Gritty Texture Paint

Here is a recipe for how to make gritty textured paint. This paint is great for Earth Science dioramas and any time you need to add texture to a craft. Would be fantastic for desert and beach scenes or simply use it to bring dimension to a canvas.


  • Sand (Dollar Store)
  • Paint
  • Mixing Jar

Step 1

Decide how much paint you want to make! We will be using 1/4 Cup.

Step 1

Measure out an equal amount of sand. 1/4 Cup.

Step 3

Mix well until your paint and sand are nice and gritty! It's now ready for your project. After painting, allow it to dry overnight

Step 4

Paint! This is great for projects that need a little texture!

All Done

We used white texture paint to make the snow in our Polar Bear Painting!


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