How to Dye Noodles

Colored noodles are great for a variety of projects. Use this recipe a day a head of time to have some brightly Colored noodles are great for craft colored noodles for your project. What’s even better,buy your pasta in the bulk bin at your discount supermarket and you can get quite a bit for very cheap!


  • Uncooked Pasta
  • Food Coloring
  • Vinegar
  • Plastic Bags

Step 1

Just a tip: Purchase your noodles at better and you can pick and choose from a wide variety of different pasta.

Step 2

Here are a few different pasta shapes that we'll be working with.

Step 3

Arrange your pasta in bags, one for each color. (NOTE: You might want to color the Jumbo noodles separately)

Step 4

Add in some vinager. We used 1 1/2 Tablespoons for the amount of noodles in our sandwich bags and it worked perfectly.

Step 5

Add in your Food Coloring. We used 10-15 drops of each color

Step 6

Zip up your bag and shake, shake, shake! Add more food coloring if you like, but remember the noodles will come out a little brighter as they soak up the liquid.

Step 7

Repeat Steps for each color you have for your noodles. We got brown by mixing a few drops of all the colors.

All Done!

Look at all the pretty colors!

Drying Time!

To speed up the drying time we spread our noodles out on paper plates and left them in the sun for the afternoon. When they were completly dry some were stuck together, so we gently pulled them apart.


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