A Year of Free and Fascinating Unit Studies

Unit studies provide flexibility and an alternative to traditional textbook learning. They often save time by combining all the subjects into a single study. However, putting one together can be a tremendous amount of work. That’s why we are so excited to share a year of free homeschool unit studies with you.

Some Helpful Advice before You Begin

Each of these studies will take your family on a different adventure. Some are more math intensive, while others focus on literature. However, every study is multi-disciplined. These are perfect for a short diversion or a year’s worth of school. You can choose to spend just two weeks in a particular topic, or stretch it longer and dive really deep. If using this style of schooling, be sure to track which subjects you have touched on and how long you spent on each topic/project. This will make end of year record keeping seamless, and ensure that you are covering all your bases as far as core subject.

A Year of Free Homeschool Unit Studies for Your Family


Set a fine table and polish your manners, it’s time for tea with the How to Plan a Tea Party Unit Study

Travel the galaxy and explore the Milky Way with the Solar System Unit Study.

Snow day doesn’t mean an end to learning fun, dig deep with the Science of Snow Unit Study.


Learn about our neighbors to the north with the Canada Unit Study for Elementary Students.

Dig up treasure and excitement in the Ultimate Treasure Island Unit Study.

Game on, learn how to build your own video games with the Introduction to Game Programing Lite Unit Study.


Investigate the fascinating life of famed scientist, Mme. Curie with the Marie Curie Unit Study.

Take a step back in time with the collection of 36 We Were There Unit Studies.

Visit the Emerald Island and walk through history with the Learning about Ireland Unit Study.


Get ready for gardening season, and learn about those mighty, underground workers–worms–with the Composting and Worms Unit Study.

You will be walking on sunshine with the Cloud Unit Study.

Cook up some delicious chemistry lessons with the Julia Child Unit Study.


Cultivate a love of learning with this Seed to Plant Unit Study.

Experience the comfort and peace of motherhood through the Mary Cassatt Unit Study.

Gear up for an amazing summer break with Plan a Simple Summer Unit Study.


Discover adventure with the Swiss Family Robinson Unit Study.

Dance through June with a Edgar Degas Unit Study and Activities

Learn about the genius behind Matilda with the Roald Dahl Unit Study.


Stitch up some patriotic learning with The Betsy Ross Unit Study.

Lights, camera, action…you are the star of the show with the 5 Steps to Creating a Movie Unit Study.

Travel the universe and swing on a star with the Stars Unit Study.


Hit the open road and learn on the go with the Road Trip Unit Study

Make a joyful noise with the Louis Armstrong Unit Study..

Stomp and roar through the end of summer with the Dinosaur Unit Study.


Giddy up, and ride ‘em cowboys, the Jesse James Unit Study will have your kids hooping and hollering.

Get in touch with nature and take an adventure with the Sign of the Beaver Unit Study.

Go high tech and create an animated video with the VanGogh Unit Study.


Find your way through the field with the Fascinating Corn Maze Unit Study.

Bring in the harvest and learn about how farmers help our families in the Harvest Unit Study.

Your middle schoolers will yapping for joy with the Dog Unit Study, woof!


Remember and give thanks for those serving in the armed forces with the Veterans Day Unit Study.

Do some good works while learning with the Homeschool Service Unit Study.

Sample some tasty treats and alphabet books in the Pacific Northwest Unit Study.


Celebrate Christmas in style, that’s 1940’s style with the Have a Vintage 1940’s Christmas Unit Study.

Take a trip up to the great country of Canada with Christmas in Canada Unit Study.

Discover hidden pictures and create your own with the Op Art and Kinetic Art Unit Study.

Need more homeschool unit study ideas? Try these topic based studies for more hands on learning!


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  • Thara Reply


    I love to read your blog. We did our own unit studies instead in order to liven things up this year. Back in mid September I decided to try a new unit study Macbeth. I used rather a lot of teaching techniques in addition during my lessons each week. For example I got an entire class to write up a essay on opinion of Macbeth on top of that. And I also taught the little ones the very basics of the whole play in question too.

    I covered the play act by act to make things that much simpler overall. It was the best approach. I had a old textbook which was ultimately used as a free guide. They worked on all four key skills. I had them read out parts of Macbeth to start off with. They made character profiles and mini summaries. They even had to take part in lively discussions on themes of the play and so on. Numbers were used to make lists of key topics to refer back to along the way. It was a lot of fun.

    I used the colour coding method. I like flip charts. And I love the mind mapping technique.

    May 23, 2023 at 1:21 pm

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