When to Switch Homeschool Curriculum

When to Switch Homeschool Curriculum

You have spent weeks or maybe months planning your homeschool year. Everything seems set and you know this will be the best year, ever. However, it isn’t. You are struggling and that shiny new curriculum is no longer exciting. You pictured these amazing days with everyone eager to dive in and learn. Instead, everyone is unhappy, including you. What are you supposed to do? Here’s a quick guide on when to switch homeschool curriculum.

Why isn’t this Curriculum Working for Us?

You are probably thinking that it is just you. Why can’t you get it to work? Your favorite blogger, Instagram influencer, and best friend have been raving about this book or program. You read up on the program carefully and even watched video reviews.

Before you go blaming yourself and feeling inadequate, take a step back from the situation. There are millions of homeschoolers worldwide, tens of thousands of books, resources, and programs. If one size fit all, there would not be such a huge market. Every family is unique, moreover, every child is unique. Juts because “everyone” is using it, doesn’t mean it will work for your family. Also, the truth is, everyone isn’t using it because there are so many options to choose from.

When to Switch Homeschool Curriculum

If you are struggling more than making progress it could be time for a change. Curriculum and resources are meant to be tools. Sometimes it takes some trial and error to find the best fit. Here are some signs that it’s time to look at switching:

  • You dread homeschooling each morning
  • The kids are resisting doing work or reading lessons
  • Lessons are not sinking in
  • You feel completely regretful or disappointed in your curriculum choice
  • Your homeschool is falling behind no matter what you do
  • You are questioning your ability to homeschool
  • Lessons are taking much longer than they should
  • Everyone is frustrated
  • You can’t see why so many people recommended this resource or curriculum

Why Switch Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool curriculum is expensive and education isn’t always easy. Shouldn’t you just tough it out and at least get your money’s worth? The answer is likely no. When a resource is not working, it can ruin an entire homeschool year. Everyone gets frustrated, even the lessons you usually enjoy become overwhelming, and you just want to quit. Successful homeschooling requires there to be some peace and harmony in the home. This isn’t to say every lesson will be your favorite, but fighting a battle uphill everyday isn’t healthy for anyone.

It’s true that most schools take a one size fits all approach. However, is that the best way to educate? Embrace the beauty of being in control of your own school and do what works best for you and your family. Children learn more when they are engaged and confident. So, if you would rather have a root canal than teach one more lesson in that math book, that’s when to switch homeschool curriculum.

Where to Find New Homeschool Curriculum Resources

Now that you have decided to switch homeschool curriculum, you are probably wondering how to pick a better one. First, figure out exactly what isn’t working. Is it the format, workload, or learning style? Is there just one aspect of the curriculum that is making everyone dread it? Replacing just part of your curriculum choice can be an easy and economical way to improve your situation. Here are some tips on where to look and how to find the right resource:

  • Read reviews, lots of reviews. Visit blogs and independent reviewers, plus check out the reviews on Amazon or other booksellers.
  • Ask around to see what people are using. See if a friend has the replacement curriculum you are considering. Seeing resources first hand is always better than just picking them out from a catalog.
  • Determine your children’s learning styles and find a curriculum designed for that style.
  • Check out sites like Teacher Pay Teachers where you can find inexpensive curriculum options that are immediately available.
  • Shop used book sales.
  • See if sample are available online to try before you buy.

What to Do with Unused Homeschool Books

Now that you have found a new curriculum, what about the old one? Likely, you would like to recoup some of your investment. The cost of curriculum is usually the main deterrent to switching. However, there are numerous places to sell or swap curriculum. You will not make back every penny, but it will help offset the cost of new supplies. Check out online swap/sell groups on Facebook or look for a local bookstore. Also, consider selling on Ebay or similar platforms. Click here for 10 Places to Sell Your Used Homeschool Books


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