Bird Seed Poetry Craft

BirdSeedPinWhat fun to work with birdseed for a medium! Children can make nests from glue then sprinkle over them with birdseed. These look fantastic as decorations!


Bird Seed
Construction Paper
Glue with Brush
Bird Template
Poetry Printable


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

NestFullofEggs-155x125       birdnest    birds   BirdBinoc

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Print your bird template onto cardstock paper. Cut them out.

Step 2

Use an old paint brush to cover the bird with glue. We put on a thick layer of Elmers Washable School Glue.

Step 3

Dip your bird into the bird seed, and press lightly to get the seeds to stick.

Step 4

Glue your birdie to the top of your black construction paper. Cut some brown paper and your paste your poem at the bottom.

All Done

Younger children can use the printable poem template found above. Older children can work on their own poetry.


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