Japan Lantern Craft for Kids

LanternPinAnother fun way to make Japanese Paper Fans! You can use our premade fans to color or paint abeautiful picture….or use our printable fan
template and let children design their own! This is a fantastic group activity as each project turns out wonderfully unique.


Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

origami      OrigamiBook   japanesecelebrations       japan

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Fold a single sheet of origami paper in half as shown

Step 2

Cut strips on the fold almost to the end of the paper. Leave about half an inch.

Step 3

Open your paper and roll it up in the opposite direction as your fold, pinching the paper together at the sides.

Step 4

Staple your paper near the top. Punch a hole for your string. Punch an additional hole exactly opposite of your first hole.

Step 5

Use a bit of raffia or twine and thread it through your lantern

Step 6

String up a bunch of lanterns on the same string for a beautiful decoration.


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