Kindergarten Writing Prompts

Kindergarten Writing Prompts

Does your child needs extra practice with their writing skills? Or, maybe you’ve picked up on a few clues on their eagerness to write and you want them to develop a love for writing. For each month of the year, we’re creating interactive and highly engaging Kindergarten writing prompts to encourage handwriting with your students. If you desire to build strong, creative students, you’ll love this monthly growing bundle with daily writing prompts!

What are Kindergarten Writing Prompts? They are simply sentence starters to give your child a healthy boost to get their creative writing juices flowing. Have they ever stared at a blank page or seemed unsure where to start? We are simply skipping this stressful step with our fun and lively writing prompts. It not only gives them innovative ideas to begin, they gain more confidence in their early writing career.

Kindergarten Writing Prompts for September

Let’s begin with the fresh, new school year month of September. September is a perfect time for giving your child the gift of learning how to write. notice a few handy features in these thematic sets. You’ll be thrilled about these low prep pages designed for beginning writers and busy schedules.

 These daily writing exercises are easy to implement and require no preparation. Students simply copy the writing prompt onto the writing lines, then use words from an included word bank to finish up their response. Teachers love the independence it brings and kids love the extra guidance.

October Writing with Story Starters

Daily writing activities will strengthen your child’s writing skills and fine motor skills. With our October Kindergarten writing prompts, you’ll get a thematic set of ideas to get the kids excited about the fun events during the fall season. With each daily writing prompt, your students will discover their own unique ideas. And, their personalities will shine as they show off their writing samples. Plus, the simple word banks will encourage productivity in an independent way.

October sneaks in a fun fall theme including a Halloween Party, Spiders, Bats, Pumpkins and more!! Plus, teachers and homeschoolers everywhere can rejoice hearing that they have all the necessary materials at home (composition notebook, pencils, scissors, glue stick, crayons) to begin today!

November Daily Writing Prompts

As your child’s writing practice continues to soar, you may notice these handwriting exercises turn into opinion writing prompts. Your child will want to express themselves more and their confidence is rising. This may be the perfect time to motivate your child to add a few more words or sentences.

Plus, our November guided writing prompts continue to grow right along with your child as their skill sets surge. November promises to build your student’s knowledge with writing a list, taking a poll, opinion writing, letter and comparison writing. Plus, your student will also practice writing with recipes, acrostic poetry, comparison writing, and the list goes on!

December Daily Writing Prompts

For December, our low prep writing prompts for kindergarten continue to include 20 special activity pages. However, this month’s writing variety pack holds creative fiction, poetry, expository, reports, and more! As promised, with each month you’ll find skill-building writing exercises.

And, with each month’s writing pack, you’ll also find that each Picture Writing Prompt cut out on thick lines. Then, they’ll paste their precious work into a writer’s notebook. A spiral notebook works best for gluing each prompt per page.

I’ll give you a little hint at some festive writing themes for December! You’ll find winter weather, snowman, ugly sweaters, gingerbread, and of course, Christmas! And, don’t forget – these writing prompt notebooks are wonderful as keepsakes. Or, try them as a writer’s portfolio to show growth throughout the year.

January Writing Prompt Exercises

January represents new beginnings, fresh starts, and new writing skill sets! This month’s writing themes include snowmen, New Year’s Eve, Penguins, Martin Luther King and more! Plus, they may just learn about a new creature in the arctic!

This month’s writing exercises continues to build upon the past few months learning skills. Your student will gain knowledge on how to set goals and how to write life cycles. Plus, they’ll learn how to draw, and even dabble in adjective and nouns. Not only will their writing fine motor skills increase, they are also gaining so much more! They are learning new terms and concepts in a simple and engaging, yet effective method of teaching.

If you love these wonderful writing resources, you’ll love our budget friendly 200+ interactive guided writing prompts! Pick up our year-long bundle today!


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