Printable Bible Verse Memory Sheet

I have finally picked out a Bible History program for my kiddos this year, and I’m proud to unveil that we’ll be using:

bible timeline

Grapevine Beginner Testament Overview

I chose this because I’ve got a 2nd grader, and a KG student and the beginner series seemed like it would work perfectly in the middle of their ability levels. I can expand it a bit for my oldest, and shorten it a bit for my youngest.

I will be using this curriculum on a weekly schedule, so we will complete one topic per week and one bible verse per week. The children will work on the same part of the bible story, but they will have different requirements for the bible verse. I’ve also organized this so that it will fit into a 5 day schedule, at about 1/2 hour each day.

Monday: Read Bible Story, Day 1 verse
Tuesday: Read Bible Story (kids help), Day 2 verse
Wednesday: Review Story w/Timeline activity, Day 3 verse
Thursday: Kids use timeline to retell bible story, Day 4 verse
Friday: Lesson Review Questions, Day 5 Verse (recite), Bible Craft

However, since my children will be working at different levels of their bible verse, I wanted them to each have an independent sheet they could use to help them keep track of their daily verse requirements

(enter bible verse memory sheet for Bubba):

bible verse memory sheet

(enter bible verse memory sheet for Sissy):

scripture memory for kids

So that is how my children will be learning their bible verses this year….

I’m really excited because it provides them each with a daily task, and it all fits on one sheet!

And, I made blank versions for you guys so you can grab them and make some for your kiddos this year too!

Stay Tuned! I hope to post more about our curriculum and how we’ll be organizing it all soon……

(you know…once I actually figure it out for myself)

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Science Printables

Today I made a couple of custom science worksheets that we plan on using this week. There are two different ones:

homeschool printables

Moldy Pumpkin Experiment
(we got the fantastic idea from this website)

Homeschool printables
How Much Does it Weigh?
(which I designed for my Preschooler to use so he can draw a picture of the item instead of writing the word).

I posted them on this page in our main website, which will be the location of any more homeschool printables I end up making through out the year.

P.S. We’re starting our Moldy Pumpkin Experiment soon, so stay tuned for pictures! Yuck…..

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Star Student Scratch-It’s

Homeschool Printables

These would make fantastic rewards for your little students!

I’ve made a printable you can use to make your own too:

Click Here for details

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