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Teach Me Joy

Thanks to everyone for participating in our Teach Me Joy giveaway!

I drew two winners over the weekend using Random.org:

Winner #1 = Blessed CP
(Comment #26)

Winner #2 = Diane
(Comment #115)

Don’t worry if you didn’t win, you can still snag your choice of curriculum while it’s still 20% off!

Thanks to Teach Me Joy for such a great giveaway!

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Homeschool Recon: Art History

Since I’ve already posted all about our
instructional Art Curriculum,

I thought I’d better share what we have been doing for
Art History.

It’s actually something I’m just making up,


Okay, I actually took a few courses of Art History in college

And Believe it or not, I got an A+.
(I know….everyone gets an A in art…..
but indulge me with the plus will ya?)

Anyway, we found this great set of
children’s books at our local library to help us along:

picasso art

They’re called, “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists,”
and they are just the right level for my children.

You get to read a little bit about the artist,
and most importantly, view pictures of their most famous masterpieces.

So lately, we’ve been choosing one artist at a time, learning a little about them,
then making our own masterpieces based
on their specific techniques or style.

We’ve been having a blast!

And I’ve posted a couple of the projects weve done so far up on the main site:



I’ve even made little sheets with a
picture and facts about the artist.

famous artist printables

We paste these on the back of artwork.
(that way we can review what we learned later!)

I have more to upload and share soon!
Everything will be posted on our Famous Artist Page.

Incorporating Art History into our routine has
been a HUGE blessing for my son!
I never would have thought!

But, he is fascinated with each new artist
and style we learn about.
All over town he seems to find a way to compare posters and artwork to the artists he knows.

The boy is 5. and I love it.

Except, not so much when he points out
what he knows to other people.

He’s really not bragging,
just carrying on conversation about Mondrian and Pollock,
(as if they were old buddies)

And maybe it’s just me but
I hate that “look at my smart kid” kinda of feeling.

(Does anyone know what I’m talking about here?)

You know That “look at me, my five year old knows about art”
kind of a feeling.

It’s kinda yucky.

I’m much more comfortable with the
“look at my crazy unruly children who apparently
have never heard of the word manners”

kind of a feeling

I’m used to that one more…..

I’ve got a slew of quirky antidotes to pacify
those types of situations.

But situations in which my child wants to discuss impressionism and pointilism with the dear sweet Granny ahead of us in line at the supermarket

….I’ve got nothing.

Thank goodness that doesn’t happen all the time
And thank goodness I’m not alone in this
or I might never leave the house.

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Homeschool Recon Update

Mission #1 of Homeschool Recon: Restocking Rations

How did we get here?

And, What does that mean exactly?

Well, if you read my previous post, you might be a little more keen to what is going on around here.

But basically, I had enrolled Sissy (7) my oldest in an online charter school this year….

Which wouldn’t have necessarily been a bad choice,

as I know this homeschooling method WORKS for many families.

But my choice was made out of FEAR…which is never good.

And ultimately it didn’t end up working for us.

No big deal right?

Except for the fact that I withdrew her last month without having a replacement curriculum in place.

(Ahem…..not one of my prouder moments)

But it had to be done.

I’m a firm believer that learning should be fun
(or at least manageable)

And when a child is dreading….complaining…. and dragging
their feet at the very mention of “school”
then something has to be done….differently.

(Like everyday dread…not just the occasional schoolwork grumps.)

Soooo this past month, We’ve been doing a mish-mash of things, making sure we hit all the core requirements,
but we haven’t exactly settled into a routine.

(And I am one of those people who NEED routine)



So, I’ve been really busy finding just the right resources for our family,
and I’ve found some really great things I’m going to share soon!

I’m actually quite excited about it!

But first I thought I’d share an update
on the line-up around here:
(perhaps to explain why there will be piles of laundry in the background of my photographs)

Sissy 8 years: 2nd Grade
Bubba 5 years: First Grade
Monkey 20 months: Tot School
Freckles 2 months: Life School

Phew…I’m overwhelmed just posting that.

Life is busy around here.

Somedays I have moments of clarity…
and realize that I have FOUR children…

But most days are just a blur
of diapers, colored pencils, and Clorox.

So stay tuned for Homeschool Recon updates….

Don’t give up on me quite yet….

I’m sure to have another lucid moment sooner or later!

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Make Your Own Geo Shapes!

Oh….How I want these:

Folding Geometric Shapes

But I’m in the middle of Homeschool Recon, and I just don’t think I’ll be spending any more money on math manipulatives this year.

(Someday, I’ll take a photo of our math resources…you’d think my children we members of Mensa or something)

But this week Sissy has been struggling with geoshapes, and I needed to make something quick for her to get a visual of all this “face” “sides” “edge” business. Not to mention help with the idea that there are hidden faces when the shape is presented in 2-d on paper. Uggh. I’m over trying to explain it, and I’m off to make some shapes:

I found this fantastic site where you can print a slew of buildable shapes!

I got out my colored cardstock, and started printing:

And Walla! Geo Shapes for tomorrows lesson.

I was so excited I had to share!

Have fun printing!

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Teach Me Joy Giveaway!

What a fantastic opportunity we have today!

Joy Bryant of Teach Me Joy has created three insightful programs that centers educational themes around important biblical character qualities.

This past month I’ve had the pleasure of looking over her different curriculum packages and today I’m delighted to share them with you:

Animal Play for 2 & 3 Year Olds

A program for 2-3 year olds. It uses colorful books, songs, games and activities about animals to introduce the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors. This program is designed to excite your child about school. Each day has different ideas to keep your child busy as well as the flexibility to work at your own pace. Bible time will introduce creation and other Bible stories that will give a Biblical foundation. You will also learn some Biblical characteristics by looking at animals

Fruit for Tender Hearts

A homeschool program targeting students in K3-K5. The programs Biblical focus is on the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians. The student will learn Bible verses and stories that teach different “fruit” and character qualities. In this program the student will master letter sounds using a vertical phonics approach. Math concepts cover counting, number recognition, colors and shapes, measurement, ordering, and more.
They will explore the body, nutrition and healthy habits for science. Each lesson tries to target different learning styles. There is a variety of different worksheets and activities to keep learning fun and engaging. There are “Bigger Step” options for those students who are ready to do some book work and are ready to read.

The Joy of Handwriting
A program developed when a homeschool mom couldn’t find a cursive program that she was 100% satisfied with. As a result, The Joy of Handwriting was born. She took the best methods and ideas that she thought would work best and developed a program that is high quality and easy to use with kindergarteners as well as older elementary students. After having such good success with her own kindergarten student she wanted to make it available for others to try. The program was originally developed for cursive handwriting, but updated with a manuscript version

Don’t you just want to get your hands on these?
(I can hear your printer warming up already!)

Joy has graciously offered to give TWO winners their choice at the above packages!

Yup, that’s right! Your choice!

Ready to WIN?

Here’s How to Enter:

1. Visit Teachmejoy.com and create an account – opt in for the newsletter
2. Leave me a comment below with the curriculum package you would choose if you won.

3. Extra Entry – Post the giveaway on Facebook
4. Extra Entry – Add the giveaway and link to your blog/website
5. Extra Entry – Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter

Contest is open until Friday March 11th!
Winner will be drawn at random and this post will be updated.

Good Luck!

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