5 Last-Minute Advent Calendar Ideas

5 Last-Minute Advent Calendar Ideas

Counting down the days to Christmas is exciting. An advent calendar helps mark the days and keeps the anticipation building. These calendars can be elaborate or very simple. Here are some simple yet super fun Advent calendar ideas for your busy schedule this year.

Counting on Paper Chains

Looking for some easy Christmas advent calendar ideas for kids? This is the simplest Advent countdown option. Paper chains have a long Christmas tradition. They can be hung on trees, draped over mantles, and taped to the wall. This paper chain gets smaller as Christmas day gets closer. 

  1. Cut 25 strips of colored paper.
  2. Using glue, form the first strip into a circle.
  3. Loop the second paper strip through the first circle and glue.
  4. Continue this until all the papers are used and you have a chain of 25 links.
  5. Each day leading to Christmas, remove one link until they are all gone.
  6. An additional option is to include a Bible verse in each loop to keep your family focused on the reason for the season.

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Getting a treat each day is another way to add to your advent calendar filler ideas collection. There are so many versions of this Advent calendar, however, a very easy and economical one begins with 25 toilet paper rolls.

  1. Collect all the rolls and make sure all white paper is removed.
  2. Arrange the tubes vertically, standing on end.
  3. Choose a shape for your calendar, this could be a tree, circle, or star. Use your imagination.
  4. With a hot glue gun, attach each of the tubes to form your desired shape. Make sure to run glue down the entire side of each tube. This will ensure stability.
  5. Around the edge of the shape, you can paint, cover it with ribbon, or leave it plain.
  6. Pipe glue around the edge of the shape on the bottom side and attach it to a piece of poster board. Trim the poster board around the shape. This gives backing to your calendar.
  7. Fill each tube with a treat, Bible verse, or small toy
  8. Glue circles of paper over each opening.
  9. Write numbers 1 through 25 on the paper coverings.
  10. Open one tube per day to find what is inside.

Christmas Advent Tree of Packages

Why not have an Advent tree? You’ll love this fabulous advent calendar gift idea. Using small gift bags or fabric tied in sacks, hang 25 small gift packages on a miniature Christmas tree. Make sure to draw a number on each package. Then open a small gift every day until Christmas. You can have a theme for these packages, such as Legos or candy. You could also include one piece of the nativity each day. Start with Mary and Joseph, and lead up to baby Jesus on Christmas.

Sharing the Story of Christmas

Another fun activity is a Christmas themed storytime. Wrap up 25 books in bright wrapping paper and place them in a basket or under the tree. Each night unwrap and read another story. These can be Christian themed books or a blend of simply fun Christmas books along with Bible classics. It is a wonderful way to mark the days and get in some precious family time during a very busy season.

Where to Find Premade Advent Calendars

Christmas Advent calendars are easy to find in a variety of places. Chocolate filled ones are available in more grocery stores leading up to Christmas. Many small toy companies, including Lego and Crayola, sell calendars that are cardboard boxes with individual doors. Each compartment has a new toy. You can also find wooden calendars in all shapes and sizes that can be filled over and over again on Etsy or Amazon.

Be sure to check out the Names of Jesus Printable Ornaments that are a perfect way to mark each day of Advent or decorate your Advent tree.

DIY Wooden Advent Calendar:

Now, this is NOT a last-minute project, but if you’re looking for a fun way to create some memories and finish with a lasting keepsake, be sure to check out our DIY Wooden Advent Tutorial!

We include step-by-step instructions as well as free printables templates that fit perfectly on small wooden ornaments. Click Here

How do you countdown the days to Christmas?


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