Christmas Cards From the Kids!

Christmas Cards From the Kids!

Finding Christmas Cards that your kids can make can be difficult. Today, we’ve created a set of holiday cards that will help your little ones add a personalized touch this Christmas. This set includes Christmas Cards, as well as Thank You cards each with a holiday theme. Each card prints on a single sheet of paper and can be folded into shape.

Free Printable Thank You Cards

When children are younger, it can be hard to find ways for them to write their own Thank You cards. For reluctant writers, even the thought of filling in the blank page can be daunting. We’ve created a free printable Thank You Card Word Bank that will provide your kiddos with a list of common words they might use when writing a thank you card.

Thank You Cards From Kids

Each card can be folded into shape by following the guidelines. Inside each card, you’ll find that there are helpful writing lines to help your students keep their writing tidy. Students can use the word bank to craft their thank you message.

Thank You Card Word Bank

This printable set includes 8 different cards, some for Christmas cards and some for Thank you cards. There are adorable characters like Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tress, Penguins, Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, and more!

You might pair this activity up with some Christmas erasers for some extra holiday fun. Your students will LOVE to write their holiday cards with fun Christmas characters as erasers! We purchased a set that includes Christmas Trees, Stockings, Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, and more.

Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

Print one or all of these Christmas cards for your kids! Print on cardstock if you want a sturdier card.


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  • Holly Wooler Reply

    I think this is such a great idea! I think it is really important that we teach our children to be more appreciative for gifts they receive. Your printable thank you cards make it so easy! Now there’s no excuse not to write those notes!

    December 21, 2019 at 5:03 pm

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