trip, there are many wonderful books and online resources for children to learn about the animals at their local aquarium. Most aquatic centers have a website with photos and facts about the animals they care for. As with most of our notebooking pages, I would recommend storing them in a three ring binder, or investing in a binding machine if you use notebooking methods across multiple subjects.

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Additionally, if you’d rather not subscribe, or you just want one or two pages, I also offer this set available in single page format. (Only Subscribers are offered a simple one click download)

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