Landform Diorama

We are wrapping up our lesson on Landforms!
We have been using Beginning Geography which took us though basic map reading, animal habitats and landforms. I can’t say enough how much I loved this e-book, and how much my children loved doing “maps” during school.

This week we decided to put all of our knowledge to the test by making 3-d models of the different landforms we studied.

And of course I took photos and jotted down instructions if you want to make your own!

This was a great way to wrap up our unit and prepare us for our next one: The 7 Continents!

And we are headed Down Under first,
so stay tuned for some AUS-ome crafts!

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Cute Baby Owl & Barn Owl Craft

Are you sick of owl crafts yet?

Me too. Almost.

Here are a couple more owl books and owl crafts to go along with your Owl Unit Studies.

Baby Owl

baby owl craft for kids

The Barn Owls

barn owl craft for kids

Don’t worry if you’re not learning about owls at the moment.

Just bookmark and save :)


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Valentine Trees…or Spring Trees…


Okay, so I’m not really sure what category these little guys are going to fall under, because we made them with rose petals in the shape of hearts…and they look like Spring trees, but Valentine’s Day is not exactly in Spring per-se’ … for now we’re just calling them Valentine Trees.


They’re really easy, and they are like a keepsake because you can use them with your children’s handprints…..(Imagine a full bulletin board of these!) I got the Rose Petals at the Dollar Tree.

Here’s the Scoop:

And in other “Lovey News”


there is a little girl out there who will be recieving 10 inches of the most beautiful brown hair I’ve ever seen (Okay I’m partial).
Sissy (6) eventually convinced me to let her cut her hair to chin length, and while I’m partial to long hair on little girls, It was the “No-Tangles” argument that finally won me over and sealed the deal. (Serious, I’m not the only one that gets screamed at during hair brushing time am I?)


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Horned Owl Craft

horned owl craft for kids

This little guy sure has an expression doesn’t he?

He looks a bit Twitterpaited if you ask me. (That term from Bambi might have a whole new meaning now that Twitter is so popular!)

The belly of this little guy provides some white space for children to write in key facts or even some poetry about owls!

Here’s the Photo instructions and Templates you need to make this!

All Other Owl Crafts are Here

owl valentine printables
PSSST: Check out these adorable Valentine Owls on our Sister Site!

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Valentine’s Day Cards



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Owl Folder Game & Owl Valentine

We’ve added some other Owl resources on our sister sites too!

Be sure and check these out and bookmark them for your Owl Unit Studies!

owl valentine craft

Owl Valentine Craft

owl file folder game

Owl File Folder Game

And we’ve got more fun Owl crafts coming too, so stay tuned!


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Owl Crafts!

We’ll if you haven’t already figured it out from the Owl File Folder Games, or the preview of the Owl Softie I’m sewing together, we’re busy working and learning about OWLS!

And you know what that means….


Owls are just adorable aren’t they?

Owl books

We started by snagging a bunch of Owl books from the library. Right off the bat, I saw that this book called, “Owls” by Gail Gibbons was a winner! There is so much information in the book that we spent a long time on each page reading and learning about the different types of owls, what makes owls unique, and even learning more detailed facts about barn owls.

owl crafts

So anyway, to kick things off we started with these little pinecone owls. I let the children pick one of the owls they would like to try and make (mines a Great Horned Owl…can you tell?). Then I had them look at the colors and sizes and shapes to see how they could copy it with the supplies we had. Needless to say, they were a HUGE hit at our house, especially with Bubba (4) who made sure that his “Great Gray” owls wings were extended in flight so he could catch the mice.

owl crafts

We even made little nests out of clay pots and moss, so our owls would have a place to come in and land.

These are super simple to make for all ages, and I’ve got photo instructions up on the main site here.

If you make these leave me a link so we can see your adorable raptors!


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American Symbols: Bald Eagle Craft

Since Sissy is officially in First Grade, it’s time for us to learn all about American Symbols! So over the next few weeks I’ll be adding in some fun Patriotic Themed crafts and activities that we do.

Yes, I do realized that it is November and the rest of the world is doing Thanksgiving stuff.

But that’s just how we roll.

Maybe you’ll find something you like and you can bookmark it for June and July activities next year?

Bald Eagle Crafts

Anyway, I’ve paired these crafts up with a series of books called “American Symbols” which are geared towards children ages 4-8.

