Summer Fun Activities with Games

Summer Fun Activities with Games

There are a ton of summer fun activities to do with your kids. You can turn lessons into games and it doesn’t matter what the subject is, kids can’t wait to learn! Summer is a perfect time to play games that will keep kids entertained while practicing skills. This will help prevent the summer slide that so many parents lament. So grab your kids, head outside, and let the learning begin.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk? It’s easy to use, colorful, and mother nature does all the cleaning up when you are finished. Chalk is a perfect way to practice basic skills and create challenges for your children this summer. Here are some ideas:

1.Letter race – See how quickly everyone can write their alphabet or spelling list on the driveway. Letters need to be formed correctly to count.

2. Connect the dots – Create a giant connect the dots page on your driveway or sidewalk

3. Obstacle course – Map out an obstacle course made out of chalk! Draw lanes to run in, squiggly lines to walk on, and wide boxes to jump over.

4. Scale the Universe – Plot out a scaled version of the solar system and have kids draw each planet in the correct position.

Water Balloon Games

Water balloons are cool fun. They fascinate kids as they explode, and provide a sweet respite from the summer heat. The sky’s the limit with water balloon game ideas. Plan some summer learning fun, just add water!

  1. Target Practice- Write numbers or letters on the pavement with chalk. As you call out each one, have the kids throw their balloon at the correct number or letter. This exercise gross motor skills, too.
  2. Epic Counting – Practice counting by tossing a water balloon back and forth gently. Count each time it is successfully passed. How long can you keep it going? This can be used for skip counting, too.
  3. Spelling Bash – Write one spelling word on each balloon. Have you child find each word that you say. If he finds the correct word, he gets to throw that balloon. Refreshing victory.

Beach Ball Games

Beach balls are colorful, versatile, and easy to find. They can be used at the beach or in your local park. The best part is that they easily deflate for storage. Gather up some inexpensive beach balls in different sizes and have a ball learning!

  1. Add It up! – Write numbers all over a large beach ball. Toss it back and forth to your child. Each time someone catches it, he has to add up the numbers his fingers are touching. This can be used for multiplication, too!
  2. Mini Ball Scramble – Collect 26 mini beach balls. Write one large letter on each ball. Have children take turns to see how many words they can make using the balls in 1 minute. For younger children, put all the balls in a bin and see how many they can identify.
  3. Fast Facts – Write multiple questions on each section of the ball. When a child catches the ball, he only has 10 seconds to answer one of the questions on the section he is touching before having to throw the ball to someone else. Keep a tally of points for each player. Add them up to see who won once all the questions are answered.

Summer learning can be easy, fun, and inexpensive! How are you keeping the kids learning this summer?


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