Free Unit Studies

Unit studies are a great way to encourage students to research and explore interesting topics in great detail. Long used in the homeschooling arena, the unit study method is great for bringing families together to learn and explore alongside one another. If you’re wondering if the unit study method is right for your homeschooling family, be sure to read our quick article on the Pros & Cons of Unit Studies. Additionally, if you are interested in learning how to create your own unit study, we have a handy DIY Unit Study guide you can use to develop your own customized learning plan.

We also have a selection of premade unit studies that you can adapt for your own students. Many of the unit studies provide you with small alterations you can make to adapt the program for younger or older students. These free unit studies are an ongoing collection, so if you’d like to be notified of new resources be sure you are subscribed to our free newsletter.

Butterfly Unit Study

Learn all about butterflies with our free unit study activities, resources, printables, and ideas! Students can learn the butterfly life-cycle, mimicry, and more!

Frogs Unit Study

Spring is a fantastic time to dive deep into a study of pondlife, here we are taking a closer look at frogs and learning all about them.

Weather Station Unit Study

Start a Weather Station in your homeschool classroom for a year-long unit study! This is a great way to learn about the weather with hands-on activities. 

Hummingbird Unit Study

This free hummingbird unit study is perfect for Spring! Students will make their own nectar, design a hummingbird feeder, build a model of a humminbird next and more! 

Free Trees Unit Study

Students learn about tree, sleaves, pine cones and more witht his free trees unit study. This nature study can be done any time of the year, just grab your shoes and head outdoors!

Free Pumpkin Unit Study

Students learn all about pumpkins with this interactive, hands-on unit study! Includes science notebooking pages, life cycle of a pumpkin, math applications, vocabulary, recipes, and more!

Free Mushroom Unit Study

Students learn all about mushrooms with this exciting, hands-on unit study! Includes science notbook printables, as well as art projects. Great for multiple ages.


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