For our first craft we did the Bald Eagle:

Patriotic crafts

Here are Photo Instructions

Stay tuned for more American Symbol Crafts!


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Paper Lantern Craft

Paper Lantern Craft

These paper lanterns are soooooo simple to make.

And they look so pretty when you use Origami Paper and hang them up as decorations.

Paper Lantern Craft for Kids

If you’re child can cut in a straight line, they can make these!

And they love to have them to hang up in their bedrooms!

Click Here for full Photo Tutorials

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Framing it all……

Just in case
your children make something fantastic while learning about Japan

Which is likely to happen,
with all the amazing art techniques they’ll get to explore)

Show them how to make this fun Origami frame to present their art:

Japan Crafts for Kids, Children's Crafts

This frame has an adorable little Fishy I dug out of my new scrapbook set…

See, I told you I would use it.


Chances are you’ll find just the right Woodprint, Haiku, Caligriphy, Sumi-e, or photograph to put inside!

Wrap it up, and send it to Grandma.

Japanese Crafts for Children

These are so much fun you’ll want to make one for yourself….

….and you can because they’re Super Duper Cheap.

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Pitter Patter….

…..Pitter Patter….

Hey What’s that sound?

…..Pitter Patter…….

There it is again?

….Pitter Patter……Pitter Patter…..

I know it’s not my children
(they sound like “stomp…stomp…crash…bang”)

And it can’t be the baby
(his range is a bit confined and can only kick my ribs)

….Pitter Patter….Pitter Patter…..Pitter Patter…..


Now I see what it is…..

It’s the adorable Japanese Sandals we made today…

Japanese Crafts for Kids, Educational Crafts


And I was thinking there were little mice running through the house or something….

I was about to get the gun.

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Storytime Blanket

I saw this at Joann’s the other day, and I just couldn’t pass it up.

Sewing + Education = Must Buy!

All I really did to it was add a fleece backing.

I thought about batting, but that’s just too much work for me.

So I tried to learn how to do a new stitch on my sewing machine

I did okay…..kinda messed up in a few places….

Can you see it?

It’s not fancy, but it’ll make a fantastic Story time blanket

(A lot of our daily school takes place on the couch or the floor.)

I’m all about seizing learning opportunities as they come up….

Now to stop them from bickering over who gets to sit on Africa.

What is the deal with Africa?

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You know You’re Pregnant When…..

…You can finish off this entire Tostada salad (shell and all) and not even worry about continuing on to the chips and salsa bar.

Seriously, this has been my ultimate “craving” this time around, I just can’t get enough of these, or sour cream for that matter. (Lately, I’ve been know to take scoops of sour cream and just eat it plain……straight out of the container)

Shhh, don’t tell anyone

Anyway, it was such a beautiful day in Oregon, that we spent our school day outside, picnicking for dinner and letting the kids run wild in the backyard.

It was fantastic.

I even got to work on this neat little needle felting project I’ve been putting off. Have you ever heard of needle felting? This is something new to me, but lately I’ve seen all the neat videos and kits at the craft store, so I finally decided to pick one up and figure it out for myself.

I must say that I’m absolutely HOOKED! This project took me like 30 minutes, and it was small enough to keep next to me while the kids were playing outside. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with it yet, but the possibilities for this type of craft are endless, and I’m glad I finally took an afternoon to learn how to do it! (I’m actually thinking of using it for part of These adorable homemade Easter Baskets, I’ve been dying to make)

And for those of you who are wondering just what exactly this needle felting is all about, check out the video below, that is exactly how I made mine. I can’t wait to experiment with my own patterns…..

Oh, a door has been opened!

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Sandpaper Starfish

Well, we couldn’t keep the Oil Pastels put away for very long! They’re just too much fun, and too perfect for the Coral Reef theme we’ve been learning about.

This time we added in a little “Sandy” fun, to learn more about Starfish. We’ve checked out this book from our local library, aptly named, “Starfish” by Edith Thacher Hurd.

Starfish Craft

So we got to decorating our sandpaper, using the oil pastels. The colors came out very vibrant, and fun! Then we cut them into Starfish shapes, and made a little paper collage with a decorative place to write some starfish facts on the side.

We used this spot for Sissy to make a Starfish Adjective Acrostic…is that what they’re called? You know, where you think of an Adjective for each letter in the word “Starfish”….I can’t remember.

Anyway, whatever it’s called, it was a really fun way to think of some descriptive words about these beautiful creatures.

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions for this Starfish Craft

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